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  1. OKAY COOL and thanks for watching and sharing!
  2. Wow thanks i'll def check them out i just got done with a new video i'll add it to my original post so you can view it as well. Just to let you know my first video posted was to Alice Cooper man behind the mask but YouTube gave me a copyright strike for using the song in the video it beats me how so many can do it yet i can't i'm glad that they haven't bothered you with any hope not either.
  3. I am looking for anyone who has any updated fan made music videos to the game or cool fan compilations that you've made recently and would like to share here on the forms here is a link to a music video I made in honor of the game and I would love to see yours as well thanks. Just click this video to see the music video I made in honor of the game happy killing and thanks for watching and sharing. New video i just finished check it out all....
  4. Your not worth any more of my time, or energy enjoy your ego and big head iv got better things to do such as play Dead By Daylight and look forward to Last Year The Nightmare then to be worried about you and what you have to say and what others do to this dead game.
  5. Again your assuming stuff and your wrong lolz also again with that ego of yours it's not nice to insult another's intelligence just because they don't agree with you! You have your opinion and i have mine further if there were people who been banned and come back and still don't follow rules i'm ok with them getting a lifetime ban as i want a good community as well with that being said your toxic and rude on these forms maybe you should be banned for being offensive! Have a beautiful wonderful day hope your life gets some meaning as it seems you have nothing better to do with your time.
  6. First off don't go accusing people who have a different opinion then yours as if they are doing wrong or breaking the rules themselves! Do you use this tactic to silence those who differ from you well it won't work on me because i do follow the rules always have as i would rather keep the game than lose it. Second Savini jason was put up for free on both platforms i do believe mistake or not the dev's said clearly this wasn't supposed to happen at the very least they should have given those who got it free or bought it refunds and a time period to delete the non legit Savini from their accounts as to make it fair for everyone otherwise face the same fate as any other non legit Savini user. Yea life isn't fair sure it's not but picking and choosing who get's punished and who don't is immoral and looks bad on the company in addition to that it seems to me your not looking for a peaceful solution to this your just one of those people who have to be right about everything and i find that annoying. Do you have anything better to do with your time then to go and do the dev's job for them? I simply stated my opinions from my own knowledge and observations and stated those on here as a reply to your post and you attacking my character as to accuse me of doing wrong because i don't agree with you as you seem to think everyone should isn't right and i don't respect you for this. I am not going to say anymore on this post as i don't want to continue to inflate your ego just know that those who don't agree with you don't make them guilty of anything your complaining about so don't accuse someone without as you say hard evidence don't be a hypocrite to your own words cuz this makes you look shady. The dev's have said that Savini is for backers only so regardless how anyone who didn't back the game aside from those who gave away codes legit should be taken care of as well that's just my opinion on the matter in addition to them not jumping to a life ban. DBD don't ban people for life on their first or even second mistakes and guess what they have hackers, they have bugs, content un lockers also yes they ban but not for life not first time offenders they give second and sometimes 3rd chances and guess what people have come back and become some of the most fun people to play with who respect the rules realized that they could have lost their game and decided to walk the line i see nothing wrong with that as DBD puts this game to shame always has as far as player base goes Friday the 13th's best day still don't come close on the charts as DBD's worst day. I realize these are not my decisions where did i say that at anytime on any of my replies to this post? Ahh yeah i didn't that's right I want players yes fair, honest, and good people playing and i truly believe even those who brake the rules to have another chance for many reasons not just this offense as the game is on it's last leg on pc and next consoles i don't disagree with banning people for doing wrong but for life first time for any rules so long as it's not something major should be given a soft band in my opinion my opinion that's it. Have a great day hope your day goes well no hard feeling's just didn't like you implying i break any rules just because i differ on this then you.
  7. Here's my opinion i feel that if you ban some you gotta ban all so they need to ban those who downloaded the free Savini off the PS4 store and X-box store when it was up by accident even though u may say no cuz it was downloaded legit just that the company made the mistake so you can't ban those who downloaded it legit yet why not to be realistic about it it wasn't legit even the dev's have said that wasn't supposed to happen. so i say guilty to those who downloaded it then how's it fair they get away with having Savini non legit. Also the link that shows when it was on sale on the PS4 store those who bought it should be banned as well again the dev's said that wasn't legit and they had it stopped. The sellers on E-bay where is the news that they were caught and charged with selling copyright material that they didn't own or have permission to sell? Where is the bans for all those who bought codes from E-bay or those who got Savini access because of an E-bay purchase? You want permanent bans for those who use Savini non legit i don't agree with permanent bans for most reasons including this i feel people don't always make the best of decisions and i believe in second chances i feel a soft ban for like a few weeks or a month to give the offender time to think things over and come back a better player later who now values the rules even more would be more a benefit to not only them but to all of the community we want to keep players to keep the game alive the game is low on players now. Lastly what about all us who bought the game as well as the dlc just to have the game be free on i believe X-box maybe even PS4 hows that fair to all us who paid for the game? Why didn't the pc players get the option to download the game free for a month? I paid full retail price for the game $40.00 yet it's free for a whole month to whoever downloads it on console not fair in my opinion but what can i do nothing about it that's the dev's decision. There are a ton of things that isn't fair, right or just when it comes to this game with that all being said if there isn't a settlement soon there won't be any game because people. already are moving on bored with the same old bug's, same old content, same old same old nothing new to look forward to. Yes rules should be followed but let's not cherry pic here on who get's into trouble and who don't! Savini was backer only so they should punish all who have Savini non legit regardless how they got him this is the only fair way to go about it further why not have the dev's just sue Sony and X-box for releasing content that wasn't supposed to be released causing them money loss and time? Should the companies get away with giving there copyright material away for free?
  8. Thank you never thought to edit out the void thanks a bunch problem solved boy i feel stupid....
  9. Moderators please close this topic as i don't know what happened to make the above so big this was in no way intentional and i am sorry this happened as again i don't have any idea how this happened thanks.
  10. So check out this video this is the first time iv ever had this happen on top of this I have noticed people using speed hacks, lot's of Jason games turning into spectator mode, got stuck in a house as Jason and another huge issue bug is that when someone goes into Jason's house to get the sweater Jason isn't getting the notification from mother that they are in her house taking her sweater so you don't even know it until you see one wearing it the game, the game has went to hell and the dev's need fix these issues and more. Hey you have any crazy game glitch story's to share or videos please share below and help show the dev's that work needs done, It's a shame seems there letting the game go to hell no updates in over a month it seems as far a I know.
  11. pilospc

