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  1. Not patch related but I hope I won't have to re-earn trophies for physical release. That being said.. I played one game and I was Jason and I unlocked the following trophies which is not possible for playing only one game - Jack of all trades, My lucky number and This door won't open - I already have these on the digital version.
  2. Just a disc inside the case. No paperwork at all! Multiplayer level I was still the same (level 63) only thing it did was remove the perks you chose as a counseller and reset the outfits.
  3. After endless hours of playing the digital version, I received my physical copy today. I have the bloody jason skins but I can't use my swimsuit DLC, but on the digital copy I can. Digital version = DLC swimsuits, no bloody jason. Physical version = bloody jason, no swimsuits - It also reset my counsellers outfits and perks I cannot even delete the dlc and redownload. Please do not tell me I am doomed to not having swimsuits if I play my physical copy!?
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