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  1. General Fixed several issues that were causing crashes Fixed an issue where the match would sometimes end prematurely even when there are Counselors still alive on the map Fixed an issue that caused players to load into a match with a different character than the one that was chosen Jason Fixed an issue that caused counselors to shake uncontrollably during Jason’s grab kills Fixed an issue that caused the Top Popper kill to sometimes behave erratically near solid objects Counselors No more giant weapons Counselors can no longer cancel out of the sweater stun animation by using an emote Fixed an issue that caused counselors to continue the repair animation even after death Fixed a bug that caused counselors to temporarily lose parts of their model when entering a hiding spot and stepping on a bear trap at the same time Fixed a visual bug that occured when a counselor stunned Jason at the same time that they are grabbed Fixed an issue that occured when a counselor holds their breath at the same time that they are exiting out from under a bed Vehicles Fixed several issues that allowed players to get on top of a moving car without dying to the kill volume Fixed an issue that caused players to sometimes become stuck inside the vehicle after repairing Made adjustments to the collision volume that exists on top of boats Maps General Addressed several counselor exploit locations on various maps Fixed an issue that was causing Counselors to die if they escaped via the car in Higgins Haven, Crystal Lake, or Packanack Fixed an issue that caused drawers to sometimes close after they have been opened Addressed an issue that allowed players to leave the boundaries of the map through the police exit Fixed an issue that caused an inconsistent number of Medical Sprays to spawn in Packanack Small, Higgins Haven Small, and Crystal Lake Small Added an additional countermeasure to the firepits to prevent players from dropping repair parts into them Higgins Haven Fixed a crash that would occur when breaking one of the doors in Higgins Haven Jarvis House Added a car blocking volume underneath the Jarvis House Pinehurst Fixed a bug that allowed players to walk through one of the walls in the Halfway House Fixed a bug that allowed players to walk on water in some areas of the map Fixed some texture issues that were occurring in some areas of the map Single Player Challenges Fixed an issue that caused Pamela’s VO to play twice after certain special cinematic kills Added a collision volume to the upstairs bedroom in Power Struggle and Stargazing to prevent players from dropping the bots into a location that the bots are unable to escape from Fixed an issue on Lights Out that sometimes prevented A.J. and Kenny from escaping Offline Bots Bots will now correctly fix broken power generators Bots will no longer turn on their flashlights while in a hiding spot UI Fixed an issue where Jason was not in the correct spot on the scoreboard
  2. Welcome to the Patch Notes for the upcoming patch that will be released Tomorrow, May 24th New Game Mode: Single Player Challenges Single Player Challenges, Friday the 13th: The Game’s newest playable game mode, is now available! Test your skills as Jason Voorhees by clearing out all of the counselors in Camp Crystal Lake in each of the 10 unique scenarios. Each level contains special cinematic kills that are available only in Single Player Challenges. There are also multiple challenge objectives that are available in each level that can only be completed through proper planning and preparation. Play as Jason in any way you like. You may choose to be slow and sneaky for that suspenseful cinematic experience, or you may choose to brute force your way through, hacking and slashing! There are also 30 new unlockable emotes that can be obtained in the Single Player Challenges! Each Challenge has a reward of 3 unique emotes through the collection of these following skulls: No Survivors Skull, XP Score Skull, and the Undetected Skull. Good Luck and Happy Hunting! New Playable Counselor: Victoria Sterling Introducing Victoria Sterling, the newest counselor to arrive at Camp Crystal Lake! Victoria has a level requirement of 42 and her stats are the following: Composure - 4 Luck - 8 Repair - 3 Speed - 4 Stamina - 7 Stealth - 7 Strength - 2 Legendary Perks & Perk Changes Legendary Perks A new perk rarity tier has been introduced! Legendary perks! Legendary perks are now the rarest perks that can be obtained. The perk values and traits are identical to Epic perks, but there is one big difference between the two rarities. All Legendary perks come equipped with one extra positive trait! These traits are predetermined and work in addition to the perk’s original traits. Here are the traits that are tied to each Legendary perk: [Adrenaline Rush] Total Stamina [Aquanaut] Avoid Sense While Swimming [Controlled Breathing] Overall Fear Reduction [Easy