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  1. I don't particularly like playing Jason, but when I am him I certainly don't just quit. Since the game first came out back in May though, I've just enjoyed playing the game a lot more as a counselor. And that's not because I'm in any way "bad" at playing Jason or think that he's been 'nerfed' or whatever, I just enjoy the social aspect of being a counselor more so than being by myself hunting everyone endlessly. Whenever I do happen to be Jason though, I do my best, usually kill most of the lobby, get my points, and then am happy that because my preference is set to 'counselor', I won't have to play him again for a long while haha
  2. Well this doesn't pertain to exactly just 1 guy, but to me theres always those 2 players/friends in the lobby that are on mics, but only in a private party chat talking amongst each other so none of the other players can hear them. They are entirely out for themselves and openly screw other players over by letting other people repair things and then they swoop in out of nowhere to steal it right out from under your nose cause they had the last repair item in their possession that everyone was looking for And then in my specific case, there's always that 1 guy in the lobby who asks me how I got the Savini Jason. If I got a dollar for every time I said "pre-order".... lol
  3. Hmmm, if I were to pen up the next sequel to the F13 franchise, which would I guess ironically be the 13th film in the series, I would want it to be a definitive sequel. The biggest brick wall to overcome in writing a legitimate F13 sequel at this stage in the game with 12 films in the books though is which of those films to adhere to and which ones to slightly ignore IMO. I say this because I would without a doubt want to bring back several of the survivors from previous films, but the problem is there are (I think) 19 total throughout the entire series and that is obviously way too many to all bring back and wouldn't make much sense considering timeline continuity and the overall convoluted nature of the series. In that sense, I would mostly, but not entirely, ignore the event of the series after Final Chapter. I don't necessarily have a conclusive, fully explainable, coherent plot-hole free story for what I would write as a sequel, but I do have a few plot points I would connect, tie up, explain, and explore as well as characters I would bring back. As far as characters I would bring back, it would be the survivors of the original 1984 'Crystal Lake Massacre' being Tommy and Trish Jarvis, Chris Higgins, and Ginny Fields with the possibility of bringing back Megan Garris too due to her direct involvement with Tommy in Part 6. That may seem a bit unfair since Pam and Reggie from Part 5 also had direct involvement to Tommy, but since that wasn't the real Jason, I don't think it would make that much sense for them to come back and fight the real one, so at most I would have Tommy reference that situation during a scene or something. As far as other sequels I would make mentioning to, it would basically only be Parts 7 and 8, with *maybe* having a cameo of Tina, Nick, Rennie, and Sean, but I would mostly play it off as authorities not believing those survivors in the aftermath of those massacres due to everyone believing Jason to be dead after Part 4; however, since no direct evidence was found to implicate any of those survivors and no body of a perpetrator was ever found, no charges were filed. I would mostly ignore the entirety of JGTH, X, FvJ, and the remake due to their convoluted nature. When it comes to the remake, I personally happen to find it somewhat decent, however it for the most part stands on its own when considering the entire anthology of the series. And when it comes to JGTH, FvJ, and X, they almost act as it's own, while very loose, stand-alone 'New Line' trilogy IMO. I *would* however absolutely loop the Crystal Lake Research Facility from Jason X into the main plot though... so on that note, let me get into the unexplored plot points from the franchise I would explore! I would absolutely have the Crystal Lake Research Facility (CLRF) play a key role in the plot in a somewhat similar manner to the government research facility from Stranger Things. Elias Voorhees would at long last be finally introduced into the narrative and have direct ties to the CLRF in a sort of covert government facility operation. It would be explained that Mrs. Voorhees, having gotten pregnant by Elias with Jason at a young age, having broken up and resented each other, and being strapped for cash due to the reality of having to raise Jason alone, got involved with their programs ala an MKUltra type situation. You know, psychedelic drug use, shock therapy, and all that weird supernatural imaginative stuff that could mess with someones psyche and possibly affect the nature of an unborn baby (!!!). Elias would have been revealed to have been responsible for the alleged fake drowning of Jason and covering up the story, as well as hiding Jason, from Mrs Voorhees, thus being the catalyst to what really made her go off the rails. Not sure how all of that would be explained and why Elias would want to fake Jason's death, but you get the general idea and it could prob be explained upon further thought. Going further into the F13 narrative though, I would