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  1. What's your favourite fruit ?

    Guava and mangos hands down!
  2. Why does Jason Have a Jacket?

    I always liked to think he stole people's clothes after he murders them. Maybe he fancied himself a jacket along the way... He's been in and out of the cabins enough to see everybody's wardrobe anyway. How else would he get his new clothes? Certainly not the mall.
  3. Choose Your Own Death!

    How I'm always killed. Trying to whack Jason and stun him so others can get away. I remember feeling badass as Tommy thinking, "Wow! All I got to do is shoot Jason and I save everyone?" Silly me thought getting that one rifle shot on Jason would kill him. This was also my first ever match. I must have been with another new player because after I shot him and he fell backwards we both stood next to him and stared at his body... little did we know he was going to get back up. ... I got choked after that. Edit: Oops. I've read the question wrong. The way I want to die. Hmm. All of his kills look so painful! Probably hugged to death. I'll hug him too! I think he could use one.
  4. Hi F13 Playerbase <3

    Thanks to everyone who replied. Trickhead I'll be sure to add you tonight. I'm level 20 I believe and have a good understanding of the game. Let's hope I don't kill us both.
  5. Hi F13 Playerbase <3

    Hello, I'm Seratopia but most people call me Sera or Topi for short. I don't care which. I love this game and do not regret buying it! It has it's truly hilarious moments and of course flaws but it is a good game overall. I've been trying to get friends to play it with me but to no avail. This game actually got me off my main game which was Elder Scrolls Online. That is a big feat for another game to do. Don't judge me but I am almost 21 years old and have not seen the movies yet but I will soon this Halloween! I love anything horror. I do also play on ps4. Nice to meet everyone. <3