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  1. It absolutely would help. I don't see why they don't pin important posts on here to help with duplicate posts. If there's so many rage quit posts people aren't gonna know which one to post in unless it's pinned.
  2. Most players would rather use thick skin or med sprays which I find ridiculous because most of the time Jason is distracted till someone refuses to use a knife at the phone or car and then screws everyone else.
  3. And if the forum pinned the original topic we wouldn't see as many posts, correct? But they fail to do so and with how bad rage quitting is you would think they would pin one of the rage quitting posts but they don't.
  4. Does anyone know if the game breaking glitched was ever fixed on Xbox where some users were not able to play after unlocking all achievements? I also just noticed for the first time PS4 and Xbox have a few different trophies/achievements.
  5. Couldn't it be unlocked for people who actually own Savini? Surely they could do it that way.
  6. Brogan322

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    So nothing today? Do they normally wait till later in the day to announce stuff?
  7. Brogan322

    Tagging the phone?

    No. It's already bad that items show up on maps now and if you're playing with a good group someone will leave the fuse by the house majority of the time. If it were up to me I'd remove items on map altogether, it's just another bandaid for counselors.
  8. Aren't you saying what I was basically saying?
  9. I'm in the same boat as you I'm 150 on Xbox but after buying a PlayStation in March I actually like my PlayStation more I wish my level at least carried over like how some games do with online servers.
  10. A high level doesn't determine if you're dedicated to the game or not. There are hackers that are 150, yet I'm sure people wouldn't call them "dedicated". So would you consider someone who helped fund the game "dedicated" even if they are still below 101?
  11. So are you defending the high level unlock or not? You basically just said Jason should use different weapons. I agree.
  12. That's like saying Leatherface shouldn't start with a chainsaw or Freddy Kruger shouldn't start with his razor hand.
  13. I haven't found any tapes since the event ended either, has anyone else found a tape since?
  14. Brogan322

    PC has to wait for console

    Why exactly do you think the update is even ready for PC? Do you know something we don't? And didn't I read dedicated servers aren't even coming in the next update, so why are you blaming consoles? How about you blame the developers for not putting dedicated servers on all platforms day one? If anything from what they told us it's the engine that's the reason for no update, not dedicated servers.