Listening] Total Stamina [Escape Artist] Avoid Sense [Evasion] Avoid Sense [Firecracker] Melee Attack Speed [Friendship] XP Gain [Grease Monkey] Car Top Speed [Grinder] Overall Fear Reduction [Heavy Hitter] Weapon Damage [Heavy Mover] Weapon Damage [Heavy Sleeper] Decreased Sprint Noise [Home Body] First Aid Healing [Hypochondriac] Police Response Time [Ice Cold] Overall Fear Reduction [Lead Foot] Car Start Speed [Level Headed] Overall Fear Reduction [Lightfoot] Reduced Fear Penalites from Darkness [Lone Wolf] Break From Grab Easier [Low Profile] Increased Crouching Stamina Regen [Man At Arms] Weapon Damage [Marathon] Swim Speed [Medic] Repair Speed [Motorboating] Swim Speed [My Dad’s a Cop] Increased Weapon Damage as Tommy [Nerves of Steel] Less Fear From Dead Body [Night Owl] Less Fear Indoors [Potent Ranger] Avoid Stumble [Preparedness] Crouch Speed [Psychic] Hiding Spot Fear Reduced [Pyro] Firecrackers Stun Radius [Quiet Swimmer] Swim Speed [Restful] Break Grab Stamina Boost [Scout] Reduced Sprint Noise [Slugger] Melee Attack Speed [Sneaky] Stumble Reduced [Spatial Awareness] Voip Distance [Speed Demon] Sprint Speed [Sucker Punch] Increased Melee Damage [Swift Attacker] Increased Stun Time [Teamwork] Police Response Time [Thick Skinned] Ecscape From Traps Quicker [Thrasher] Reduced Weapon Damage Taken [Tinker] Boat Start Time Reduced Perk Values Adjusted The following perks have had their possible values adjusted: [Easy Listening] - Increases the Radio proximity recharge rate by 10% - 40% (was 1% - 10%) [Motorboating] - Increases the Boat movement speed by 5% - 35% (was 1% - 15%) [Man at Arms] - Increases Weapon durability by 5% - 15% (was 5% - 25%) [My Dad’s a Cop] - Reduces the Police arrival time by 5% - 25% (was 5% - 30%) [Quiet Swimmer] - Reduces the Sense detection chance by 5% - 20% (was 1% - 25%) [Lead Foot] - Increases the Car movement speed by 5% - 20% (was 1% - 25%) [Aquanaut] Increases the Counselor’s swimming speed by 5% - 35% (was 1% - 15%) Perk Selection Screen Updated Perk rarity can now also be distinguished by a numbering system added to the perk graphic in order to assist players with color blindness Combat Update Weapon Swapping Feature A new option is now available in the Jason selection screen! Players will now be able to equip different weapons on each Jason. This feature unlocks for players at level 113 and will allow the swapping of the following weapons: Pickaxe Machete Axe Fire Axe Battle Axe Spear Pig Splitter Shears All the grab kills tied to the weapons (including the DLC kills) will also be available through the swap. Jason’s Swing Animation All of Jason’s weapons have had their swinging animations adjusted to swing lower towards the ground. This change should help prevent Jason’s swings from missing players that are on uneven terrain or crouching. Jason’s Grab Changes Jason’s grab has been updated with a new animation and sound effect. These changes should more accurately represent the distance of Jason’s grab and also feel more gratifying when landing a grab on a counselor. Doorway Combat Changes We have made some adjustments to the way that combat works when there is a door in between Jason and a counselor. Originally, players were able to initiate combat from both sides of a closed door. This allowed counselors to time their swings and safely interrupt/damage Jason during his process of breaking down the door. Because of the way that combat works, there was little counterplay to these occurrences. In order to combat this one-sided exchange, counselors will no longer be able to hit Jason through doors. However, Jason will still have the ability to damage counselors that are standing extremely close to the door. Counselor Weapon Stats Adjusted The pips that represent the weapon stats in the How to Play section have had their values per pip adjusted to be more consistent. In addition, The following weapons have had their stats adjusted: 2X4 Frying Pan Fallen Tree Branch Baseball Bat Metal Pipe Wrench Cooking Pot Matchmaking Changes Infraction System An infraction system has been added in order to combat issues with players prematurely leaving matches. Players will now gain infraction points by performing any of the following actions in a Quickplay match: Leaving the match as Jason Leaving the match as the Host Leaving the match while still alive as a Counselor Leaving the match while in the process of being killed Accumulating too many infractions points will place you in a low priority queue in matchmaking with other similar players. These Infraction points are not permanent and will decay over time. Spawn Preference System In the December patch of last year, we introduced a “ticketing” system to the Spawn Preferences to combat some of the issues players were having with the Jason selection process. To improve on this system, we have made multiple changes to the Spawn Preferences this patch. The most noteworthy improvement is that this system is now tied to