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  1. Yesterday after work I decided to blow off some steam and butcher a few counselors. First game I join, I manage to find keys and battery in the same house. Shortly after I locate the gas and make my way to the car to make my escape. Jason teleports to the area and runs past 3 people and into the house where i am. He continues to chase me and only me until I am dead. Another counselor shows up, takes the keys and gas and gets the car running. She proceeds to drive around and intentionally run over 5 other counselors who are obviously make their way toward a moving car in attempt to escape. Her and Jason celebrate for 4 minutes before he kills her and the game ends. These two people don't leave the lobby and there is no mechanic to kick them, so everyone is forced to leave and find a new game. I join a new game. I locate gas and make my way to a car. At that car I find 2 other counselors, one installing the battery. I get the gas in and one climbs in the drivers seat and gets the car started. Myself and counselor 3 jump in the car. The driver drives me to Jason where Jason proceeds to pull me out of the backseat and kill me. The car then drives away. I spectate and watch as these two drive around to pick up more counselors and deliver them to Jason. In the mean time someone calls the cops. Counselor two in the car gets out and gets the 2nd car running. Those two cars proceed to the road and park in front of the police exit. As counselors come to the police, the cars run them over. The 3 of them then proceed to screw around for 8 minutes. All totaled, about an hour of my time is wasted. I did however happened to record these instances on my phone. However, then I had to figure out to send these two large video files to the email address to report these 5 people. (hahaha I am dumb and don't already know how to do that) So add on another half hour of my time wasted. The fact that this game lacks ANY ability to police abuse like this is ridiculous. I spend all this time to submit this stuff with explicit instructions that I have to be able to PROVE it, but you refuse to even acknowledge if there was sufficient evidence to punish the culprits. I have no idea if I wasted 30 minutes of my time. So do I do this again next time or do I just suck it up and accept that nothing is being done? Feedback is a loop, anyone in leadership or customer service knows this. If I don't know the outcome of my complaint, for all I know you just ignored it. That is terrible customer service. How is there no in game report function? How is there no kick function for the lobby? Why must I spend time putting together evidence against these people that are already wasting my time? You can do better. You should do better.