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  1. Yes yes, please give this to us devs.I'll lose my shit if they make this happen.
  2. The only reason people venture in to the grave yard is to find the teddy bear achievement..H20 delierious.
  3. Don't blame it on sunshine, don't blame it on moonlight, blame it on the boogie.
  4. Don't upset the complete immersion crowd. There will be hell to pay.
  5. I watched this last night, it's actually quite good I thought, a hiker stumbles upon an abandoned crystal lake camp, and has to fight for his life. With out spoiling it, who do you think was the ambulance driver at the end?
  6. Ice skating on the frozen lake, Jason better dust off his ice skates.
  7. Mate, they guy got an issue, and he wants some advice, WTF wrong with that?
  8. In the settings of Friday 13th, go into audio settings, check mic is not switched off there, as there is an option for mic in there.
  9. I like this idea, brings back the danger of being around Jason. Frankley, jason at the moment has lost his fear factor, people no longer are weary of Jason, they just gang up on him,like an angry mob baying for blood, I've never seen so many Jason's recently running scare of councillor's, kind of takes the atmosphere out of the game, Jason should not be fearing the councillors, the councillors should be fearing Jason. I love this game, but I want the 'oh shit' feeling when Jason starts chasing you, like it was when we first started playing this game. #makejasonscaryagain
  10. Even if Jason didn't try to hide the trap, and just had the trap on show, it would still be a good strategy and a deterant.
  11. So far so good, looks like the forum would like Jason trapping indoors.hope the devs inplement this.
  12. California games on the Sega master system, hours of fun, could never get the hang of footbag, but did manage to hit the bird that flies over head for extra points. Can't beat the old school consoles.
  13. I was more for Sega when I was younger, master system and mega drive, What consoles did you guys have when Nintendo and Sega were battling it out?
  14. If the forum decide this is not a good idea, due to people worrying about "balance" , then no more will be said on this topic.
  15. Yeah , the objective definitely needs another step to complete, considering its the mass escape route, it's should be the toughest objective.
  16. Well that's your opinion, thanks for that. I say LETS TAKE IT TO A POLL!.
  17. Give Jason the ability to set traps indoors, then you could set one at the fuse box and at the indoor phone, this would surely slow down the objective of calling the police, IMO.
  18. I know your saying balance between Jason and the councillors, but balance aside, do you not think Jason trapping in doors is not a good idea? if this was put into the game , I bet you would trap the fuse box and phone everytime.
  19. OK, why can't Jason pick up and set bear traps found in cabins?
  20. Lol, leaves, why does it have to have leaves? Jason should be able to put traps where ever he likes. I think trapping indoors is a great idea, I bet loads of Jasons would trap the phone indoors
  21. Hi guys, I don't know if this has been in a thread before, I did try search the forum for this topic, My question is: What can't Jason set traps inside buildings or cabins? I tried this the other night and it wouldn't let me, my thinking was to trap the fuse box then go inside and place a trap at the phone, if this can't be done, then why can't Jason lay traps inside cabins? Any feedback would be great.
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