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  1. I agree. The connection issues are horrible. I find matches and then it says connection failure or once the game starts the host drops out and kicks everyone. This happens more often then not.
  2. I can agree to that. The base game needs updates and features. At least in the communication area. I don't think it should be easier. However it's very hard when there is no form of communication except a microphone that most people do not use.
  3. After spending time playing Friday the 13th on PS4, I've come to realize that this is a one player objective game. Most players do not have or use microphones to communicate. Everyone is working toward random objectives, which leads to no team work and end result death by Jason. I've survived only a few times and all of which could of been prevented with communication from other team members. There are a few ways I believe that this "one player" game can be helped: Have on screen notifications when players find items with the players name and item found and a quick chat system for those who do not use microphones Show dead bodies on the map so players don't spend 20 minutes searching cabins for the battery that is next to the dead body beside the car On the map and mini map show player names to the other counselors If this can't be achieved then at least create more 1 player geared objectives that require 2 steps or less for escape. You can't work as a team in this game if there is no way to communicate therefore there needs to be objectives for one player to make it out on their own, or for 2 people that doesn't require finding 3 items. Finding a map should give you a general area of where items are located to complete objectives Fear should not be as high when running around alone if using flashlight Other things that I feel would make for a better game: Cars easily get stuck on roadside rocks, this should be addressed It's nearly impossible to get out of Jason's grab The spectating view should show a mini map and highlight the player your watching and the option to see objectives. It would be more enjoyable to watch other players after my death if I knew what they were actually working towards! Bear traps should be slightly more visible Locking doors and jumping through windows often requires double interaction and is too slow. This leads to people not taking the time to lock doors. House that have been fully searched and all items taken should change color on the map and minimap Connection issues constantly, takes forever to find a match and often when it does and the map loads I get connection issues Stop making 1 player the host of a game. If they leave whole session ends, requiring another 5 minute wait to start a game Perk update for counselors Jason should not be able to kill you from your hiding spot, instead you should get a chance to jump out and run Jumping from a 2 story window should not result in suicide Ability to carry objective items and a weapon is necessary since your often running around alone Every counselor should have 1 special ability that can be triggered with Right and left triggers together. Example: invisibility from Jason for x amount of time. You should not drop your weapon if Jason grabs you. If the game can't require team communication then it needs to allow for one player survival. Otherwise everyone is set up to fail.
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