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  1. Brogan322

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    It happens on Pinehurst for me and my buddies whenever it does the random counselor.
  2. Brogan322

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Were you on Pinehurst when the random character glitch occurred?
  3. It also happens when shooting the shotgun or flare and you're character doesn't drop the weapon and after that you're glitched until Jason picks you up and unless you have a pocket knife or a friend to save you then you're screwed!
  4. Had no issues playing today till now. Last lobby I was in after the game was over backed me out and took about 5 minutes to find another lobby but it keeps putting me in non dedicated server lobbies now, which I have no desire to play in.
  5. Rage should be highly reduced while Jason have rage least make it where everytime he rages through doors he can't be stunned till the animation is done. Unless you're new Jason players don't use rage with doors anymore against counselors because it's just pointless and offers a free swing to counselors that stinks Jason 9/10. So if you're Tommy, Chad, Bugzy, Victoria or Jenny you're almost guaranteed a free stun. It's a shame how this got overlooked by the developers and they never tried to balance it out.
  6. I'm not a Jason player but I kinda wish the option to kill him was never there. On PlayStation I always see squads joining and someone suicides right off of hopes of being Tommy and while most times they succeed as counselor I'm trying to actually escape which leads Jason to ignore me the whole game and that's not fun obviously because Jason is only focused on trying to survive himself. I do think the option to kill him first was great because people would use it as a last resort, but things have clearly changed. I think it would be great if they made it where the shack wouldn't actually spawn for counselors till the last 5 minutes (kinda like it being an end of a F13 movie) or it spawns for counselors when a limited number of them are left alive.
  7. Do you know if we still get out XP if we quit after we die or escape? I assume you would since we have dedicated servers now and if the host quits the game won't end.
  8. Does quitting now when you're not Jason still give you salt points now with dedicated servers? Like if I find myself in a lobby with counselors teaming or a Vanessa running over people on purpose could I just quit without getting salt points?
  9. Are these all on Packanack small? I don't play the small maps and I know the original map has no boat house. Is that island you're talking about by the boat house on Packanack small?
  10. It's such a shame the devs don't care about their community and product to ban these teaming cheaters. Dedicated servers really helped make this game playable again but if they would oban the cheaters as well, I think the game would be golden. This is such a fun game but it has one of the most toxic online communities I ever been apart of.
  11. Can anyone tell me all the random spots on Packanack where sprays spawn always spawn? Not counting bathrooms, obviously. For example Higgins always has a spray outside the main lodge on a boat and Crystal Lake always has a spray at the archery. Packanack the only spray I know that spawns at a random location is the building by the main road by the escape exit.
  12. I see some joke about this but this game has a lot of children teaming almost every other game and for me it's the community stopping me from playing the game rather that the few bugs you you run into.
  13. I'll believe it when I see it and looking forward to the new bugs in patch.
  14. Just keep it away from Gun Media and Illfonic if it ever happens.
  15. I think people deserve to complain with that developing no new content why can't they simply give us an update? It's not like they're busy, right? It's also ridiculous they haven't said anything about fixing the party feature for PC. I'm on console but I feel for PC players because if party was broke on consoles I wouldn't play unless I had enough friends to get a private game going. They were sure fast to give us an update on that Ultimate Slasher edition.....