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  1. Well,when i reach the 100% trophy list,first i burn the game and then i unistall it for the rest of my life,so..i don't understand your rage :°°°. (430 Jason matchs to go)
  2. Astral89niKko

    Offline Bot,count for trophy?

    Off-topic guys,go eating Spaghetti-Pineapple-Pizza and MaCcaRoni ;P.
  3. Astral89niKko

    Offline Bot,count for trophy?

    The trophy count,that'all,close the thread.
  4. Astral89niKko

    Offline Bot,count for trophy?

    Breaking the game? for real? i play for 4-5 month,200 match only with Jason,i have all,it's time to change game,btw i'm tard,and no need a aswer,cause you must create a Profile on the Psn,try 1 match with the trophy list to 0%,if you get the 1 Victory trophy with Jason,work,simply,i'm tard.
  5. Astral89niKko

    Offline Bot,count for trophy?

    Cause on facebook i didn't get a aswer :D.
  6. Astral89niKko

    Offline Bot,count for trophy?

    Btw many people like to play alone,so,i don't know why they can't take the trophy's,again,waiting the dev aswers.
  7. Astral89niKko

    Offline Bot,count for trophy?

    If the player have "fun",yes,is a game btw,not a job :),so no Devs aswer there,still a riddle.And is the same with one friend and a private match,but much less time.
  8. Yes,i know,the trophy say "1000 multiplayer match with Jason",but "multiplayer" cause the game is only a multiplayer game,the bot feature are a extra,so...for the trophy hunters,we need a direct answer Devs,Offline Bots,count or not count?thank you.
  9. Like the title,the game need a section to reading your game progress;i think isn't hard to put a section for look "Kill Count-Death-Match Won with Cnsl -Match Won with Jason and other stuff";cause i play from 29 August to 3 December and i get 1000 Cnsl trophy,but i didn't get the 500 with Jason,lol,for real 4-5 months,evryday of playing,and didn't reach the 500 match with Jason ._.;Btw a "Statistic" section to see all the progress,is less insane istead immagination your total victory's.(Sorry for my bad english..btw SHIS!")
  10. Yes with a Tag-Team,Pamela and Jason,Jason grab everyone and Pamela slash throath and find counsoulers,so 2 vs 20 :D,another mode WWE Championship.
  11. Astral89niKko

    So calm while being killed.

    Cause counselors like being killed and slashed.
  12. My dream Build: Speed 10 Repair 10 Stamina 10 Other stat 0....yea.that' the core of the game x]!
  13. Master the mechanics dude,i get 8/8, 8 match out 10,I'M COOOL!!! YAAAAS!