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  1. A few days ago I was playing against the bots and I ran into Shelly and he was carrying the boat propeller. That was odd to me since there is never a boat in the offline bots. I was playing on the PC and wasn't recording it or I would have shared that.
  2. It's not going to a new engine, just an updated version of the Unreal engine.
  3. Also, if you place the head back on the pedestal, you can go back to the display near the dock and pick the Pamela head patch back up. Not sure what to do with it after that though.
  4. Well, at least you can play the game. LOL! I can't even get it to load for me.
  5. Anyone else having trouble running the game. I had no problems before the patch today. I get this error message and the game won't run. Fatal error: [File:F:\Perforce2\SummerCamp\SummerCamp\Source\ILLGameFramework\Private\ILLGameInstance.cpp] [Line: 99] Online session interface missing, please make sure Steam is running! I tried verifying my game files, makes no difference. Not sure what to do. I did file a bug report at Jason Kills Bugs. Hopefully I'll hear something soon.
  6. Thanks everyone! I was into the movies first and got the game because of loving the original movies. The game really captures the movies well.
  7. Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. Been a lurker on the forums for a while and love the game. Big fan of the original movies as well. I play the game on Steam and the PS4. I am Petreak on both, so feel free to add me if you would like to play the game with me. I am a team player and have a mic on both.
  8. The only time I use quick kills like head punch is if there are a bunch of people at the 4 seater. In the time it takes to do the long kills, they could start the car and be gone. Any other times I switch up my kills and try to use environmental's if they are near by. Some times I slash if counselors start ganging up on me. That spreads them out pretty fast. Like others have said, play the way you like to. I don't let others tell me how to enjoy my game.
  9. Don't think if this is really a bug, but the map select screen shows the blue vacation house for the Jarvis house and not the actual Jarvis house. People seem to think the blue house is the Jarvis house and not the log house. It causes confusion when you are talking to people about the Jarvis house and they think you are talking about the blue house. Could you change that possibly to show the correct house? Not sure why that blue house was chosen as the picture for the map.
  10. The person was crouching down. Maybe that's why I couldn't push them out of the way.
  11. I could run against the person while they were in the doorway, but they never moved. That was one of the cabins that didn't have a window in the back room you could open too.
  12. Last night I got trapped in a back room of a cabin because another counselor decided to be a jerk and block the door way so I couldn't leave the room. I wasn't able to push them out of the way, so I don't think it is working. I finally just had to quit the match. Since we can't kill counselors anymore, I guess people just try to find other ways to grief people.
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