each individual player’s account. This means that a player’s chance to be selected as Jason will now persist even after changing lobbies. In addition, we have also made adjustments to the values in the preference system in order to provide players a fairer distribution of chances to become Jason. The probability of a player being chosen as Jason is affected by their preference settings and also their recent amount of Jason games. Playing as Jason too many times in a small time frame will cause the player to no longer be considered as a candidate to play as Jason. However, the player’s chance to be selected as Jason rapidly “recharges” over time and this system will have no long lasting effects on players. The Spawn Preference system only affects Private Matches only when a Jason has not been picked manually. Keybinding Support Keybinding Support is now available on the PC for players using a keyboard and mouse This feature may be accessed through Settings > Keybindings General Changes and Bugfixes General New Free Emote added! The Poppin’ Robot Intro/Outro cinematic cutscenes will now show the weapons/skins that the Jason player has equipped Rain has been re-enabled [XB1] Fixed multiple issues related to the Sweater Added countermeasures to several character selection exploits [PC] Jason Part 5 Jason has a new color variant for his default skin available! Note: Bloody skins for both the blue and green color variants have identical level requirements Part 7 Jason: Replaced +Grip Strength with +Weapon Strength Part 7 Jason: Replaced -Shift with -Stun Resistance Fixed an issue where stun damage would not cause Jason’s mask to fall off even after Jason has hit the HP threshold Reworded the tooltip for the Strength “Throwing Knives” to reflect previous changes made to Jason Fixed a bug where the throwing knife crosshair would sometimes become stuck on the screen Fixed a bug where the player could sometimes become unable to move after being hit during the grab animation Adjusted the animation for Part 4 Jason’s weapon to properly align with his hands during door / wall destruction animations Fixed an issue that was causing some of Jason’s weapons to not become bloody Fixed a bug with Part 5 Jason’s Shift ability having an incorrect recharge rate Fixed a bug where Jason would have the incorrect stun animation when shot by a flare gun Fixed a bug that prevented Jason from breaking a phone box that has been repaired multiple times Counselors Killing Jason will now grant XP when the Jason player quits after the kill sequence has been initiated Bear Traps are no longer able to be placed inside tents An equipped item that is being swapped out with another item will now attempt to locate the best available spot to be placed (i.e., the ground) Note: This was to address the issue with players being able to stack items infinitely on top of each other until an item becomes unreachable Fixed a bug where the Bear Trap arming animation would continue to play when the Bear Trap is triggered prematurely Fixed a bug that was giving counselors too many attempts at triggering Jason’s vulnerable state during the sweater stun kill sequence Fixed a bug where the phone calling animation would continue to play when the player has stepped into a Bear Trap at the same time Fixed a bug where if a Counselor starts calling the police and steps into a Bear Trap at the same time, the phone would continue to fly around like a spooky ghost while the Counselor attempts to escape the Bear Trap Fixed a bug where the emote wheel persist on the screen after the player has been killed Fixed a bug where the player could become interaction locked by spamming the interact button on the phone while Jason is destroying the phone box Fixed a bug where placing Bear Traps in certain locations would sometimes launch the player into the sky Fixed a bug that caused the player’s fear effect to persist during the outro cinematic Fixed an issue that caused the map to drop as an item when the player is killed in certain hiding spots Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect animation to play when certain Counselors would direct hit a wall with the Baseball Bat Perks Fixed an issue with the Slugger perk that caused the spawned baseball bat to have incorrect stats Fixed a bug with the Teamwork perk that caused the attack strength decreased to not work properly Vehicles Improvements have been made to the way that cars are affected by physics Improved car handling by changing the cars to front wheel drive (instead of rear wheel drive) Added an small invincibility frame for the brief period when a counselor is exiting a car Fixed an issue with cars becoming “jittery” or unstable after reaching top speeds Cars have had their brakes improved. Cars can now come to a full stop more quickly and using the hand brakes allows a player to “drift”. Added countermeasures to prevent Counselors from standing on top of cars The rear view camera that is