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  1. The most recent film, Jigsaw, was pretty good. My updating ranking: 2 1 6 8 5 4 7 3 I honestly hope we get a couple of more sequels, the way Jigsaw (AKA Saw VIII) ended things I can definitely see something left in the story.
  2. For me the cabin scene is the only part of FVJ I truly enoy.
  3. I think Jason has always been a sympathetic villain, but in FVJ they way overdid the sympathy aspect and tried to make him look like a good guy compared with Freddy. The thing with a sympathetic villain is they're still a villain and still someone to be feared. Say what you will about the reboot but I think there they did a much better job of making him tragic but still menacing and sinister.
  4. Jason X and it's not even a contest. Jason in Space, who seriously thinks that was a good idea?
  5. With anthologies I remembered the Goosebumps TV show. It was hit and miss, and many of the later episodes were especially lame and goofy, but in the first couple of seasons there were a fair number of good episodes. IMO the best is The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp which was actually rather scary and intense by the usual standards of the show, which is saying a lot considering how silly it got later on.
  6. Can't believe I never posted in this before. This is by far my favorite Horror series and one that's near and dear to me. Ranking the series for me it'd go: 2 1 4 3 5 The original is a classic but 2 is simply the pinnacle for me. 3 and 4 are solid, but while I enjoyed parts of 5 sadly I got to agree with those saying it's the weakest.
  7. The new Blair Witch was meh. Some good moments but overall it didn't leave an impression. Not seen the second but I've seen the original and this one and between the two I actually probably slightly preferred this one.
  8. Wecome and cool to meet a fellow Ginny fan, she's also my favorite
  9. I'm not even sure how many movies are in the series.
  10. The Jaws Of Life would be pretty badass and terrifying to see him use as well. There's plenty of non-powered tools and blades he can use. I always thought seeing him use medieval weaponry like lances and battle axes could be awesome and also samurai weapons, though how'd he acquire that is anybody's guess.
  11. Seeing The Rings trailer last night when I went to see Don't Breathe reminded me how I've yet to see a single Ringu/Ring film.
  12. I'd like to see a different variety of weaponry in the game outside of the movies. Especially with power tools. Always thought Jason using a concrete saw or a jackhammer would be awesome.
  13. Jason's death in The Final Chapter but counting only the victims, Hawes in Jason Lives.
  14. The trailer for the reboot was so bad it was embarrassing to even watch. All it took for me to avoid it like the plague and I say that as someone who isn't even one of those "this raped my childhood!" people.
  15. The Purge: Election Year was quite good and I liked it though I think I still like Anarchy the best of that series overall by a smidge. Also Blair Witch will be eligible for this next month when the surprise third movie is out. I've seen the original, it's pretty meh overall to me though I do like the backstory and lore behind the Blair Witch herself. Never saw the second.
  16. 5 was confirmed a few months ago and I'm super excited. Slated for 2019. Hope Harrison can hang in there, he's in great shape for his age but at 74 he isn't getting any younger.
  17. Watched a ton since the last time I posted in this but I'll just post my most recent: Strange Days
  18. Anyone seen the reboot? I avoided it after the awful trailers but some are saying it isn't as bad as the previews make it look. Still, I think I'll wait for cable.
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