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  1. I hope they will be around in two weeks when I get paid....
  2. That would be nice. I tweak a someone and then forget to select them before the match starts. lol
  3. I'll be playing a ton after I get off work. Stupid work! Happy Friday the 13th!!
  4. THIS THIS THIS THIS. The Wheelchair guy would become my main in a second. 10 speed/8 stam/ 1 luck.
  5. ..and there is a fairly large update. Low and behold the patch released early! i quickly select Mitch (Who I love btw), and join a game that is playing the new map. 7 out of the 8 people had not see the new map, so we explored as a group. Don't want to spoil it if you haven't seen it yet, but go to Tommy's room. Love the new councilor. Love the new map. Love the rain. Love the fact my game now runs better on high than it did on low. You guys rock!
  6. Besides the Marshmallow flavored Popcorn and Beef flavored Soda, that's a given. I'll be taking Preparedness for sure. I was thinking maybe Tinker and Adrenalin Rush (Seeing as his Composure is so high). I'm also a huge fan of Firecracker. Well, I am with Lachappa as he's super slow and not fun to be caught out in the open with.
  7. It also (kinda) rhymes with Horchata! That is reason enough.
  8. I've been watching a ton of Let's Plays and I'm torn. Part of me wants to try this game out. It seems to have a frantic Quake 3 vibe. I was thinking it may be fun to play every once in awhile as it seems different enough from Friday the 13th. It just seems like it could get tedious VERY quick.
  9. Jigsaw is the 27th of this month (I believe).
  10. Truth! I feel that quite a few Lachappa players are looking to upgrade to him.
  11. Heya and welcome! Happy SPLATTERINGS!
  12. Maybe, It's either going to be really fun or really dumb. I still need to see Blade Runner and Jigsaw comes out soon. I may just wait until it hits Netflix.
  13. http://nightmareonelmstreet.wikia.com/wiki/A_Nightmare_On_Elm_Street_(1989_DOS/C64_Video_Game)
  14. I think it's going to depend on how the game does going forward. If it gets very popular, I'd imagine they would have the options to add new gameplay/maps/etc.
  15. I think she would be very interesting. Only have her show up on certain maps (Instead of Tommy) and give her a unique fear mechanic. The more she is afraid she stronger her psychic powers get. Maybe even giver her a 4 ability setup sort of like Jason. Thoughts?
  16. Did you like the fluff change when they went to AoS? I loved the old WFB fluff and wasn't a huge fan of the reboot.
  17. I would love a map from part 8. You could have a VERY tiny section downtown New York and the rest of the map in Vancouver.
  18. Is it? There are still a great deal of people that buy physical only. I see this even more so on consoles. I expect to see a surge in players on console with the physical release. PC, not so much. A lot of us are strictly digital.
  19. Even with a peak of 1200 yesterday, I was waiting under a minute to get into a match. The way the game is setup, you don't need 9324-93-0294-2034 kerbillion players. I don't think it's dead or dying at all. I think right now it has a small and stable community. At least this is my experience over the last few weeks. Don't get me wrong, the game has issues but is far from dead. I have a blast with it. If you're reading Steam forums then don't. I swear, if someone had a canker sore, they would be like - "OH NOES! IT'S KILLER HERPES! HE'S GONNA DIE! RARARAR" Always worst case over there.
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