available while driving in reverse can now be accessed at any time while driving by holding down the Rear View button (Default: R, Triangle, or Y) Fixed an issue that was causing the vehicle starting animations to not play Maps General Repair Parts dropped into the lake should now respawn by the shore more consistently across all maps Regular doors (that do not have a barricade attached) can now be locked/unlocked from both sides Added blockers to the cemeteries to prevent cars from traveling through Addressed several exploit locations across all maps Addressed several locations across all maps in which the environmental kills were inaccessible or not working properly Drawers will no longer have an extended collision volume once they have been opened Adjusted lighting throughout the multiplayer maps Jarvis House Made adjustments to several cabins to prevent Repair Parts from spawning in an inaccessible location The lights in the Vacation House will now be properly disabled when the corresponding power box has been destroyed Pinehurst Fixed an issue where one of the doors in the Halfway House could only be opened by Jason from the outside Addressed an issue that caused some of the shorelines to have an incorrect collision which prevented players from exiting the water in those locations Fixed a bed that was missing an interaction button Changed the date that appears in the opening cinematic cutscene from 1986 to 1989 Crystal Lake Fixed a bug where Rob would sometimes appear bloody in the opening cinematic cutscene Packanack Fixed a bug that prevented Bear Traps from being placeable in two of the cabins Bots General improvements made to AI behavior Improvements with AI interaction with vehicles AI will now make an attempt to interact or avoid Jason’s traps AI will now be able to place Bear Traps AI will now turn on radios as a distraction The difficulty setting in Offline Bots will now affect the bots in the following ways: Ranged accuracy Weapon pickup preferences Item location awareness Starting items and preset perks Sound Fixed an issue that was causing the vehicle starting sounds to not play Fixed an issue that was causing the car braking sounds to not play for the driver Cars braking in reverse will now play the appropriate sound UI The Controller Bumpers should now scroll in the right direction when in the Jason selection screen The How To Play section has been updated to include the Single Player Challenges
  3. Welcome to the June 8th Patch notes! This patch will be released initially for the PC only. The XB1 and PS4 patch will be released at a later date once the certification process has been completed UPDATE: 6/8/18 - PS4 Patch is now live UPDATE: 6/11/18 - XB1 Patch is now live General Changes and Bugfixes General [PS4] Medium Bloody Skins have been re-enabled [PS4] Improved VoIP functionality [PS4] Fixed a bug where the idle timer was not working properly Addressed several issues that were causing crashes Including the crash that occurred on startup for XB1 [PC] Fixed an issue that caused SteamVR to activate when the user is launching the game with a VR device connected Improved consistency with the mute function The following emotes will now loop properly: The Poppin’ Robot The Cabin Boogie Freaky Friday Friday Night Fever Sexy Sway The Pumpkin Patch The Running Man Bouncin’ and Boppin’ The Bel-Air The Vincent The Mia The Low Down Jason Addressed a bug that sometimes allowed players to select an unreleased Jason Fixed an issue with Jason holding his weapons incorrectly when weapon swapping Fixed an issue that caused Jason to become “shiny” when equipped with a bloody skin Fixed an issue with Part 5 Jason’s hands being “bright orange” Fixed an issue with Part 6 Jason’s mask strap being discolored Fixed an issue that caused Savini Jason’s clothes to “flicker” Counselors Fixed an issue with Medical Sprays not functioning properly Fixed an issue with Victoria’s pants changing into the incorrect pattern when the player equips the Sweater Fixed an issue where Tiffany’s swimsuit outfit was not able to be individually customized between the top and bottom Fixed a bug where Buggzy’s shoes would deform when performing certain emotes Fixed an issue with Jenny and Tiffany’s model in the character selection menu Vehicles Addressed the “Rubberbanding” bugs Maps General Increased the amount of shore spawners on each map Note: These are the item spawners that are used to respawn weapons and repair parts when a counselor escapes or dies in the water Jarvis House Fixed an issue where players would incorrectly take damage when climbing out one of the windows in the Vacation House Pinehurst Added a car blocking volume to the small bridge next to the Halfway House Single Player Challenges Fixed an issue on Broken Down where Buggzy’s head and neck were slightly disconnected in the opening cinematic Fixed a bug on Lights Out where Speed Demon would become unobtainable after 1 minute Addressed an issue on