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  1. What you really need to do next time this happens is go to your mother's cabin and consult with her let her know your having a hard time finding your last kill and ask if she can give you a heads up on the situation. She's known for providing head so if it was a dude may also be there to get lucky did you check mama's house?
  2. I would suggest you try to contact customer support and not post a question like this on forms because the moderators look down on that this is meant for discussing the game not for questions just saying as i'm sure a moderator will be closing this thread and possibly giving you a warning for doing this. It's not like your trying to do anything bad but they are strict here so this is a heads up.
  3. Ok well that's why i asked what other peoples was for me Dead By Daylight has been fun even though i thought that it was stupid just fixing generators and only being put on a hook by a killer yet after i played it for a few weeks i started to enjoy the competitive nature of the game and if it's not your game cool no need to make my post into a joke though i'm looking for other's suggestions so i know what other options are out there that i may have missed what's so funny about that?
  4. In the event that Friday the 13th the game goes under what's your favorite horror game alternative to Friday the 13th? What would you recommend? Personally at this current time I strongly suggest Dead By Daylight as it's similar in many ways as well as funner then you may think at first I wouldn't give Dead By Daylight the time of day it was Friday the 13th all the way for me but after we were told that's it no more content after a few weeks of the same old game knowing nothing new is on the way I decided I should give other horror games a try and thus Dead By Daylight was my choice and let me tell you it's so much better then I originally thought so what's your alternative multi[player horror game?
  5. pilospc

    Victor Miller Email

    Not sure ? Sorry
  6. pilospc

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    Hey what about Jason's grab this wasn't addressed there is many more things also such as when Jason breaks down a door it's still standing and people just go through it i don't understand what this wasn't added and fixed. Hey the game won't play it keeps minimizing when i try to play and it freezes and what the heck was done to the graphics it looks horrible.
  7. pilospc

    Victor Miller Email

    response to you thanks for reading my post and I appreciate your perspective let me remind you though that the dev's were under a lot of pressure to get that update out many people kept demanding it daily all day every day so as far as it coming out with glitches as it did probably because it was released to soon. I am guilty myself of wanting that update out right now also and yes it took way to long and yes Jason got nerfed again. Also thanks for letting me know about that double post I had no Idea that happened and If I did a double post i'm sorry to the moderators that wasn't intentional for some reason that keeps happening to me and I don't know how this is, if I understand this correctly a double posting is posting the same comment or remark twice in a row or posting the same comment or remark two different times on the same posting, or is double posting something else and i'm just not understanding? Too bad there isn't a delete option so I could go look back on it and delete the double. I'm sorry to the players also if this happened.
  8. pilospc

    Victor Miller Email

    Yeah true just others i thought of and wanted to share I do believe Kane Hodder plays Hatchet Man and that's one of the main reasons i mentioned that one.
  9. pilospc

    Victor Miller Email

    In my opinion when i saw all the complaints about the graphics, dedicated servers, content, lack of content, updates, Savini Jason, bugs, characters, glitches, new content complaints, etc I thought to myself (I wonder how long they are going to put up with all these complaints?) I really feel the final straw that broke the camels back was when they spent all those months day's and nights working on the latest content just to have loads of complaints within the 1st hr of it's release over all the above issues and more, true there were others being thankful and saying good things but the negative outnumbered the positive further people were stating Steam game stats saying that Friday the 13th player base was so low that the game was already dead. The new content didn't bring in that many players. after the update as i feel they the dev's expected the new content to do so or to please the players as expected and flood the their servers raising steams charts on the game as the dev's probably hoped for or expected as this was probably due to all the new complaints over the latest patch / update via Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and these forms right after the updates release. This is when i def thought to myself (how much longer will they tolerate or put up with this before they pull the plug?) well i got my answer in a very short time with the announcement of this lawsuit that i later found out had been going on for awhile i had never knew nothing about it until the game dev's brought it up with them saying they can't release or add any content due to the lawsuit. Nobody will ever know for sure what the real reason is if it was the lawsuit or them throwing in the towel yet if i had to bet my life on it I honestly would say that in my opinion I strongly feel that the dev's have given up for many reasons including future profit and current money or lack of money being made from the game. Would i have been more then happy to buy more dlc to support them yeah no problem as i bought all their other dlc they put out as soon as it was available to support the devs and this way they are still making money from the game and keeping them interested in their desire to continue their work by adding new content to the game/ Why didn't they do this? honestly I feel this was due to too many people saying that the dev's sold half a game promised this promised that and owed the players this and that that the devs probably felt to ask for any money for any dlc would have gotten a backlash from the many disappointed players thus them feeling there wasn't much future potential for money and decided to heck with all this after all the hard work we got nothing but complaints and more complaints. Every single time the dev's released anything to do with the game esp when they added new content there was a flood of complaints such as the new updates ruined the game more, it added more glitches then ever, the game is worse then ever, on and on. So i'm not bashing the dev's here and i'm not taking up for them either what i hope this shows is my opinion on this subject as it's the only conclusion that makes sense to me considering all the above. Kodak i do believe i didn't break any rules with this post if there is any issues please notify me via message and take it down thanks.
  10. pilospc

    Victor Miller Email

    Pinhead, Saw, Hatchet Man, Slender Man, Maniac Cop, Chucky etc to name a few lol.
  11. That's cool I watch Slash N' Cast on YouTube here n there but yeah cheers to another pro player.
  12. It's all good at the end of the day we are all fans and that's what matters most.
  13. What i do is use the block button let them break their weapons as soon as they have nothing and try to run and get more i attack. I also will shift outta there if they are getting the better of me and try a new way of getting them one by one usually you can find a loaner out there to pick off while you do that the group will usually go back to objectives and while they are you use stalk and sneak up on them one at a time if you can. Due to the major nerf's Jason's gotten recently it's harder then ever to be Jason just keep working with it and you will find after some practice you will be very good at dealing with crowds and lastly thankfully not all games are like this. I also have grabbed counselors in groups and did a kill fast if you can get the kill to work fast you can get by with one b4 they can strike.
  14. I will try to add you but there are a lot with your name what is your picture and state so i can identify u.