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  1. Do you really expect anything less then disappointment at this stage?
  2. I have been supportive of Gunn and illfonic in all of my posts to date. However today was the final straw! Ok so first let’s start with the most accurate screen model mask statement. Not even close! Yes Neca is a known replica company but, what’s w the yellow tinge? You want a real close replica? $75 on Etsy.com. Second of all, REALLY you missed it? The kills in the trailer that would never see the light of day. Ball after ball has been dropped on this game. Please just fix all current bugs and give us independent servers like promised! Anything and everything else at this point needs to be taken w a grain of salt. Your lack of throughput has left your credibility in the salt mines!
  3. I have to agree with those saying buying the collectors edition is not worth it. “Unless” you have not already purchased the game. If that’s the case then it’s one stop shop. This offers nothing to current owners or backers such as myself. No future content? Ok.... but patches, and independent servers should come all that much faster. Since day 1 new customers have always took priority vs backers. It’s like a cable company when they only offer bundles to “new customers.” Btw anyone who already owns the game, and already have all the dlcs, you can get the same NECA part 3 Jason mask for 24.99 at toy vault or even online. Not to mention it’s not a true replica. See links below to see what they are packing w the collectors edition vs a “real” $75 replica. http://necaonline.com/2011/09/friday-the-13th-prop-replica-jason-mask-part-3/ https://www.etsy.com/listing/233414848/friday-the-13th-part-3-jason-mask?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_a-art_and_collectibles-other&utm_custom1=3e79a1f0-ab46-4118-8dc9-40990ff749fa&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3sbLleGt3AIVibjACh1FmwQnEAQYAiABEgL_ZfD_BwE
  4. Cash1980

    Medium Blood Skins

    Sounds good. I’ll add you. Though I’m hardly ever on anymore. I’m at 150 have everything unlocked and challenges beat. So I’ve moved on to my back log of games collection dust lol.
  5. Cash1980

    Medium Blood Skins

    Thanks. I’m not going through all that though just for one set of blood skin. I’m gonna tinker around w it. I remember last time I had the digital originally and then just pulled the clothing pack and skins off the disc then never inserted the disc again. Good thing I kept it so I can troubleshoot lol. Man it’s to bad this game has all these problems cause it’s such a great freaking game! What’s your thoughts on this lawsuit? I’m kinda mixed opinion. I’m not exactly happy that there’s no more additional content, but I’d rather they focus on independent servers and Big fixes anyway. Every time they introduced new content it came w a truck load of bugs. Sucks too because if they get the rights to make this exact style game with Halloween or nightmare on elm st, it’s gonna be rough to win over fans after all this. But let’s be honest, if they do, I’m throwing money down lol
  6. Cash1980

    Medium Blood Skins

    Nope nothing I’m ready to install nothing in the update. Which is weird because it’s not like once I did it the first time the disc wiped that from itself lol. Idk.... I’ll do some googling lol
  7. Cash1980

    Medium Blood Skins

    See that’s what I thought.... but when I went into manage game then to ready to install, there was nothing there. I “think” that’s how I did it before??? Any thoughts truth?
  8. Cash1980

    Medium Blood Skins

    I mean I know it sounds trivial, but I was a backer that originally got both digital and disc sets of blood skin. I mean I technically paid for them.... love the game but I can’t blame Microsoft. It’s probably just another Friday glitch.
  9. Cash1980

    Medium Blood Skins

    Well I had the savaini blood skin up to 3 weeks ago. Sucks that they make you wipe your hardrive before you send it to them. They guaranteed me that EVERYTHING would be saved in the cloud. Apparently not all things. I even put the disc back in and went into manage game/ready to install, and nothing. I’m not sure which skins I’m even missing, meaning the disc ones or digital.
  10. My Xbox one x needed to be shipped away to Microsoft for repairs. After re installing everything, it seems I only have the light and heavy blood skins. The mediums are just gone. So is the solo one for Savini Jason. Anyone had this issue and know a fix?
  11. Cash1980

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    I get the same crash. Xbox One X
  12. Cash1980

