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  1. Exactly, ‘‘twas a joke.
  2. I think adding Reggie is probably a great idea. With the amount of squeaky children that play this game now, a child character might be more relatable for them!
  3. @AldermachXI is always acting better than everyone else. Look at 90% of his posts.
  4. Morph, STALK, Shift, Sense

    Would also make high stealth more useful.
  5. All I know is it was on PS4, and it was definitely not any kind of hack, as I said it was my friend we were playing together in a party chat. I can imagine how sucky it would’ve been if it had happened to someone in a public lobby though.
  6. One time I tried to kill one of my friends who told me he had one pocket knife in his inventory, he used it and there was a slight delay, but it didn’t disappear from his inventory despite using it to break free. It was weird. Happened several times, I ended up slashing him.
  7. She can’t reliably get escape options by herself though. Other characters at least have that going for them. Surviving a long time means nothing since you can’t hide forever.
  8. To answer the opposite of the question, I’d say Tiffany is one of the most dependent on her team just because she can’t repair anything, and so many of her stats are put into stealth which only can get you so far. Vanessa is similar to Tiffany but actually is so much more independent just because her repair is actually manageable on top of higher speed and stamina.
  9. End of Round Screen

    To a troll, it would probably be more of a trophy than actually contributing would be.
  10. No joke, Barney is actually really scary. Just give him a weapon and he’s a horror movie legend.
  11. Ohh! I see. I honestly thought you were trying to be rude. Also Iwasn’t saying Deb was into girls, I just meant she probably doesn’t care for any kind of relationship, not just men. She’s a nerdy girl, she probably just cares about reading books and stuff.
  12. I didn’t realize two fictional people was the equivalent of everyone now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. But you know what’s really a ship? Chad and Buggzy. Just look at them near canoodling in the virtual cabin. You can’t fool me with that “friendship” stuff. Ha!
  14. These are well written. I kinda don’t see Chad and Deborah being a thing though. Deborah doesn’t seem like the type to be interested in any men at all actually.
  15. Well a lot of people say they aren’t having fun on this game anymore, and I definitely see what they are saying however this isn’t the problem I have. I actually enjoy the game a lot and have fun in the matches. My problem is that I have to wait forever to get into an actual match and then 90% of the time it gets canceled one way or the other. I waste more time on this game TRYING to play it (and spectating) than I actually play.