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  1. #1: The original due to being a legitimately scary movie. #2: Parts VI & VII share the same spot for the entertainment value and because Jason is definetely at his best here. #3: Part II because potato bagmask Jason doesn't get enough credit. #4: Parts III & IV because human Jason rocks. #5: Remake because it's at least bearable and has a few good things about it unlike most horror remakes. #6: Part VIII because it's definetely the most enjoyable out of the four bad ones. #7: X has Über-Jason and a few more cool scenes with Jason, but that's it. #8: FvJ treats our beloved Mr Voorhees like a punk, but he has a few cool scenes at least. #9: IX... Do I even need to say anything? WE BARELY EVEN SEE JASON TO BEGIN WITH.
  2. Sorry, I screwed up, I meant to say some of them don't.
  3. It still doesn't sit well with me. But really, it would only affect a few variations of Jason in this game. Part VII Jason practically eats bullets.
  4. Yeah, but not by the main characters, only policemen.
  5. I wasn't even talking about Subnautica when I mentioned what was subjective and what wasn't. The fear of the ocean is nothing but that, an irrational phobia, like when people are afraid of clowns, or dogs, or completely harmless stuff, mostly for unknown reasons.
  6. Among Transformers shows, just watch Transformers: Animated and Beast Wars, and the G1 show if you want to laugh a little. I also love plenty of 60s-80s cartoons, they're pretty much classics now. He-Man, Scooby Doo, The Incredible Hulk, etc. And the 90s were just filled with so much awesomeness (Street Sharks, SWAT Kats, etc). The early 2000s also had some pretty badass cartoons, such as Samurai Jack and Justice League.
  7. This is as simple as saying that you need to threat in a video game, just creepy ambiance. Most horror games with monsters just turn into cheesy action flicks as if they had come out in the 90s or something. First of all, the thing with Layers of Fear is its atmosphere and story. If that's not your forté, too bad, there are plenty of other games out there made just for you. That's very subjective. Seriously? You criticize SOMA yet praise Amnesia, in regards of monster attacks? There are hardly any in Amnesia compared to the out-of-nowhere disturbing and random freaks of nature from SOMA. You're definetely off target because none of that is true. Especially when it comes to games like Layers of Fear who don't need a Mother Brain or a Regenerator, or any generic monster minion for that matter. Some apparently didn't understand what Layers of Fear was about. The main character is not meant to be indentifiable, he's completely nuts, or did you not pay attention to him at all? Why should I empathize with someone who is crazy? I feel bad for him, sure, but why would I give a shit if he dies or gets hurt? Totally 100% completely different games that shouldn't be compared with Layers of Fear. Also, really? Alien Isolation? That massive borefest that went on forever and was incredibly difficult thanks to the human and android enemies? That wasn't scary, just annoying. ATMOSPHERE, dude. That's what all horror games are about. If it's not scary for you, just go play something else. It's not meant to be that anyway. It doesn't really do any of those things. It's not a horror game. It's more like Minecraft underwater: You craft stuff, build a base, hunt stuff, and survive and shit. Similar to Rust or H1Z1, among others. There's only three giant monsters in the game that could be considered terrifying, and two of them aren't even in the actual game yet. They're cool looking but not exactly scary, even if they make scary noises. Screw that ship though, that is a really creepy environment. You're focusing too much on that Leviathan. Is that really all there is to that game now? It's not supposed to be a sea filled with giant monsters, that'd be just ridiculous. A certain point comes when it's not scary anymore, especially considering how broken that game is.
  8. The cool thing about this is that they use the Halloween music. That's it.
  9. That's very subjective. You could argue most episodes in Gravity Falls aren't relevant to the finale, most of it is just filler. The villain is pretty weak and kinda pathetic when he gets beaten by two random, regular kids. It's also clear that most of the characters are not very unique, nothing different from what we've seen in other cartoons or other types of media, heck, not even in other Disney cartoons. It's definetely a show aimed for kids with a couple of things that could be fun for adults. But it's not comparable to say, X-Men: Evolution, or Beast Wars: Transformers. Also, am I the only one that is tired of every cartoon looking the exact same nowadays? There's no difference in style, all the characters look huggable, round and weirdly proportioned and designed. There was so much variety in the old days that now everything just looks like it's made by the same guy.
  10. Really guys? No Gargoyles? You're missing out on a shakespearean-esque masterpice.
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