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  1. Jason being able to use a held counselor to body block instead of taking a stun to have them be dropped is total bullshit. One of Jason's few weaknesses is if the counselors actually work together, but this honestly removes a lot of the point of sticking together in groups. The most common argument for it by Jason players is that they don't know how else to kill people. Well as much as people may hate it, in that situation where someone keeps protecting another counselor, you can just slash. The game mechanic shouldn't exist in the first place and would honestly make teamwork more valuable than it already is & encourage Jason players to have to think rather than spam grab & just hold players in front of others for a cheap kill.
  2. The title says it all. There is no more team killing in public matches, so what's the point of this other than to make the game even easier for Jason and to mess up an already super glitchy fighting system for counselors.
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