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  1. Doesn't the blue screen only happen on PlayStation when someone joins? My friend who streams never gets the blue screen while playing in private games, only in the menus sometimes when they invite players to join. While on Xbox it can crash at anytime, which can get very annoying.
  2. How do PlayStation players find good private matches when none of their friends are playing? I'm actually interested in knowing if they have a type of looking for group feature.
  3. If we're talking about finding good matches definitely go with Xbox, it's easy to find matches you're looking for with the LFG feature. I could care less about frame rates or which has best graphics.
  4. You mean it would be hard for Gun Media.
  5. Is this a hack though or a glitch that can happen on accident? If it's something that can be triggered on accident is it still considered a hack even though some Jason players know how to do the glitch? Like I said I seen it happen on Xbox and I don't want fair players banned for a glitch that can randomly occur on accident.
  6. It happened to me once on Xbox when we were stunning Jason the counselors would react as if he was stunned but it didn't effect him. I believe there is a way to activate this glitch on purpose but the person who was Jason in my game didn't know what was happening or how it happened so I assume it could be triggered on accident too.
  7. I've seen lots of Jason players now hitting down the door from the side in combat stance when they're aware a counselor is attempting to hit them through the door, it's a learning process. It doesn't bother me at all because I know how to dodge the door attacks. Like others said it's not an exploit so I tend to do it as well when I'm a counselor and it's saved me a bunch of times when trying to get to the cops or if Jason is tunneling me.
  8. Do fear perks help regenerate stamina faster? I have 2 different epic ones with one being Nerves Of Steel.
  9. Pam/Tommy tapes

    You could always listen to the tapes online, I'm sure they are on YouTube. I have all. Pamela tapes and missing two Tommy tapes to complete my collection. I'm in no rush though, it's not like finding them all unlocks any achievement or anything special in the game.
  10. Why don't you use LFG feature on Xbox? It's the best way to find long lasting lobbies where the host doesn't rage.
  11. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    Kinda makes you wonder why they are showing the old icon with the new legendary perks. I can see why people would be confused thinking that could be a new perk added.
  12. It's actually would benefit Jason if counselors wouldn't spawn at the fuse house because then right away counselors wouldn't be able to tell on the walkie where the house is.
  13. Private matches on Xbox with LFG is the way to go. I am curious though, did they ever reveal why PC got dedicated servers at launch and not consoles? Normally when a game is released they have dedicated servers on all platforms, not just one.
  14. Legendary Perks. Yay or Nay?

    If the epic perks I already have now will be nerfed I say hell no. I grinded alot and spent so much CP getting the epics I have wanted. They should just work with what they have and buff some perks and add new ones people will already use. There's so many bad perks in the game that I would love to hear why the devs thought some of them like standing in front of a radio or quiet swimmer would be necessary or used.
  15. Emotes need to go

    Have the option to disable them in private matches, sheesh. I get why the regular emotes exist but the dancing ones? I know the devs knew those emotes would've been used to troll. It's why they were added, right? There's no other purpose to them.