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  1. Well Kodak thanks for your feedback but that's how i feel at this point it took forever for a single patch, and from what iv seen Victor Miller is all for the game and movies we have been told in statements that they have reached out to Victor Miller yet he says they have not this seems very shady to me to say the least. Thanks for your feedback tho here is a link to the Victor Miller interview so all who wanna see his stance can watch it. P.S. To be more clear on what i meant by the game not bringing in money is by DLC it may still be selling but that can only go for so long there isn't any content or changes to keep the game funding the operation is where i was going with that. It takes money to run those servers it takes money to pay the dev's to patch the game it's going to dry up with no more dlc or new content when that happens i don't think they will pay out of their pockets to keep the servers up.
  2. If they still had major passion it wouldn't have took them over many months to release a single patch let's just see how long we have to wait for the next patch provided we ever get one. By the way i hope we do and i hope the game continues don't get me wrong i'm just not holding my breath these days.
  3. I'm not trying to be negative and just because i don't agree with kissing ass all the time don't mean I don't care or have a huge passion about this game in any case it's just my opinion based off of their history and what i'v read and herd others say if i'm wrong then that would only make me very happy as I love the game and been a fan since the very first movie was released and watched it as a kid.
  4. The devs have lost their passion for this game long ago. The game will be shut down soon because it's no longer bringing them in any money. Victor Miller is all for the game continuing and more content added he's even for more movies to come out yet it's the dev's and Cunningham who don't want to cooperate they have abandoned the game people get that through ur head we don't matter. All that mattered was our money when it was good for them. Just be glad that we can still play the game for the time being because i am willing to bet the servers will be shut down before the end of summer.
  5. Yeah i was debating over 6, 7, and 9 yet in the end i decided on part 8 myself the way he killed in part 8 was brutal at time's and his strength in that movie just was like don't mess with me for example that one hit punch to the head of that boxer knocking his head clean off wow, throwing that big bouncer into the mirror at the bar wow, his arms were so big when chocking that jap girl and then he throws her like a rag doll that just did it for me thanks for the feedback tho.
  6. Sadly when I was killed for the first time after 2500hrs of game play, I was supper salty I didn't quit I didn't say anything to the players I just quit playing the game for a few days after the match. I wasn't so much pissed at the players I was angry at myself for making such a stupid move I shifted after Vanessa the sweater girl when her and Tommy were together in the house in the hallway of all areas I grabbed her he hit me I got stunned and once out of the stun she used the sweater and the rest was history! I was so mad at myself for being so stupid in that moment after going so long and so many hours undefeated to end up getting killed by making such a rookie mistake I know why I did it I was frustrated cuz I had been chasing them for a min and wanted to just kill her fast my impatience got me killed and I knew it. I admit I was mad at the players but much madder at myself and after I took a couple of days to think it over I was more impressed at how well they did than angry at them any longer. I mean they were just playing the game they got me and I had to admit it to my denial oh boy that was a tough one to take after so long again 2500hrs and over a year here as well I know my hrs cuz after the game I looked at my hrs. I believe all Jason mains will eventually meet their match given they play enough and I understand the competitive nature of the game cuz i'm very competitive myself yet at the end of the day you just gotta chuck it up as a learning exp and move on.
  7. Sorry i didn't reply sooner just now seen these suggestions and i have to say these are some great suggestions in fact i agree 100% these ideas would have been much better and i would love to see them implement this over what they have done so far.
  8. If Jason were real and existed and I was to meet him in real life I would first shit myself, have a heart attack and wish I was at least getting laid since there would be no hope of surviving the encounter. Also the scariest Jason to ever meet in real life would be part 8 for some reason he seems to be the scariest to me... Please tell me who your most feared Jason is and what you would do if you ever met him in real life.
  9. I know this is going to be an unpopular question but I must ask Should Jason Get Another Buff? I have noticed regardless of all the complaints that more people are surviving then ever before people grind at the beginning of the match and get objectives done quick and escape even i have noticed that escaping has become easier then ever! The reason for this is I believe is because of the rage people are now are super focused on the objectives rather then battling Jason because of the rage and because of that Jason has now even less of a chance at cleaning house as far as iv noticed i'v played 20 or more games since the buff and see more survivors then ever. Maybe this wasn't a good buff for Jason after all and because of this rage mode i believe this gives Jason less time to clean house. Don't get me wrong i'm not against people having a chance to survive and play just the idea here is Jason is still weak or even weaker in my opinion! How do you all feel? and please be respectful to all and their opinions thanks....
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