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  1. TBH I'm starting to get tired of the rain after so many matches, can't see my Karate Master Chad clearly enough.
  2. I'm on Xbox and every game I've played has had rain.
  3. Mine are obviously better. You don't even mention an October holiday!
  4. You're wrong. He stalks his sister on a holiday in October
  5. I played around 8 matches, 4 as Jason. Definitely think his grab should be tweaked a bit, also doesn't help that I'm grabbing like crazy trying to find the exact range. One game as Savini Jason I had just used my morph at the beginning, and then I heard the gas spilling, and battery shocking, so that hurt.
  6. Savini Jason has plus destruction, but looking at the way he hits the door, it would take a damn long time to get through.
  7. I would say that since destruction is part of the Jason's strengths it would be tied to them, not their weapon.
  8. You say it should be a clean wipe, then immediately contradict yourself by saying one or two people survive in the movies.
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