    How would you have designed the game?

    If it were me to design this game what would i have added ok well on a very very thought out and serious note i would def added a ton of T&A you would see it at the beginning scene many shower scenes many skinny dipping scenes many romantic scenes and micro bikini dlc for the ladies that would have made this game a triple A game for sure and the only bugs i would allow would be boobs getting bigger naturally as they ran butt jiggling wildly and tan lines fading in and out yeah that's the f13 i would have designed for sure.
  12. pilospc

    Game Networking

    I did see one person who after the latest patch ended up with developer mode game and it showed a LAN option so they do have in the developers side a LAN option for games i hope they add that option to all players on all platforms b4 the close down so we all can continue to play games as not only Jason but counselor to if not the only option we will have is Jason as single player, the virtual cabin, and off line bot mode no longer able to play counselors.
  13. I would say the game i played the other night it was a full game and for more then half the game i just goofed off talked to the survivors telling them that i wasn't really worried about killing them that they could hit me leave in the cars yet the only thing i wouldn't tolerate was the cops being called so they took that as a challenge so what they did for half the match was hit me while i let them one fixed the car came back as Tommy they got the sweater and my mask was off long ago full house they decided to try for the cops while trying to kill me i shifted away waited till i seen sweater girl get a little away from the crowd looking for a spray and i shifted to her with stalk on and i knew she had a pocket knife hacked and knifed her dead they were like that sucks can't kill him now hurry call the cops while we all beat him up. i started picking them off one at a time they did manage to call the cops started trolling me and i was like i could have killed you all long ago but i was being nice then you all had to try and call the cops and did to test me so now im not to happy, They started saying i suck and can't kill and was letting them do shit cuz i wasn't up for the challenge that was it they were gonna die so one by one i started killing them off till i got to the next to last one the cops were there it was a Jessica you know the fastest runner she started to run to the cops as i was locked in my last kill and as soon as the animation quit i hurried and shifted to her and caught her right at the exit with a shift grab and killed her it was so close that im surprised i didn't get shot by the cops. Needless to say when the game was over all the trolling stopped in fact they were speechless my biggest regret is i didn't record the damn game one of my very best games ever.
  14. No Jason 9 isn't the weakest i say 7 is still Jason 9 is one of the better Jason's because he's so damn fast also his stun is shorter yes he get's stunned but the stun is for a shorter period so you recover faster. I hate how not all Jason's don't have at least 5 traps this is where 9, 7 and 4 are at a major handicap yet Jason 9 does make up for it by being so damn fast. 1.) Part 8 destruction + traps + fast shift and water speed + morph makes getting around the maps fast 2.) Part 6 fast shift reload plus traps and knives 3.) Part 5 knives can run fastest and traps 4.) Part 2 morph very useful for getting around the map fast plus traps slowing counselors down 5.) Part 3 weapon power + grip strength + traps decent shift speed great for hack and slash 6.) Part 4 can run weapon strength weapon destruction great for hack and slash 7') Part 9 very fast shift fast stun recovery 8.) Part 7 even with faster shift still slowest and weak looks the best tho There's my list all.
  15. Yea that may be true as true as there are still old games i love way better then some of the newer games graphics can only do so much for a game it's the game's genius of being funner, more competitive and provides way more enjoyment is where it's at esp when u want a game that will succeed you can have a game with the best graphics ever blowing away all the competition yet if the game sucks it sucks where as another game with shit graphics could bring hrs and hrs of fun what game i prefer its the one that's more fun to play any day. P.S. Don't get me wrong im not saying f13 is a shit game that's no fun just i find after i quit being stubborn that dbd is way funner in my opinion also way more scary and competitive one good thing i also have found out playing dbd has made me a better player in f13 something that surprised me.