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  1. The best way to avoid being killed as Jason here are some very advanced pro tips not known by none other then myself here goes just remember these inside elite secrets only pro Jason players such as myself knows lol ok here ya go. 1.) I always eat two donuts b4 playing Jason this helps improve your focus with the sugar buzz you won't miss on striking them and hitting them with throwing knives remember this improves your focus due to all the sugar u just ate. 2.) I always play in my pj's keeps you comfortable no way can you keep your focus and keen eye on those pesky counselors if your wearing cloths so tight that the circulation to your brain is shut off. 3.) Get and place tin foil on your head this keeps the other counselors from reading your mind and knowing your next move you never know how many psychics are playing at any one time this helps scramble your brain waves making your thoughts impossible to read. 4.) Make sure you use the bathroom b4 playing as Jason hard to concentrate if ya gotta go if ya know what i mean. 5.) IF tommy has been called and your mask is off and they have the sweater then prey to Jesus he will make sure you survive the night. With these expert inside tips you can't lose and here's a bonus tip below 6.) What ever you do don't ever ever sit while playing if you sit while playing you get relaxed and start farting and burping all over yourself breaking concentration and focus you must hop on one leg while saying ki ki ki ma ma ma BTW yes this was in all good fun please don't be offended sometimes learning to not be so serious lessons tension and keeps you from playing emotionally causing you to make mistakes that you wouldn't had you just relaxed and had fun best of luck to ya and hope you had a laugh.
  2. If my memory serves me correctly there was a video from the devs who by accident showed their Friday the 13th load screen and i swear i seen local lan play so i do believe this will be an option in the future i figure the devs did testing on a lan rather then the servers they hurried and changed the screen shot ii don't think they wanted that out there at the time this was when Randy one of the dev's did Twitch videos haven't seen that since peace.
  3. Oh sweet i'm not the only person without a life lol
  4. pilospc

    Jason is weak

    I have played games where i have a hard time getting more then 5 kills and other times where i don't even try and wipe out the entire room sometimes b4 rage it really mostly depends on the skill set of the players and their game plan when you play against them. I have played games where iv had the entire team from the beginning attacking me even knocking off mask early then call Tommy yet i can manage most the time to kill them b4 they can me one key I have had to learn the hard way was you have to be patient let them hit you use your block I have noticed weapons break faster when you block, swing back , and grab when you can and use your throwing knives keeping a level head helps you play better and they usually break their weapons hitting you grab when you can swing when you can't. Also leave the gang morph off use stalk and wait for them to split up you may think they won't but after a few mins they usually always do to a degree to either repair, get weapons, or look for sprays this is a great time to shift grab the lamb that left the herd boom easy kill. You will have your good games and you will have your bad when you have a bad game instead of getting frustrated and giving up take it as a learning experience and remember the more times you play against skilled players the more exp you will have in dealing with that situation at the end of the day it's a good thing as it will bring up your skills and better you. One thing I do hate is seeing people showboat and give a unskilled Jason player or new Jason player a hard time it's very immature just remember new player you will get better in time one major tip one that should always be used esp by new players is play offline def hard mode and practice, practice once your good in there go back to lobby and try your new skills after 2k hrs and almost a year with the game I enjoy and often go in offline mode and play the bots to get better at Jason great way to practice shift, throwing knives and stalk it don't hurt to take a lesson from Micheal Myers and stalk your prey b4 you go in for the kill. Lastly and most important it's a game go have fun see ya in the lobby.
  5. I Have long ago all badges, all tapes, all achievements, virtual cabin 2.0 complete, and finally all single player challenges done!
  6. Oh that's too bad bummer but hey thanks the response!
  7. I know I can hear it now "Man get a life!" "Do you have a life?" And the answer is no i don't lol anyways how many hours do you have in this game i have had ton's of fun as you can see from the screen shot proof from my steam account i have over 2 thousand six hundred hrs in game any of you have more then this? if so please show a screen shot of your hours if you can if not just state your total played hours or estimated total hours below thanks!
  8. OKAY COOL and thanks for watching and sharing!
  9. Wow thanks i'll def check them out i just got done with a new video i'll add it to my original post so you can view it as well. Just to let you know my first video posted was to Alice Cooper man behind the mask but YouTube gave me a copyright strike for using the song in the video it beats me how so many can do it yet i can't i'm glad that they haven't bothered you with any hope not either.
  10. I am looking for anyone who has any updated fan made music videos to the game or cool fan compilations that you've made recently and would like to share here on the forms here is a link to a music video I made in honor of the game and I would love to see yours as well thanks. Just click this video to see the music video I made in honor of the game happy killing and thanks for watching and sharing. New video i just finished check it out all....
  11. Your not worth any more of my time, or energy enjoy your ego and big head iv got better things to do such as play Dead By Daylight and look forward to Last Year The Nightmare then to be worried about you and what you have to say and what others do to this dead game.
  12. Again your assuming stuff and your wrong lolz also again with that ego of yours it's not nice to insult another's intelligence just because they don't agree with you! You have your opinion and i have mine further if there were people who been banned and come back and still don't follow rules i'm ok with them getting a lifetime ban as i want a good community as well with that being said your toxic and rude on these forms maybe you should be banned for being offensive! Have a beautiful wonderful day hope your life gets some meaning as it seems you have nothing better to do with your time.