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  1. Hi :)

    thanks for the welcomes
  2. Hi :)

    Hi all, Im new to the forum but have been playing the game from day one, i was even one of the early backers for the game.
  3. Hi and thanks for the welcome, i will go and check out that page. I would have to disagree, im an experienced player, been playing since day 1 and i am a backer. I just think their is too much to remember each Counselors has 7 stats and 3 perks and each perk has its own buffs and debuffs. I struggle to keep a track of all that, especially when they keep adding new Counselors, and if i roll a new perk and swap some out. So having a reminder that either pops up as you spawn in or can be shown by a button press would be very helpful for me.
  4. Hi All, So i enjoy playing as random, for me this keeps each match fresh. Different character, different strength & weakness. Depending on the characters stats & perks will determine how i play that match. How ever i cant remember all of the stats and what perks i have on each Counselors, this matters to me. As i say depending on their skill set will determine how i play that match. Now when you play as Jason we already have a screen that pops up briefly when you spawn in to show that Jason's strengths and weakness. I would love to see a similar screen for the Counselors. It would be a small change but would really help for when your playing randomly and need to know their stats and perks. I have attached a draft of what i think the screen could look like. It could either disappear after a couple of seconds like with Jason's or it could disappear on a mouse click. It could even be a pop up that is activated by a button press instead, like the map or the scoreboard. What do you all think?