have Elias tied into the unexplained Chris Higgins attack and overall permeation of the Jason local legend. Chris, as we know, was attacked 2 years prior to the Jason Voorhees Crystal Lake Massacres (Parts 2-4). As far as we know, he was basically quiet as a mouse and only a local legend between the time he killed Alice 2 months after Part 1 and when Part 2 picks up at the Packanack training center, but the Chris attack puts that right in the middle of this gap of Jason silence. So I would have Elias being involved in the cover up of that by somehow also having ties to Chris's parents which is why they never made a mention of it to their daughter Chris. Basically Jason is a local conspiracy and only those familiar with Elias are sort of in on it. Kinda like how in the 2009 remake, the locals are very much aware of Jason, but leave it alone and don't mention it to tourists, making them aware, but silent to the carnage, almost as if they were forced to keep their lips sealed to the truth. Government related NDA's? Conspiracy? It could all be explained. But basically, as I would have it play out, there would be a double plot line playing out that would collide for the finale. It would basically be 1 plot line happening that is exploring and explaining a bunch of the backstory above, with maybe Tommy being the 1 behind it since he's in full belief that Jason isn't really dead and that there is more to the story. His relationship with Trish would be slightly strained due to her obvious absence in Parts 5 and 6. The other plot line would be a whole new group of young adults that somehow are directly in relations to one or more of the 4 survivors (Ginny, Chris, Trish, & Tommy) with Jason icing them 1 by 1 in classic F13 style. Survivors would make a badass entrance during the climax when they figure out the murders are happening again or something of that nature. Maybe Ginny or Chris finally backing Tommy up that Jason is still alive would finally convince Trish. I would revisit the Part 3 and 4 locations with Chris probably trying to sell Higgins Haven due to the bad memories and tying in the fact that the house actually burnt down in real life into the plot. With the Final Chapter location, I would most likely have Tommy still living there, and since the party house next door doesn't exist anymore, I would probably have it explained that it was bulldozed due to all the murders that happened in it. Sorry for the super long, possibly convoluted idea lol. Would love to know what any of you think of that though to maybe help piece it together or just offer your input
  4. I don't know about everyone else, but I'd rather deal with someone troll dancing at the exit than those players I encountered endlessly when the game first released digitally back in May who would just run to a hiding spot and stay there the entire match. To me, that is a bigger waste of time than troll dancing. Dancing to me is just some light-hearted fun. Flick on the Radio alone in a cabin? Gonna do a quick dance. Knocked Jason out with a bat? Gonna do a quick dance and then run. Realize I'm totally screwed and that I should just accept my fate? Gonna cry, vomit, and do a dance until Jason grabs me. It's all in good fun to me. I mean, I've just come to expect that when I enter a lobby of randoms, I have to expect the unexpected. I may have my own way of how I play, which I think falls in line pretty well with being a super respectful player, but expecting everyone else to play to those same exact morals, strategy, and specifications of mine, especially with a game like this, is only setting myself up for guaranteed frustration. Sure, there are some annoying players, but welcome to the human race. I've had pretty good luck at finding decent lobbies, and if there are any truly annoying players in any of them on mics, I mute them. If their behavior as a player is diarrhea beyond just muting them, I'll leave. No biggie. I usually get matched up into a new lobby within a minute or 2. I've been having an absolute blast playing this game because I don't let those select few annoying or bad apples get under my skin because video games are supposed to be fun and if I'm letting my emotions get the better of me because of a GAME, then I shouldn't be playing.
  5. I used to be team Deborah because of her high repair and stealth, but now based upon my personal playing style, I'm def team Fox all way! I've found her to be a great all around character who can not only go off alone and totally handle her own fixing whatever, but she's also amazing when it comes to those close encounters battling Jason. Her stealth is decent enough for me, but where she lacking in that, it's made up for in her strength, composure, and repair stats in my opinion. Get the right perks on her and she can be a total badass!
  6. Yea this weekend has certainly been surprising for me... I've been playing since the game released back in May, and from then until now I had only found 2 Pamela Tapes total after however many hours I put in working my way up to level 75. Then, all of a sudden in the span of just this weekend alone, I've found 5 Pamela Tapes and 2 Tommy Tapes. Go figure! And yea, there was even a round where I found both a Tommy and Pamela tape. They just inexplicably started popping up all over the place to the point where I found 3 tapes in 3 consecutive rounds.
