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  1. I personally would like a winter pack. Not holiday themed, just some light jackets/hoodies/hats for the cold. But uniforms are still a good idea, we need something to bring the game back to film roots and it would please a lot of those salty gamers who raged about the Halloween pack because it isn’t realistic enough or whatever.
  2. I’ve noticed there is always that one Tommy Jarvis that is the sole living player and doesn’t stop sprinting until he is out of stamina even though Jason isn’t even close enough to get him.
  3. Actually, I’m saying if people want to see nudity from this game so bad then they should make it in a place where it belongs (Rule 34). It doesn’t belong in the game.
  4. Maybe someone talented should commit some time to getting a Rule 34 page rolling, then you wouldn’t feel the need to put all that in the game.
  5. Is it just me being unaware or were the Tommy tapes kind of random additions to the game?
  6. That perk reduces the amount of fear your counselor gains whilst being outside/inside in the dark. Because you gradually gain fear from being in the dark. However in the end game it’s probably not that useful considering Jason will be able to sense you anyway. Early game though it will mean Jason might have a harder time finding you because your fear won’t rise as high from the dark.
  7. Really, the recent Jason nerfs don’t have much to do with killing Jason. He got a trap nerf and a grab nerf. This could’ve been done pre-patch just as easily. So I don’t entirely see your point. But I applaud the Kanye/Taylor reference.
  8. I just did it for the first time in a public match shortly after viewing this thread. It was only Tommy and I left and the Jason just happened to be missing a mask and I just happened to get the sweater in that game early on (Wanted to see it over Tiffany’s Halloween Costume) and we killed him. The Jason player left the lobby right after so I guess he may have felt bad about it, but at least he got 6/8.
  9. I think they made it to where every counselor screams when they spot Jason. It’s kind of annoying.
  10. It’s possible that you are using the sweater right after stunning jason with the machete to remove his mask and he is still invulnerable during the sweater stun to another melee stun.
  11. Patch Notes - 10.25.2017

    This is a sort of “buff” to Runner characters. As Tiffany/Vanessa if you deliver a part to a car, sometimes repair characters won’t know unless you tell them over walkie-talkie. This will make their contribution more effective to escaping. It also stops people from hiding parts out in the woods. Loving that change.
  12. I hope not, because that seems very lazy and we already have swimsuits which is similar.
  13. I tried the search functionality, but that didn’t show up.
  14. Halloween is quickly approaching and it looks like we may be getting a clothing pack. What costumes would you guys love to see in the game? Go wild, this isn’t a suggestion thread, just fun brainstorming. I’d love to see a cute cat Deborah or a bunny Tiffany.
  15. I played a game once where these teamers fixed the two seater and I was playing Deborah. They chased me around the entire map trying to kill me with the car and the Jason (who was horrible by the way) also chased after me in an attempt to grab me and carry me in front of the car so they could run me over. After about 5 minutes I left the match and it got canceled (I was host.)