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  1. Trying to start a car as AJ when Jason is in rage takes more effort then going for the sweater kill. I see why people go for the kill often, it's an easy way to escape and end the game. Gun should make sure the Jason kill is the hardest method of trying to survive against Jason, but sadly it's not.
  2. Can I ask the obvious question as to why these were never released? If they were finished why weren't they included when Victoria was added in the game?
  3. I mean Packanack small has that campsite island, it wouldn't be impossible to do on the small maps but I assume since they can't add content adding an island shack to each map would be considered new content..
  4. Killing Jason is just too easy, they definitely should've made the Tommy call harder, put every shack on an island like the Higgins shack and why the hell would they put an axe in Jason's shack? Let's just give them all the necessary tools to kill Jason at the shack.
  5. Honestly all of the perks were made or nerfed before the Jason rage update, which is a big game changer. I think multiple perks do need to be reworked or buffed. Like grease monkey could use a buff, if you're using someone like AJ when Jason gets rage it's a real pain to get the car started since you can't stun him (unless you demask, use shotgun or use sweater). I really wish they would get creative with their perks like DBD.
  6. I dunno if this is the case on all systems but on PS4 even before the patch some bots will stand still till Jason is in the area, kinda makes it less challenging knowing some bots won't be attempting to try to fix anything. It happens on all the maps.
  7. I have all tapes but yesterday I found 2 Tommy tapes and a Pamela tape yesterday while playing on PS4, I actually thought at first there may have been a event going on. lol
  8. So no one played Jason during the last phase of testing? Because on PS4 no matter which Jason you are shift unlocks at the same time as sense. How could something like that be overlooked while testing?
  9. I thought they said they tested this patch for months? This is kinda embarrassing.... lol
  10. People are telling me Jason's shift is broken, it regenerates very quickly. I heard it's mainly Part 3 but it might be other Jason's too. Also I heard traps now disable by themselves... Anyone else experience these issues?
  11. PC will be Thursday at the latest Matt said.
  12. The fact the game never added a in game report system says a lot.
  13. I just don't get why they don't disable traps temporarily till they get the bugs fixed, I seen other devs disable items in other multiplayer games that cause exploits till they can get a patch out to fix the exploit.
  14. Except you already admitted to trapping them in your previous post which is considered griefing and lots of game devs ban or suspend people for it, obviously that doesn't apply to this game though. You already admitted to it so why are you trying to backtrack what you said? "A griefer or bad faith player is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and harasses other players within the game (trolling), using aspects of the game in unintended ways." And @mattshotcha I respect all the work you guys do but I find it incredibly lazy you guys don't issue suspensions or bans for people who team or grief, even if you can't get them for teaming you could tell they are at least griefing people (like blocking people in areas with shotguns) and I can't figure out why you all just sit back and let the toxicity run loose. You all talk about at Gun with this game was a passion and you all are dedicated to giving us the best game, but how is that possible when you have players like "Soggy" running around? Do you realize if you all actually suspended or banned people the teaming, toxicity (etc) might die down because people would be afraid to loose their account, DLC, progress (etc). What kind of example are you guys giving when you let your community run around helping Jason, blocking people in rooms, purposely holding on to objective items? And don't say it's hard to tell because I know there have been videos submitted where the players in game chat admit to teaming and nothing was done. And I know you go around popping in streams and seen all this stuff happen first hand, so if you could just please explain to me why nothing is done about these players maybe I would understand more. And I'm not talking about people on rooftops either, I remember you telling me in the Gun Media stream you guys don't issue bans or suspensions to rooftop glitchers is because once this patch is released it will fix players getting on rooftops, but what about the teamers and griefing? I understand there are a lot of people who do it but I think if you guys at least took the time to issue suspensions (with reported proof) people will know you guys are serious. I know a lot of people that have left this game and would love to return if you guys would actually do something because for us players who play the right way and wanna enjoy the game how it's meant to be played it just comes off insulting to us when nothing is done. If it takes time to go through reported players then it takes time, you all owe it to the community to take action and do something. Please show us you guys are serious and start issuing suspensions or bans, it will only make your product better.
  15. I think that's only on sale in your region, on PS4 store in the US it's still $19.99.
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