  7. These are my predictions/suggestions... All of these are coming from a judgement standpoint of which would require the least amount of change or complications to the current gameplay structure. So basically anything that drastically changes certain aspects of the gameplay is something I don't see as likely to happen. We all know the missing maps are every film from Part V onwards. I'm not counting FvJ because it spends most of the time in Springwood anyways and crossing into the realm of Freddy would not only be totally stupid for an F13 game, but also really starts running a fine line in terms of copyright infringement on the Nightmare franchise. Crystal Lake is the only F13 location in that film and we already technically have that map. Anyways, onto the assessment... PART V: A Part 5 map could diversify the current maps a bit as there are so many locations in Part 5 that are within close proximity of one another where as the current maps are just the main film location with a bunch of random cabins scattered around it. Cause in 5 you have the main Pinehurst property spread with the main house and huge barn, Ethel's house with the adjoining chicken coop/tool shed, the diner where Billy and Lana get axed, and then the Trailer Park where Anita and Demon get iced at the outhouses. Most of the large maps are split roughly into 4 sections anyways (ie with Higgins you have Higgins Camp, Evergreen, Stillwater, and Blairs Cove) so there are your parts of the map right there. PART VI: Eh, I'm not too sure about 6 as it would be so similar to what is already the Crystal Lake map. Obviously not exactly the same, but it would be just a bunch of cabins spread about. It would have the graveyard, sure, and maybe the trailer park where Cort and Nikki go, but that's about it. Plus, the trailer park is more prominent in V anyways. Beyond that though, the only other location is the police station in town which would make zero sense in terms of calling the cops lol. I just don't see this map happening IMO. PART VII: There isn't much to say about a Part 7 map as it would be quite similar to Part 4 with the Jarvis & Shepard house sitting right next to the party house. But in that sense, it would be somewhat simple for the devs to create as they could basically do whatever they want with the map outside the realm of the Shepard/Party House. In a sense it would be kinda boring though because it would just be like the other maps with the main location and a bunch of cabins scattered around. PART VIII: Part 8 is difficult as I only see 1 viable option for a map that would make sense for the current gameplay setup and that is to have the Lazarus docked in Crystal Lake the way it was at the beginning of the film. I'm only saying this because of the current gameplay structure where Jason always spawns at his shack with the moms sweater which is crucial to kill him. This way, the current gameplay structure isn't too disrupted as the ship docked acts as the main location with multiple levels, hallways, etc with plenty of stuff to raid, but you could also have a few cabins on the mainland to raid as well. This way the tommy radio and the phone wouldn't always spawn on the ship, the cops can still arrive via the road on the mainland, you can still have both cars to escape (and obviously still the boat), and Jason could still morph around the map as well as I think it would be super complicated to efficiently morph around a multilevel ship IMO. Basically, the map could load up and the objectives are still all the same for the counselors and Jason still has all of his abilities that still function the same. A manhattan map, while it's what many want, just doesn't seem to work in my eyes. The lazarus never makes it there so thats out. Jason's shack obviously isn't there so a new way to kill him would have to be programmed in, but it couldn't be something as easy as dumping toxic waste on him like in the film. It would just be running around a bunch of empty alleyways, sewers, and a subway and the whole structure of radio'ing tommy makes no sense, fixing a phone to call the cops in 1 of the biggest cities in the world makes no sense. You would basically just be trying to escape those alleyways into actual populated manhattan it seems to "survive." Just doesn't seem interesting or fun IMO. Plus, like 70% of the movie takes place on the boat anyways... JGTH: Could be cool with the cabin the FBI agent goes to in the beginning of the film as well as the Voorhees house and the Diner. Again, like in Part 6, the police station wouldn't make sense, but at least there's enough other locations that it could easily be omitted. Doesn't seem like an overly complicated addition for the devs, but at the same time it doesn't seem too interesting for the player either. Jason X: I just don't see this happening without making some drastic changes to the gameplay structure. A bunch of 80's "counselors" running around a spaceship from the year 2455 is already odd enough, but where does Jason spawn? How do you kill him? How can the counselors escape? How can Jason morph around the map? Who do the counselors radio for help? Who do they call for the police? All these questions seem to just create issues in terms of the objectives. I'm not saying I don't ever see this map happening, but I don't see it happening anytime soon at ALL. Everything about this map would change so many aspects of the gameplay that it just seems like too much complicated work for the dev team and not like something they would want to be focusing on right now especially with their whole DLC timeline they posted. Remake: This could be fun as you have the kids party house with adjoining tool shed, the stoner guy's barn, a reimagined Camp, Jason's "house" that has his mom's shrine, but most importantly Jason's lair with all of the tunnels running everywhere. It would be a nice change from his shack and could be really fun for Jason to either surprise people or for counselors to run around raiding his lair. It would be a total frenzy down in those tunnels. Hilarious if you ask me. Long post... I know. Sorry lol. But overall I see Part 5 being the next most likely. After that, it's probably Part 7 and the Remake. Beyond that it could go anywhere I think...