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  1. Just remove the option to kill him in public lobbies and keep the kill in private lobbies for those who need the achievement/trophy.
  2. How about porting a game over to a new console without fixing the existing exploits and bugs? If they were small bugs I really wouldn't care, but the car and interaction lock have been bad for a while now. I mean you gotta admit porting a game to a new console when the game still itself still needs fixing doesn't seem like the most logical thing to do. And you're right most games don't have DLC, but the majority that don't are single player campaign games, while this is for the most part multiplayer, but the multiplayer games I seen ported to other consoles still release DLC (DBD was a port and is getting ported to Switch). Like I said it wouldn't look as bad if they gave notice in the Nintendo store about there being no future new content, but I highly doubt they would do anything like that.
  3. I may get some hate with what I'm gonna say but I honestly just see this as a quick cash grab. If this game had a full singleplayer story/campaign (I don't consider singleplayer challenges a story/campaign)then I would really be more on board with this Switch release but since it doesn't, then I can't see anything but a cash grab. Multiplayer is the selling point of this game and with it still being very buggy at times, why go ahead and release it? I highly doubt by the time this releases on the Switch bugs (some bugs which have been around a long time) will be fixed and I can only imagine the new bugs that will be in the Switch version. I just don't think porting a game that already has a lot of bugs and exploits is the right thing to do but maybe they will surprise us and we won't see people on Switch on the Packanack roof or cars randomly being destroyed or no interaction lock.... but I highly doubt it. Like I said with multiplayer being the selling point I just think it's sorta wrong since they also can't add any new content, it's basically a company releasing a new multiplayer base game for a system that they have no plans to support besides the occasional patch fixes, which honestly doesn't look good on their part IMO. I do love this game and started playing it on Xbox when it was released and despite the horrible launch Xbox had with the constant crashing and with the lawsuit with no content I still stuck around because I enjoy the game. I respect the developers, I really do for what they gave us but I'm not sure I like this idea of releasing it on Switch. People coming into this game brand new from Switch might not know what they bought is what they get with no new content arriving, most won't know about the lawsuit new coming in and that's not their fault, but it would help if Gun gave a disclaimer in the Nintendo store about no new content will be released for the game. This is all just my opinion and I'm sure lots of people will probably disagree with me but I just felt like giving my honest feedback.
  4. It's fair. Although you could try baiting the person next time into going through broken windows so it suicides them so it guarantees you they aren't returning as Tommy.
  5. I am more a counselor main but occasionally will play Jason if I'm in the mood and gotta say this patch is a great welcome to the game and I hope Gun continues on this direction. It's so great to see counselors not dancing over Jason anymore, it's awesome seeing so many people trying to escape, trying to avoid Jason even before rage (so it doesn't build it up) rather than relying on stunning him the whole game as a way to survive. I rarely see those counselors dancing over Jason anymore and if they do I see them end up dying or quitting before they're about to be killed. For so long this game to me became a joke because for a asymmetrical horror game the counselors had way too much power over stunning Jason, that shouldn't be nor should it have ever been. Just please keep the game heading into this current direction, it can only get better if so.
  6. I got into a dedicated server, it took time but I imagine that's because lots of people are currently playing P2P still. Remember those lobbies don't kick you to the menu after a certain amount of games so give it time.
  7. Just checked my Xbox version and dedicated servers are still working, so I guess it's only PS4..
  8. I can't find any dedicated servers either. This really sucks... I'm on PlayStation NA.
  9. It happens on Pinehurst for me and my buddies whenever it does the random counselor.
  10. Were you on Pinehurst when the random character glitch occurred?
  11. It also happens when shooting the shotgun or flare and you're character doesn't drop the weapon and after that you're glitched until Jason picks you up and unless you have a pocket knife or a friend to save you then you're screwed!
  12. Had no issues playing today till now. Last lobby I was in after the game was over backed me out and took about 5 minutes to find another lobby but it keeps putting me in non dedicated server lobbies now, which I have no desire to play in.
  13. Rage should be highly reduced while Jason have rage least make it where everytime he rages through doors he can't be stunned till the animation is done. Unless you're new Jason players don't use rage with doors anymore against counselors because it's just pointless and offers a free swing to counselors that stinks Jason 9/10. So if you're Tommy, Chad, Bugzy, Victoria or Jenny you're almost guaranteed a free stun. It's a shame how this got overlooked by the developers and they never tried to balance it out.
  14. I'm not a Jason player but I kinda wish the option to kill him was never there. On PlayStation I always see squads joining and someone suicides right off of hopes of being Tommy and while most times they succeed as counselor I'm trying to actually escape which leads Jason to ignore me the whole game and that's not fun obviously because Jason is only focused on trying to survive himself. I do think the option to kill him first was great because people would use it as a last resort, but things have clearly changed. I think it would be great if they made it where the shack wouldn't actually spawn for counselors till the last 5 minutes (kinda like it being an end of a F13 movie) or it spawns for counselors when a limited number of them are left alive.
  15. Do you know if we still get out XP if we quit after we die or escape? I assume you would since we have dedicated servers now and if the host quits the game won't end.
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