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  1. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    So at the end of the day, there will never be a “perfect” balance. Personally I like the difficulty there is to escape now. I feel like I accomplished a bigger feet then when I had 3 pockets knives in my inventory. Again that’s just me. It’s still possible, I played prol about 6 matches as a consuler last night and escaped w the boat, Car, and cops all once. So while I’m not escaping 80-90% anymore it’s more like 40-50% and you know what I’m good w that. It’s fun to get killed sometimes. It’s only like a few hundred difference in xp. I’m just trying to say that if you hate the patch then maybe this isn’t the game for you. Jason should be over powered and shouldn’t be trolled or easy to escape from. The only suggestion I can come up w that could “maybe” please everyone is to give the host more control over the map like how many items can spawn for consulers like a low medium high option for knives , sprays and weapons. Even then good luck getting everyone in the lobby to agree. I personally love it the way it is now but I can see it from the other perspective too. But I think you may be missing the point of this game. I don’t think it was intended to be a traditional survival horror game. It was suppose to have a juggernaut in Jason and to force you to work together and use skill to escape. Let’s be honest shall we? All this update really did was make it harder on the lone wolves out there who care more about xp and leveling up then playing the game as intended which was a cooperative game. Also I agree w the last statement. Last night everyone’s pings were crazy high and I got dashboarded twice and black screened twice once in the middle of escaping.
  2. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Ok Mr 150.
  3. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Ohhhhh 50+ hrs a week! Wow you must be busy! And the key to what you said was you play “daily”! Stupid ass you proved my point! I play maybe 3 nights for maybe a few hours which is why I’m a 95 but I’ll go toe to toe w u in the game any time you want. If you play “daily” you obviously have an apartment and no kids so you have 0 clue about REAL fing responsibilities. I’m a little boy that has my own house and kids and build submarines for the United States Navy wtf do you do? Deliver pizza lmao joke
  4. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Hey mark19945, being level 150 means you either have no life, no job, and live at home with Mommy and daddy. People w real responsibilities are not that high. And you obviously are very uneducated, in one breathe you say you are a “god” at this game with any consuler, in the next you’re bitching it’s to hard lol. And no I don’t quit when I’m not Jason I play every round as is. As far as you and your friends quiting the game..... I call your and their bluff. Cause you are all full of shit! Your the ones I hear saying the whole round I hate this game I’m done with it but then are the first one to ready up in the lobby next round. I guarantee if I look hard enough I’ll find you somewhere on this forum bitching about Jason being a joke last week. Bottom line..... it is what it is... don’t like it? Quit! Even though everyone on here knows you won’t. So I say again man the fuck up. If you were such a god you wouldn’t rely on inventory.
  5. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Listen I’m sorry but I HAVE to chime in here. I guarantee half the people complaining now are the same people complaining a week ago that Jason was a joke (which he was) in a previous comment I saw someone complaining he walks thru fireworks, and is practically invincible. News update (HE IS!!!) have you seen the movies!? Everyone I play with still kills and still escapes, granted it may be less escapes, but that’s the way it should be! It should be hard and FORCE people to use team work and have skill. I suggest you find a group that has your skill level and play w them. For example if I play in a public lobby where there is low levels I’ll kill 8/8 in 5 minutes yes that is extreme, but when I play w my regulars “if” I kill 8/8 it takes 12-15 minutes or longer. So stop bitching one way then the other! I have been around since day 1 and out of all the “nerfs” this one has the most equal balance and it SHOULD be Jason’s advantage! As a consuler you have a fucking hundred perks to choose from, play around with them, learn good strategy and find team players and with a little luck mixed in you will survive sometimes. Personally I think it got boring escaping 80% of the time. I EXPECT to be killed and it’s a bonus if I don’t. Half the time the difference in xp is only like 300 so man the fuck up.
  6. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Lol damn you guys kept this strand going until midnight lol. Hey I think the update is fucking awesome. Just like the movies. They didn’t have 15 pocket knives, first aides, shotguns etc. why do you think Jason fucking killed everyone?! He’s an unstoppable force that people were scared shit of! There was only ever one or two survivors. I’m personally glad I now die as a consuler a lot more! Oh and by the way I play w guys and girls like level 100 and still see rounds where 3 or 4 escape. And you even said that 99% of your leveling was from being a consuler! Which tells us all a few things a. You’re not as good as you boast because you NEED the items cause you don’t have real skill b. You’re a sucky jason c. If you really are level 150 already you live at home w mom and dad and have 0 life and no job other then to play games and bitch on forums. bottom line, the balance is now where it should be. Consulers run when they see Jason instead of troll cause they don’t have a treasure trove of items. Get over it. Classic case of players I hear saying f this game I’m done but they are the first ones to ready up for the next round in the lobby. If they win it’s skill if they loose the other guy got lucky. Beat it!
  7. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Dmack612. I agree w u 100% bro
  8. Blood skins

    Ahhhhh thank you! That explains it as I am at 94
  9. Can anyone help me? Some people say on Xbox one there is multiple blood skin layers such as medium and high. I only get the off and on. I was a backer and got the digital and pyshical copies and was told I would receive both. I put the disc in and the blood skin showed up in my games and apps que for download which leads me to believe I didn’t get my digital copy ones. Any suggestions?
  10. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Then you guys need to find better people to play with. I play savini on the new map w all experienced high level players and yes went 8/8 but it took 14 minutes. I think you’re exaggerating when u say 5. And we played the next match and four escaped. The balance is way better. Getting hit with 9 plus pocket knives up to today was stupid
  11. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Also I was a backer that purchased the digital and the pyshical copy so I should have both medium and heavy blood skins. I downloaded one which I believe was form the pyshical copy cause I put the disc in and it showed up in my que to download. How do I get the digital one. Right now it only goes from blood to no blood. Where are my levels of blood?
  12. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    So I just complete four matches on pinehurst, 2 offline to get my bearings, 2 online one as a consuler one as Jason. Overall, impressive I think the balance is now as close to perfect as it can be I went 8 for 8 w Jason but the match I was a consuler 4 of us escaped w the cops. I also like that sometimes it’s only a two seater and a boat upping the difficulty to escape which I have said before is the way it should be. I shouldn’t escape every time it’s not fun I don’t mind getting killed or sacrificing myself for others. It’s back to you have to use team work and smarts to survive. Now a couple things.... it took an extremely long time to get into a private match w friends. Dashboarded once, another time it showed a match that had already started and showed Tommy’s cut screen like I was coming in the game as him when I hadn’t been there from the start and then the screen went black and I couldn’t spectate. Backed out went back in and got the couldn’t retrieve game details message over and over. Also couldn’t join through a friends profile or when they invited me. Overall I give this update 9/10 but you gotta fix the connection issues. lastly I noticed rain lightning and thunder are FINALLY back for XB1! Thank you! However, I was under the impression the host would be able to toggle it on and off? Any update on this?
  13. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    When will Xbox one get weather back?
  14. Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    Lol hilarious! Where’s the new update, Jason and map?!
  15. it is an absolute joke that a consuler can run around a table or a couch for 10 minutes never fully loosing stamina knowing Jason can never catch them. I’m hoping the grab radius fixes change this. If you have Jason 6 or savini the weapon should easily hit a consuler over a table or couch, instead it hits an invisible wall. Jason should be able to flip a table or a couch at least once in rage mode and inflict damage to a consuler. It’s ok if they are not the only one left alive I just leave and go after someone else but if they are the last alive and it’s tommy or bugsy, good luck catching them around a table or couch. And to shift grab accurately in a house is near impossible