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  1. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    While they're at it they should add in a window block like Dead by Daylight has so it's harder for people to crawl back and forth through broke windows and kill themselves.
  2. Any emote update needs to be the dances that are already in the game be removed.
  3. I hope it's fake id hate to have DbD messed up.
  4. The times I've killed him or been involved in killing him the axe was always used to take him to his knees not a bat.
  5. I wouldn't let it drive me crazy, I got that trophy long ago and didn't notice any benefit from it.
  6. This might be OK but I'd like to see it where it was limited to the number of different counselors in the game and there were no duplicates. They could have a list in the lobby and as people join they could select the counselor they wanted in the list. I'm sure whiney people would make it difficult to get a match going if the counselor they wanted was already selected but who would wanna play as Jason against 13 Vanessa's ?
  7. I can’t be the only one

    I agree the past few weeks I've tried a couple matches and every time the host dies and quits. I'm level 150, almost all my perks are red the few that aren't are orange, I've got all the Pamela tapes and need about 5 more Jarvis tapes. I've switched pretty much completely to dead by daylight too, they've got their shit together a lot better on that game than gun does. Maybe when they ever get dedicated servers going f13 will be worth playing again but until then it's too aggravating to me when you seldom get to finish a match.
  8. What's the big deal? A PS plus membership is what $24 for 3 months, that's only $8 a month if somebody can't afford that how the hell do they have a $400 game console and the internet to begin with?
  9. I just tried playing this game for the first time in over a week and got 2 hosts quits and a Jason quit in 3 matches I joined. Same deal last time I tried playing. I've pretty much decided to stay with Dead by Daylight until they get dedicated servers up if not for good. You'll probably be having your post locked too because they'll say a post already exists, they'll worry about monitoring this forum but let rage quitters and trolls and cheaters run wild in the game with no consequences. Buy DbD you'll have a lot better time.
  10. It's always good to hear a kid you can tell is about 10 or 11 dropping the f bomb continuously. I had one night before last in a match that would make a sailor blush mfer this gd that nonstop. My daughters 18 years old and if I heard her talking that way she'd be so black and blue she wouldn't be able to wear shorts for a month. I killed him then got after his buddy that was the host and he killed the match. What I end up doing after this game pisses me off with kids and an hour of never completing a single match due to hosts quitting is I go play DbD.
  11. Bots

    I had an offline match over the weekend where 2 bots committed suicide. One I was about to kill crawled out a broke window then back in it when I went out to get him, the other did it when I wasn't even anywhere near her and hadn't seen her the whole match. It felt like they were getting to be like the live players.
  12. I think it's good the way it is, if anything Jason is still too easy to stun. I don't think a 100 lb girl should be able to lay him over backwards with a bat every time she hits him.
  13. The Nintendo Friday the 13th game was released in Feb 1989 there was actually another Friday the 13th the computer game released in 1985 for the commodore 64 and a couple other computers. After I saw this post yesterday I dug my old nes out and played Friday the 13th there sure has been a lot of progress in 30 years from that game to this one lol. One thing though, that nes version has no dancing trolls and rage quitters and Jason's actually much harder to kill in it than this new one.
  14. I say that because somebody seems to start a topic about once a week about the same thing. The answer has never changed he'll never be available for purchase.
  15. Oh boy here we go again with this.