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  1. I hope they will be around in two weeks when I get paid....
  2. That would be nice. I tweak a someone and then forget to select them before the match starts. lol
  3. I'll be playing a ton after I get off work. Stupid work! Happy Friday the 13th!!
  4. THIS THIS THIS THIS. The Wheelchair guy would become my main in a second. 10 speed/8 stam/ 1 luck.
  5. ..and there is a fairly large update. Low and behold the patch released early! i quickly select Mitch (Who I love btw), and join a game that is playing the new map. 7 out of the 8 people had not see the new map, so we explored as a group. Don't want to spoil it if you haven't seen it yet, but go to Tommy's room. Love the new councilor. Love the new map. Love the rain. Love the fact my game now runs better on high than it did on low. You guys rock!
  6. Besides the Marshmallow flavored Popcorn and Beef flavored Soda, that's a given. I'll be taking Preparedness for sure. I was thinking maybe Tinker and Adrenalin Rush (Seeing as his Composure is so high). I'm also a huge fan of Firecracker. Well, I am with Lachappa as he's super slow and not fun to be caught out in the open with.
  7. It also (kinda) rhymes with Horchata! That is reason enough.
  8. I've been watching a ton of Let's Plays and I'm torn. Part of me wants to try this game out. It seems to have a frantic Quake 3 vibe. I was thinking it may be fun to play every once in awhile as it seems different enough from Friday the 13th. It just seems like it could get tedious VERY quick.
  9. Jigsaw is the 27th of this month (I believe).
  10. Truth! I feel that quite a few Lachappa players are looking to upgrade to him.
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