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  1. Yeah this was kind of what I was thinking. Obviously they would have to redesign certain aspects like the camp crystal lake signs but I wouldn't imagine they would have to completely redesign whole maps would they? Like Friday the 13th don't own wood cabins and tall pine trees do they?
  2. I personally wouldn't mind as long as the gameplay and concepts remain the same but I understand what you mean and why others wouldn't like this.
  3. Would they though, could they not just be renamed? (I'm sorry I have no idea how that sort of thing works legally)
  4. I just had a thought, could gun media not just rename the game to something else e.g. Summer Camp, replace Jason with a newly designed killer/killers, like dead by daylight, which could introduce new content with different killer types. Take out everything related to Friday the 13th like Pamela tapes, Tommy Jarvis, Fox etc and just redesign pieces. Would this work or would it be more hassle than it's worth, or is it even possible legally?
  5. So with the update for PC and PS players coming tomorrow there are a few things I would like to know from the Devs and players. Are we able to choose which counselors we are up against when starting a game? Do the perks and clothing options we have set for the counselors appear/work in the offline mode or will they be in their default clothing? Will counselors fight back against Jason with weapons or just run away and evade him? Will counselors act on their behaviours and skills e.g. Deborah being more likely to repair while Buggzy or Vanessa act as a distraction? Is there an element of randomness in each match or will the counselors eventually become predictable in their movements? Will Tommy Jarvis be called to the scene and will counselors seek out Pamela's sweater? Will counselors try to kill Jason with said sweater? If anyone who is playing tomorrow would be kind enough to answer any of these questions or just add any kind of insight to how the whole experience of the mode works, I would love to know but being on Xbox the update release is yet to be announced.
  6. Loving these ideas! Agreed it should be a temporary update. The snow could be a very affective addition; counselor's leaving footprints for Jason to follow, the snow slowing counselors down, blood in the snow. Adding new Jason kills would be great too, he could suffocate a counselor, face down in the snow. I can see it now, Tiffany being lifted into an icicle hanging from the roof and impaling her through the head like someone else said. As for the clothing pack I would prefer winter clothing like big jackets, thermal leggings with fluffy snow boots and mittens for the girls, beanie hats for the guys like Adam and a few counselor's with earmuffs which Deborah would rock! Creepy, christmassy music like the examples above could really add to the atmosphere and bring back the eerieness that is needed. As for the lake it could be frozen over which the counselor's could run across and would allow a speed boost but risk slipping and causing a loud noise for Jason to hear.
  7. Yeah I tried the escape artist perk on Tiffany as she has low composure but didn't really notice a difference when I got grabbed by Jason.
  8. I don't think any counselor is useless, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. However, I would say the weakest counselor in terms of not being able to do much other than waiting around or hiding would be Jenny, this doesn't stop me from playing her though.
  9. If I choose a perk for a character who has max stats in a certain area e.g Deborah having the repair perk (she already has 10/10 in repair skill), or Jenny having the escape artist perk (already having 10/10 composure). Does it actually make a difference to that skill as they're already maxed out or am I better off choosing perks that boost lower skills they may have?
  10. Tiffany is low-key scary looking, she looks possessed with those bug eyes! Also on certain counselor's faces the textures look blurry or doughy (Adam, Chad, Jenny, LaChappa & Deborah) and plastic/shiny (Buggzy, Kenny & Deborah). The only ones that look decent are Vanessa, AJ & Mitch.
  11. Noticed a bug on the new Jarvis house map. I found both gas cans in the same cabin in the exact same place. I picked up one and went to put it in the boat, when I came back to retrieve the flare gun I had prior to picking up the first can there was another one in the exact same space as the other, which the game allowed me to pick up and put in the car. It also showed both filling the gas for the car and boat as completed in the objectives list after using both cans respectively. This was on Xbox One.
  12. Wow I'm glad I saw this thread before heading to bed! It's late here in the UK so I'll have to play tomorrow but I for sure won't be able to sleep tonight!!
  13. Yes that's a very good point! Or even once someone is in the driver seat should the doors be able to unlock for passengers. I don't imagine it would be hard to implement as I'm sure that when you crash the car as it is in-game now, you can freely enter and exit the passenger and/or driver seat(s), regardless if the car is started or not.
  14. Hi all! New member/frequent lurker here so apologies if this has already been posted or is in the wrong place. I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on wether you should be able to enter the car as a passenger before the driver has started it. There is nothing more frustrating than having helped fix the car or found parts, for the driver to then start it up and floor it before you get a chance to get in. It happened to me the other night in a public match. I was playing as Tiffany and met up with LaChappa. I had the battery and he had the gas & keys so I allow him to fix both on the four seater. There's only 3 counselors left in the match at this point including us both so he gets in to start the car while I keep watch next to the passenger side ready to jump in, but as soon as it's started he speeds off!! Karma was a bitch though as he managed to crash the car and got killed! God was on my side that day as not long after Vanessa pulls up in the two seater to rescue me and we haul ass out of there. So do you think the game should allow you to get in the car as a passenger before, without having to wait for the car to start? This would stop selfish players driving off leaving you for dead. I vote yes!
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