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  1. Thank you never thought to edit out the void thanks a bunch problem solved boy i feel stupid....
  2. Moderators please close this topic as i don't know what happened to make the above so big this was in no way intentional and i am sorry this happened as again i don't have any idea how this happened thanks.
  3. So check out this video this is the first time iv ever had this happen on top of this I have noticed people using speed hacks, lot's of Jason games turning into spectator mode, got stuck in a house as Jason and another huge issue bug is that when someone goes into Jason's house to get the sweater Jason isn't getting the notification from mother that they are in her house taking her sweater so you don't even know it until you see one wearing it the game, the game has went to hell and the dev's need fix these issues and more. Hey you have any crazy game glitch story's to share or videos please share below and help show the dev's that work needs done, It's a shame seems there letting the game go to hell no updates in over a month it seems as far a I know.
  4. pilospc

    How would you have designed the game?

    If it were me to design this game what would i have added ok well on a very very thought out and serious note i would def added a ton of T&A you would see it at the beginning scene many shower scenes many skinny dipping scenes many romantic scenes and micro bikini dlc for the ladies that would have made this game a triple A game for sure and the only bugs i would allow would be boobs getting bigger naturally as they ran butt jiggling wildly and tan lines fading in and out yeah that's the f13 i would have designed for sure.
  5. pilospc

