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  1. That can alleviate the problem somewhat, but I still feel that she is in need more than the others of a new outfit. It just fits so poorly.
  2. I don’t think people want her to have tighter clothes because of sex appeal, it’s so she doesn’t look like she has a diaper under her pants. ? Theres a big difference between wanting her to be sexy and actually wanting her to look her age.
  3. Girl that’s gross, but so true. ? I try not to even look at her outfit because her face and hair really do look good. But it’s just so ugly.
  4. I think it’s only fair that Gun shows them some love too though. I mean if anything they should get a DLC pack just for them to catch them up to the other counselors. That would be nice.
  5. I think a lot of us can agree that Victoria is really pretty, and has pretty good stats. I’m extremely happy she was added. My biggest problem with her is her clothing. It looks soooo bad, the way the powersuit is designed it looks like straight up pajamas. Very poorly fitting to her body and makes her look like a blob with a pretty face. The patterns and colors don’t help much either, they don’t match and make her look even worse honestly. I’m grateful you finally created her, but please consider hooking my girl up with some DLC clothes. She needs it. ❤️
  6. Her face and hair is actually gorgeous in game, and I love her voice acting honestly (besides the sweater, but I think that may be a glitch since she doesn’t use her own voice?) but that outfit...oh sweetie. Melissa had so many good outfits in that movie that weren’t even heeled and would’ve been just as easy to put in the game but they chose to give her a parachute for a pair of pants. ?
  7. Vanessa’s voice actor is so funny tbh, I LOVE the way she says “I know you can die, JASON!” when she takes the mask off.
  8. I think adding Reggie is probably a great idea. With the amount of squeaky children that play this game now, a child character might be more relatable for them!
  9. @AldermachXI is always acting better than everyone else. Look at 90% of his posts.
  10. All I know is it was on PS4, and it was definitely not any kind of hack, as I said it was my friend we were playing together in a party chat. I can imagine how sucky it would’ve been if it had happened to someone in a public lobby though.
  11. One time I tried to kill one of my friends who told me he had one pocket knife in his inventory, he used it and there was a slight delay, but it didn’t disappear from his inventory despite using it to break free. It was weird. Happened several times, I ended up slashing him.
  12. She can’t reliably get escape options by herself though. Other characters at least have that going for them. Surviving a long time means nothing since you can’t hide forever.
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