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  1. Yes, it started today and has gotten me killed multiple times. It will even start going in reverse while going straight. ? There's not an immendiate fix that I have found besides, just finding a different escape method. The game does seem extra laggy today, so, maybe this is the issue. Platform: PS4 Thanks! ?
  2. Anyone else having issues with controlling the car today? I have only had this issue beginning today. While driving the car, both the 2 and 4 seater, you will be moving directly in a straight line and then the direction that the car is moving will change on it's own. Christine meets Jason Voorhees. ?
  3. Moe9999633, I don't have one favorite, but, I prefer Deborah, A.J., or Adam. Davybiceps, Thank you! It's good to be here.
  4. Thanks for the welcome! NthnButAGoodTim, Davidt, and DamonD7 I appreciate that. I'm really not a newb to the forum, just to signing up for it. I'm getting along great with the game, level 96. LOVE IT!! Doing really good on my badges too. This is by far, my favorite game! Thanks for the player tag info!!
  5. My name is Bonnie and I just signed up for the forum and wanted to say hello and introduce myself. So hello everyone.
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