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  1. If Jason were real and existed and I was to meet him in real life I would first shit myself, have a heart attack and wish I was at least getting laid since there would be no hope of surviving the encounter. Also the scariest Jason to ever meet in real life would be part 8 for some reason he seems to be the scariest to me... Please tell me who your most feared Jason is and what you would do if you ever met him in real life.
  2. I know this is going to be an unpopular question but I must ask Should Jason Get Another Buff? I have noticed regardless of all the complaints that more people are surviving then ever before people grind at the beginning of the match and get objectives done quick and escape even i have noticed that escaping has become easier then ever! The reason for this is I believe is because of the rage people are now are super focused on the objectives rather then battling Jason because of the rage and because of that Jason has now even less of a chance at cleaning house as far as iv noticed i'v played 20 or more games since the buff and see more survivors then ever. Maybe this wasn't a good buff for Jason after all and because of this rage mode i believe this gives Jason less time to clean house. Don't get me wrong i'm not against people having a chance to survive and play just the idea here is Jason is still weak or even weaker in my opinion! How do you all feel? and please be respectful to all and their opinions thanks....
  3. I encourage you to keep playing and not abandon the game simply because of an update / patch you don't like cuz it can always change in the future anyways keep gaming peace!
  4. My X a true psycho, skitzo, pmsing beast from hell who is incapable of remorse or feeling any type of guilt one who gets sheer pleasure from others pain one who can be kind even seductive yet when she has you fooled like the black widow spider she comes after you and escaping that snatch is a true feat!
  5. Thanks for your reply and thought out response I can agree on some of what you suggested.
  6. Seems like to me at least speaking for the dev's as an outside observer that no matter what they try to do as far as balancing this game that there will always be unhappy people either unhappy Jason players or unhappy counselor players and this seems to be going to always be the case as it's near impossible to fix this game to everyone's satisfaction! As far as myself if I were a dev I would offer 3 different online play modes for example if you prefer to play Jason yet want an easier game pick from 3 different game modes easy, normal, and hard for example you want to play Jason and your good and want a challenge you pick Hard Jason in this mode you won't enter rage will get stunned 2x's longer etc or easy mode as Jason where there is no phone for cops, Jason can't be killed and he enters rage after 2 minutes of game play survivors who want a challenge will chose hard mode and for players who want an easier time as counselor would chose to play easy counselor mode where they start with a knife, med spray and can take more hits to die from Jason! This would be just like in offline mode where you have the option to play easy, normal and hard by having these options players will have a choice what type of public game they want to play so players who want to play a public match would have the option to chose what type of Jason they want to play against this way good Jason players can challenge themselves while if your a survivor and want to challenge yourself you can chose hard mode or do the opposite and chose easy mode if your new or just not good at playing. This will provide all the players a choice of the type of online game they want to play. The main problem I see with this is if everyone on both sides just want to play easy mode yet I don't think that would be the case as I feel more professional players would chose hard mode where newer or less skilled players would chose easy mode myself I would want the challenge on both sides so I would chose hard mode all the time. This is the only solution I can think of that would please the majority cuz now everyone can decide the type of online game they want to play either a challenging one or an easy one. I personally would play hard mode on both sides as I want the challenge! What mode would you play most? Is this a good idea? or how would you go about it?
  7. The best way to avoid being killed as Jason here are some very advanced pro tips not known by none other then myself here goes just remember these inside elite secrets only pro Jason players such as myself knows lol ok here ya go. 1.) I always eat two donuts b4 playing Jason this helps improve your focus with the sugar buzz you won't miss on striking them and hitting them with throwing knives remember this improves your focus due to all the sugar u just ate. 2.) I always play in my pj's keeps you comfortable no way can you keep your focus and keen eye on those pesky counselors if your wearing cloths so tight that the circulation to your brain is shut off. 3.) Get and place tin foil on your head this keeps the other counselors from reading your mind and knowing your next move you never know how many psychics are playing at any one time this helps scramble your brain waves making your thoughts impossible to read. 4.) Make sure you use the bathroom b4 playing as Jason hard to concentrate if ya gotta go if ya know what i mean. 5.) IF tommy has been called and your mask is off and they have the sweater then prey to Jesus he will make sure you survive the night. With these expert inside tips you can't lose and here's a bonus tip below 6.) What ever you do don't ever ever sit while playing if you sit while playing you get relaxed and start farting and burping all over yourself breaking concentration and focus you must hop on one leg while saying ki ki ki ma ma ma BTW yes this was in all good fun please don't be offended sometimes learning to not be so serious lessons tension and keeps you from playing emotionally causing you to make mistakes that you wouldn't had you just relaxed and had fun best of luck to ya and hope you had a laugh.
  8. If my memory serves me correctly there was a video from the devs who by accident showed their Friday the 13th load screen and i swear i seen local lan play so i do believe this will be an option in the future i figure the devs did testing on a lan rather then the servers they hurried and changed the screen shot ii don't think they wanted that out there at the time this was when Randy one of the dev's did Twitch videos haven't seen that since peace.
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