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  1. F13 is better for survivors I think. It's very hard to survive in DBD. Also there's no real chase in DBD unless your really good at juke. F13 is better all around though. Sure less upgrades and stuff but the chase is soooo much better in f13th and more ways to survive. Plus the graphics in jason is better. Jason looks better and the kills are great. The chat function is great. Working together. In the end they are both good games for different reasons. But I enjoy the chase and having a chance to defend myself like in jason. In DBD if your seen then your basically dead right away and it's a short game unless your teammates help you which is the case half the time.
  2. But with this tho its not as big of a threat when the match starts. Jason is his weakest at the start. Matches where I spawn at the fusebox house I don't panic. I just shut the doors, search very well,and when he pops up I just sprint as far as I can bc he can't shift yet. Also chances are he hasn't been to the car yet so unless he's an inexperienced jason he'd soon give up on you bc there are more important things to do. When I'm jason,I almost never kill the person who spawned in the fusebox house bc of said reasons. I usually just scare them some,do a slight chase to get them to run away and then morph to the 4 door. However I will kill them if they don't run from the cabin. You know, those dumb players that want to run circles inside,and around tables and hallways? Hate those annoying chases.
  3. I feel you on this. As Jason I do my best as well. I do. But the more I play the more I start not caring so much when I don't get a flawless kill streak. I don't have to have 8/8 to feel satisfied, and give myself a pat on the back. As long as I did well,got in a few good shift grabs,scared someone, and kill at least 4 of them,then I'm happy. Jason is hard to play with. He is, and when your in a lobby full of mic'd players you feel the need to put your A game on. It's natural. However on the topic of those d bas who flame like you say, I hate that to. I hate a CHATTY jason. Hate it. DUDE! JUST SHUT UP AND KILL ME QUIETLY LIKE JASON DOES. I can't tell you how many times I'm running from a Jason,and end up having a conversation with him. I'm immediately not scared anymore. I just feel silly.
  4. As jason I tend to have more issues fighting an experienced Adam or Buggsy simply bc the speed and strength during the chase if they decide to randomly turn and swing at me mid run. I get stunned half the time with that tactic bc they are fast and strong. I can see why they use adam.
  5. Ok so I was playing a full lobby with mostly high leveled players yesterday. The match started, and within 3 and a half minutes... both cars were ready,and the cops were called. Wow! I wasn't jason, (thank god) but how in the world did that happen? I mean i consider myself a good player but that was just madness. I feel like perks were involved. Anyone else experience this?
  6. I had a crappy run as part 4 jason on the javvis map yesterday. Only killed 4/7 and cops were called. My biggest issue was just not being able to see. It was raining and very dark and foggy. My chases entailed me using sense bc without it I couldn't see. Lol I'm also not used to part 4 yet. It was my first run with him. His shift isn't very good but love the destruction and running.
  7. If we join the community we can all be together and play together eaiser. Join the community I started then start a lobby that way. Friday the 13th- slasher club
  8. That's fine. Currently I'm sending out invited through the Playstation.
  9. I created a community for the Ps4 players that way it's more organized. Join in guys. Friday the 13th-slasher club. I'll send invites to those on the Ps4 list.
  10. Hey guys I'm on all day off and on. Add me let's play. I just knocked out a few rounds and I've noticed I get X2 for experience each match. I escaped in the boat last game and got over 2000 xp points in one match! Woooooohoooooo!!! Ps4: xxshyguyxx843
  11. When i started the game i went with Jenny. I loved her composure. That was my number one reason why I chose her. Then as I played,and got used to the game I realized A.J. was my go to. Her composure is good,her stealth is great,and her repair is good. Those three things are exactly my gaming style . When I play I typically start alone. I raid as much as I can before others enter the cabin. I do this because it ups my chance of finding pocket knives,and escape items. Once Im happy with my item list I then do one of two things. 1) team up with others (if no escape items are found) 2) I set my priorities based on what I found. Car items, boat items, fuse etc. This is when communication is important. I'll ask others what they found and what I did and go from there. Typically it works well in my favor,and things get done fast. I have noticed the least productive way is to immediately team up,and just follow people around in packs. I see newbies do this often. What is your strategy, and what character works best for you? Sorry if there is already a thread about this. I searched and didn't find anything.
  12. Regardless of the issues big and small. This is amazing. I don't care what the problems are. At the end of the day we were given a bad ass game,and it's the only one in existence like it. I just want to say thank you to the developers for all the endless work you put into fixING the issues we players have. Ignore all the spoiled product sponge fools who bitch bc of the problems. Your fans love you guys! Thanks for the new updates. I can't wait to dig into the new map and Jason. I'm waiting until tommorow.
  13. Gamer Tags for F13!

    Add me. I play regularly. Ps4: xxshyguyxx843
  14. Hey guys

    Thanks for the reply. I think I'll Check into some clubs. I have a handful of guys I play with but a legit club would be nice. A.J. is my favorite because of her stats. They work well with my play style. She has high composure, great stealth, good repair,and she's not slow.
  15. Oh man... you guys are gunna die in horrible ways if I'm jason. I've upped my Jason game threefold in the past month. I get surgical with those knives. I should be called DR Jason, chief surgeon of Camp Crystal Lake Hospital,and I'm stacking bodies like sand bags. XD