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  1. I guess I've got it lucky my wife works nights every weekend so on weekend nights I'm alone to play then she's sleeping during the weekend days so still alone to play basically. Then on week nights when she's home she started playing my ps4 and account so I went and bought a 2nd ps4 for her and my 18 year old daughter usually plays with us too. So IDK how many hours a week that was but several, more so before I hit level 101 then 150 though now it's like it don't matter anymore since I can't go any higher.
  2. The way the game is now I find part 9 to have the best resistance of the constant stuns.
  3. I've got him and I'm level 150, my wife started playing so I bought a second PlayStation and she's level 70 or so now but had Savini set as her Jason at level 2 I think. I've heard all those comments to I've even had a few new players lately ask me what he is. No matter what all the bitter people say he's no better than part 8 and right now as easily as Jason gets chain stunned I've found part 9 with the highest stun resistance is the best one to use not Savini he gets stunned constantly too.
  4. Somebody mentioned Christmas up above and I agree with that and 90% of the ones that got it for Christmas are 10 year olds that really act stupid in game. It amazes me that parents would buy these young kids a game like this. I heard a kid say one night he was 8. As for the host leaving thing, just get to level 150 as fast as you can with bots or private matches or whatever then when you have a host leave you won't be near as stressed since points don't matter anymore.
  5. I've been pushed like that by a car backing up slow before too and knowing this as the driver of the car I've purposely backed up slow with Jason behind it so it wouldn't break. I don't know if you still can it's been awhile since I've done it but as a counselor I've accidentally walked on top of the car with somebody driving it forward slow too. They started to move as I was running around to get in the passenger side and when it bumped me up on the hood I went and ended up on the roof with them driving. I wondered if it was possible to turn a 4 seater into a 5 and 5 people could escape Thia way but I've never tried it.
  6. Slash away, whatever it takes to kill them all. I've always done it and will continue to no matter how many pocket knives are in a match. I don't understand why people think its some rule that your supposed to pick them up so they can use a pocket knife.
  7. 1 Jason being stunned every time a 100 lb girl blows her breath at him. 2 take out half the guns and make the flare gun an inventory item that lights up the map like it used to instead of being another shotgun. 3 dedicated servers
  8. DbD vs F13

    Friday the 13th should and could be the better game if they'd fix it. Right now Friday the 13th is best at pissing me off and I can go play Dead by Daylight afterwards to relieve the stress F13 caused. DbD is a much simpler game with less going on and less to balance which is probably why it plays so much smoother. Of course only half of F13s problems are with the actual game itself the other half is the way so many people play it, counselors teaming with Jason and so forth.
  9. I don't care about xp anymore either I'm level 150 and getting xp the quickest way possible is how I got there fast. It means I can say I don't get as pissed when I don't get to finish half the matches I start because an asshole host quits when they die. It's not entertaining when somebody keeps parts away from everybody else who's trying to do what they're supposed to do and complete objectives and escape because you get a boner over watching them die. It's also not entertaining sitting there for 10 minutes doing nothing watching a dillhole dance in front of the police because they get 20 extra points for time and if Jason will come pick them up they get 10 for using a knife.
  10. I've always slashed or chopped or whatever weapon the Jason I'm using does. I may pick them up after they're an inch from dead so if they have a knife they can't run far. If I'm playing as Jason I don't see my objective being to help the counselors I'm trying to kill them . It's goofy to me to think otherwise.
  11. Parts 1-5 to me are all about equal but part 4 gets an advantage because the biggest hottie of all the movies is in it, Judie Aronson/ Samantha. After part 5 they're just completely ignorant and unrealistic. Movies that could actually happen are always scarier like the top 2 best horror movies ever Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween.
  12. I hate when people play that way then the rest of us end up running around like idiots going through houses that have already been gone through to find the parts that are being hoarded. It's pointless to loiter around just fix the damn phone and escape. If you escape 3 times in 15 minutes you get way more xp points than you do for lolly gagging around for a whole 20 minutes in 1 match. It drives me crazy to see everybody but one or two people escaped or killed and the last couple stand at the exit dancing for 10 minutes thinking they're getting all these points for extra time without enough common sense to realize they'd get twice as many if they'd go ahead and escape start a new match and escape again.
  13. Like I said more than likely a Savini player has been here since day one and they're high level and experienced. Of course Savini in the hands of a level 150 is gonna do better than a part 3 with a level 10 playing him.
  14. I have him and for me he's about even with part 8 except part 8s axe don't get stuck on something almost every time you swing it. All the Jason's are about even they just have to be played differently. Like somebody else said the main reason people complain is because they can't have him it's a fact that most people's mentality is if they can't have something they want it more. They can't have it so they bitch about other people that do. Another factor especially in the case of less experienced players thinking he's OP is the fact that most that have him are high level experienced players that know how to play as Jason and would probably kill everybody no matter which one they used it just gets noticed more with Savini because of the other issues I said. I guess people think if they complain enough he'll either get removed or they'll give him to everybody.