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  1. Ahah don't worry Alien ! We do never usebug nor troll and we do not say how to even if we saw it on other channels :). We play the game the way it is given to us :).
  2. Well I understand you guys and I'm Glad this update came out for sure. What I meant is that yes of course I can still stream it on Friday but there will be no more hype for Friday as everyone will know Jason Part IV and everything. You guys can facepalm as much as u want, but just stop thinking I'm not enjoying the content or anything but rather disappointed that nothing very special might happen that very big day. I think if would have been awesome to get everything on that day.
  3. Hi ! I'm a french Youtuber and I must Say that I'm totally disapointed about that update coming out from nowhere on Thursday the 13th. De prepared a short Movie to announce a giant live stream for the update happening on Friday The 13th and so on. Finally my hype is gone. That very big day will just become as others. Welcome to Thursday the 12th. A disapointed fan.
  4. Hi guys ! I hope I'm in the right section and that I'm allowed to do it but I would like to share a short movie we made with friends about Friday the 13th : The Game in order to tease the October, Friday the 13th livestream. I would like to know what you guys think about it ♥. Enjoy ! (Don't worry, even if we're French, as they're no dialogues, it's not problem for anyone watching it). Thanks for watchiiiing ♥.
  5. Hey ! ♥ Collins and I, Kosuke, are two french youtubers playing Friday since release and streaming it (on youtube gaming) kinda Every Nights :D. If you want to check out : https://www.youtube.com/collinskosuke Recently, we made a video "Friday in the Real Life" and i rly wanted to share it with you cuz we spent a lot of time on it. Cya in Crystal Lake players ♥
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