    Game Networking

    I did see one person who after the latest patch ended up with developer mode game and it showed a LAN option so they do have in the developers side a LAN option for games i hope they add that option to all players on all platforms b4 the close down so we all can continue to play games as not only Jason but counselor to if not the only option we will have is Jason as single player, the virtual cabin, and off line bot mode no longer able to play counselors.
  6. I would say the game i played the other night it was a full game and for more then half the game i just goofed off talked to the survivors telling them that i wasn't really worried about killing them that they could hit me leave in the cars yet the only thing i wouldn't tolerate was the cops being called so they took that as a challenge so what they did for half the match was hit me while i let them one fixed the car came back as Tommy they got the sweater and my mask was off long ago full house they decided to try for the cops while trying to kill me i shifted away waited till i seen sweater girl get a little away from the crowd looking for a spray and i shifted to her with stalk on and i knew she had a pocket knife hacked and knifed her dead they were like that sucks can't kill him now hurry call the cops while we all beat him up. i started picking them off one at a time they did manage to call the cops started trolling me and i was like i could have killed you all long ago but i was being nice then you all had to try and call the cops and did to test me so now im not to happy, They started saying i suck and can't kill and was letting them do shit cuz i wasn't up for the challenge that was it they were gonna die so one by one i started killing them off till i got to the next to last one the cops were there it was a Jessica you know the fastest runner she started to run to the cops as i was locked in my last kill and as soon as the animation quit i hurried and shifted to her and caught her right at the exit with a shift grab and killed her it was so close that im surprised i didn't get shot by the cops. Needless to say when the game was over all the trolling stopped in fact they were speechless my biggest regret is i didn't record the damn game one of my very best games ever.
  7. No Jason 9 isn't the weakest i say 7 is still Jason 9 is one of the better Jason's because he's so damn fast also his stun is shorter yes he get's stunned but the stun is for a shorter period so you recover faster. I hate how not all Jason's don't have at least 5 traps this is where 9, 7 and 4 are at a major handicap yet Jason 9 does make up for it by being so damn fast. 1.) Part 8 destruction + traps + fast shift and water speed + morph makes getting around the maps fast 2.) Part 6 fast shift reload plus traps and knives 3.) Part 5 knives can run fastest and traps 4.) Part 2 morph very useful for getting around the map fast plus traps slowing counselors down 5.) Part 3 weapon power + grip strength + traps decent shift speed great for hack and slash 6.) Part 4 can run weapon strength weapon destruction great for hack and slash 7') Part 9 very fast shift fast stun recovery 8.) Part 7 even with faster shift still slowest and weak looks the best tho There's my list all.
  8. Yea that may be true as true as there are still old games i love way better then some of the newer games graphics can only do so much for a game it's the game's genius of being funner, more competitive and provides way more enjoyment is where it's at esp when u want a game that will succeed you can have a game with the best graphics ever blowing away all the competition yet if the game sucks it sucks where as another game with shit graphics could bring hrs and hrs of fun what game i prefer its the one that's more fun to play any day. P.S. Don't get me wrong im not saying f13 is a shit game that's no fun just i find after i quit being stubborn that dbd is way funner in my opinion also way more scary and competitive one good thing i also have found out playing dbd has made me a better player in f13 something that surprised me.
  9. Ok Friday the 13th fan here it's one of the first horror movies i watched as a kid an Jason always scared me more then any other killer loved the nes game and loved this latest game even with all the glitches have over 3k hrs into the game if that don't tell you how much i played and love this game then nothing will with that said due to no new content coming out and the engine update nerfing the holy shit outta Jason I finally had it with the pinata trolls and decided to give Dead By Daylight a fair try i tried it awhile back and thought the same stupid game bad graphics and repetitive yet after i decided to give it a fair chance i got hooked on the game never expecting to now i understand why Dead By Daylight has over 80x the players it's an addictive game has many more maps then F13 has many more killer choices obviously and btw the killers all have one kill they can do themselves as long as they have the mori perk to do it. I like the competitive nature of the game you have to be good at not only fixing generators but also you break totems to weaken the killer you can't make it out the main doors when all gens are fixed and your the only survivor left and it's you and the killer or the killer killed all others and the doors are not even open then you have to find the hatch and that's intense. I find playing survivor much more fun yet i do play the killer often in dbd my fav killers to play right now are the wraith, the hag and Freddy arguably the worst killers said to be in the game yet i have the most success with them. I get the nature of the Friday the 13th fans wanting to defend this game and the frustration of hearing about it's main competitor dbd yet iv come to face the facts and those are f13 is dead you all may say oh no it's not but i guarantee you it's been dead since they announced no more updates it's just a matter of time will i continue to play this game yes as i still do but my game of choice now is dbd it's funner, more competitive, next to no glitches, frequent updates / patches and tons of content. In conclusion if you have not give dbd a chance or just played it once or twice i encourage you to really give it a week or two of playing let yourself get some skills get to learn the ways of playing the game learn about the perks and how to level up i guarantee you you will see why it has on average 30k players at any given time active on steam f13 has never seen this number on it's best day 16k plus at it's peak and that was shortly after it's release and over time the numbers kept falling and falling with a spike here and there when the dev's added new content. The dev's are dishonest, full of excuses, lazy and gave up on us the fan's defend them all you want but at the end of the day shit smells like shit ok cheers oh and see ya all in dbd rooms real soon. P.S. The numbers don't lie folks there is a reason these numbers are the way they are just check out the steam chart comparison between dbd and f13 click the link here and see for yourselves sometimes seeing is believing and a way to help you f13 addicts who are in denial..... https://steamcharts.com/cmp/381210,438740 F13 is the blue line just below dbd's line is green which is miles above it also here is dbd's chart as of current https://steamcharts.com/app/381210 and here is f13's chart as of current https://steamcharts.com/app/438740 again the numbers don't lie one and two there's a reason so many prefer dbd end of story let the hate flood in boy's just be clear i do love f13 and hate to see it go honest die hard fan yet im also realistic and know what i see even dbd's worst day is still way ahead of f13's best day on the steam charts.
  10. It's a success if the dev's were trying to kill their own game because according to steam charts Friday The 13Th the game is on it's last leg these day's player base is down 97% in just the last 30 days the last time I checked full rooms are getting harder and harder to come by and the people are starting to move on with their lives to new games and new adventures. I predict that the servers will shut down early next year if not by the end of this year and it's sad but with no new content it's bound to happen people get bored of the same old glitches and trolling after awhile and with nothing new to look forward to the people have grew bored of this broken ass game it's a shame there wasn't a better company to have made this game because if it had been i honestly believe the outcome would have been very different. What is your prediction when the servers will close and how do you feel about the game being on it's last leg? steam charts in the link provided >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> https://steamcharts.com/app/438740
  11. pilospc

    Troll Disposal

    Great iv been doing this for awhile now just never thought to make a video on it also make sure and be careful the Alice Cooper song man behind the mask i used in a video and got a copywright strike against me so just a warning and yes i'll sub to your channel.
  12. No your not i made a post about this on the forms unfortunately it didn't get any traction here is a link to my video with glitches as Jason enjoy!
  13. I have done all that can be done in the game got everything probably twice or more over over 3k hrs in game. All my games were quick play except like 5 in all my history.
  14. Please share your best video where you as Jason spawned with a different look other then intended look as well as any video you may have of Jason's horrible grab nerf as I hope this will inspire the dev's to fix the glitch and grab together in addition to that I would also enjoy all the horrible wacky looks people has seen Jason glitch spawn as. It's okay if you don't have a video or picture to share just tell us your story hope you all enjoy my video.