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Guys while I agree with a lot that is being said, give these guys a break.... It’s a small company, not like it’s capcom or EA, they have a small team. As far as people saying getting their license revoked??? Come on, you are invested for $60 at most. Not like they duped you for $600,000. I also saw a comment that said where did the 800k go??? Really??? Maybe into paying their team and overhead in doing countless updates. My point is bottom line, they could have taken our money, not done one update and road off into the sunset. The fact that they have multiple ways to hear and try to address consumers comments tells me they actually give a damn about their product. If you are going to quit and uninstall, do it. Stop wasting a million bashing posts! Leave constructive criticism like I did in this thread a few days back. You attract more bees with honey then vinegar. Not saying I don’t get frustrated playing sometimes but you guys need to relax! Go outside! It’s almost summer.
  13. Cash1980

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Ok so I only had the opportunity to play a few matches since the patch.... I have to say, overall, the game has drastically improved for the most part. Here are some of the things I’m still seeing. 1. Need independent servers. Hard dashboard crashes are still a common occurrence. 2. I assume the new darkness tone to the game was intentional for feel, however it’s just to dark. Even cranking the gama way up, it’s still dark and you loose video quality the higher you go with the gama. 3. Lighting.... something is off here. Lights on street lamps and in cabins are on but do not trigger lighting the room or road until you are within a certain distance. 4. This is just my opinion, but when Jason shifts, his marker on the map should disappear. My logic for this is if consulers are driving or running the can strategically avoid Jason easily by watching his icon on the hud. The point of the shift should be you don’t know where he’s going. 5. Jason’s grab is still off. We tested it in a private lobby. A consuler stood as close to Jason as they could, it took 3 tries for Jason to actually grab the consuler from the same distance. 6. Something feels different with throwing knives. It almost feels like you are not throwing them. I no longer hear the sound effect when thrown maybe that’s why. Also I used to be pretty dead nuts accurate with them (after a lot of practice) now it seems to miss when it shouldn’t. 7. The game literally feels like a totally different game offline. Is it just me or does Jason seem to having a larger lunge when grabbing AI vs online? And animations seem more fine tuned offline. Example: when Jason is breaking down doors. i know this sounds like a complain fest. But the improvements way outway the negatives so it’s to long for me to list all the better things I see. I also believe that these little things could be easy to fix. I really truly believe that Jason’s icon needs to disappear while shifting. If the consulers get the car started it’s a game of Car and mouse for up to 5 minutes. Thanks
  14. So, I’m jumping on this thread a little late.... But, I have to agree when it comes to tapes. I had like 12 Pamela tapes and during the extra drop I found six during the extra drop, and the last 2 after the extra drop was over, so Yay there. However, the Tommy tapes still elude me lol. I had 4 before the drop, found none during the drop and none since lol. I would say I play like 10hrs a week, so I’m not on constantly, but I would say I used to here on the walkie “hey I found a tape!” Usually once a week. Since the drop ended. I literally have found 1 Pamela tape which I left for someone else and told them where it was since I had them all, and have found 0 Tommy tapes. Also I can honestly say since the drop I have heard of only 2 or 3 people say they found a tape (every time a Pamela). I just think that at level 147 I should have more then 4 Tommy tapes considering I’ve had all the Pamela tapes for some time. Just my two cents.
  15. Cash1980

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    So at the end of the day, there will never be a “perfect” balance. Personally I like the difficulty there is to escape now. I feel like I accomplished a bigger feet then when I had 3 pockets knives in my inventory. Again that’s just me. It’s still possible, I played prol about 6 matches as a consuler last night and escaped w the boat, Car, and cops all once. So while I’m not escaping 80-90% anymore it’s more like 40-50% and you know what I’m good w that. It’s fun to get killed sometimes. It’s only like a few hundred difference in xp. I’m just trying to say that if you hate the patch then maybe this isn’t the game for you. Jason should be over powered and shouldn’t be trolled or easy to escape from. The only suggestion I can come up w that could “maybe” please everyone is to give the host more control over the map like how many items can spawn for consulers like a low medium high option for knives , sprays and weapons. Even then good luck getting everyone in the lobby to agree. I personally love it the way it is now but I can see it from the other perspective too. But I think you may be missing the point of this game. I don’t think it was intended to be a traditional survival horror game. It was suppose to have a juggernaut in Jason and to force you to work together and use skill to escape. Let’s be honest shall we? All this update really did was make it harder on the lone wolves out there who care more about xp and leveling up then playing the game as intended which was a cooperative game. Also I agree w the last statement. Last night everyone’s pings were crazy high and I got dashboarded twice and black screened twice once in the middle of escaping.