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  1. I had it happen again today but this time it was Chad. Both times I was chasing them towards a campfire with tents then turned on stalk then they went into a tent. Could be coincidence but maybe turning on stalk makes the A.I. think its safe to hide.
  2. I've chased Lachappa and he ran and hid in a tent.
  3. If they did that then assholes would sit in the car waiting to be rescued. Its bad enough now when they stay by the car while others do all the work. If they had where you could get in as soon as the driver begins starting it that would be good.
  4. just played a match with 2 seater and boat.
  5. throwing knives

    Thanks appreciate it.
  6. throwing knives

    Is there away to put your throwing knives away when playing as Jason?edit its circle on ps4 not what that idiot said.