Stargazing where Shelly would jump out the windows instead of using the front door Fixed a bug on Packanack Party that caused A.J. and Adam’s VO to play even after they had been killed Fixed an issue on Strip Poker where there could sometimes be a duplicate A.J. in the opening cinematic Fixed a bug on JASON IS HERE where Lachappa’s VO would play twice in the intro Fixed a bug on JASON IS HERE where Buggzy and Vanessa’s conversation was not playing properly Fixed a bug on JASON IS HERE where Buggzy would sometimes start sleepwalking for a few moments before falling back to sleep Fixed an issue on Vacation Party where the counselors may sit in mid air or behave erratically when Jason walked past the window by the side of the building Fixed an issue on Vacation Party where killing Vanessa during her conversation with Kenny would break Kenny’s AI Sound Fixed a bug where certain weapons would not produce the sound effect that occurs when Jason destroys a hiding spot Fixed a bug where the sound effects for doors, barricades, etc. would not consistently trigger UI [XB1] Addressed an issue that was causing the morph reticle to disappear [PC] Fixed an issue that caused some of the emotes to be unclickable in the emote selection menu [PC] Added “Knife Throw” to the Keybindings menu [PC] The “Left” and “Right” movement key bindings will now properly affect movement while driving
  4. Let us know of any issues that you are experiencing for the latest patch (06.08.2018) Any details that you can include are very helpful! (Platform, map, current character, etc.)
  5. The only maps that are currently having issues with Medical Sprays are Packanack Large and Crystal Lake Large. These two maps have less Medical Sprays than the intended amount, but there are still multiple Medical Spray spawns working on both of these maps. The rest of the maps are having no issues with the Medical Spray spawns, but the static spawns for the sprays may have been moved around to address the Medical Spray issue listed in the patch notes. I also have no idea what you mean by "secret spawns", so I can't really comment on that. If you're testing exclusively in Offline Bots mode then I'm assuming you aren't finding any of the Medical Sprays that spawn in drawers. The drawer spawns are around half of the total sprays on each map, so that may also be a reason why you're having trouble finding Medical Sprays on these maps.
  6. [IllFonic]Courier

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    We are currently investigating this issue and have pushed out a new patch for the PC. This new patch is the up-to-date one with the bug fixes listed here today. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  7. Let us know of any issues that you are experiencing for the latest patch (05.24.2018) Any details that you can include are very helpful! (Platform, map, current character, etc.)
  8. [IllFonic]Courier

    Keybinding not working for Morph

    Thanks, we'll look into it!
  9. [IllFonic]Courier

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    There have not been any Achievements/Badges added in this patch
  10. Let us know of any issues that you are experiencing for the latest patch(01.30.2018) Any details that you can include are very helpful! (Platform, map, current character, etc.)
  11. Jason Part 5 and Pinehurst Jason Part 5 and the Pinehurst map are both now available for both Multiplayer and Offline Bots! Part 5 has no level requirement and has access to the following grab kills: Hedge Trimmer Last Breath You’re so Vein New Unlockable Grab Kill The grab kill Rugby Player is now available! The requirements to unlock Rugby Player are: Level: 108 Cost: 2500 CP Changes and Bug Fixes General Reduced the amount of Pocket Knives and Medical Sprays that can spawn per match Adjusted the amount of available spawns per match for each weapon Addressed several issues that were causing players to become interaction locked Fixed a bug that caused Bear Traps to disappear when disarmed by a counselor Fixed a bug related to the “The Final Chapter” achievement that was causing players to crash Jason Jason will now begin each match equipped with 2 additional throwing knives Jason’s movement speed has been slightly increased Jason’s grab range and cone has been slightly increased Players can once again access the medium bloody skin for Savini Jason Note: The unlockable Light/Heavy bloody skins are not available for Savini Jason Fixed a bug that allowed Jason’s character model to rotate while knocked down The grab kills “Free Kick” and “Disarm” will now properly grant Versatile experience Counselors Fixed a bug where - if a player interacted with a window in a certain way, the window would break and incorrectly cause damage to the player Fixed inconsistencies that were appearing in several counselor models Maps The Fuse will no longer be able to spawn in the same building as the Phone Box Addressed several exploit locations on all maps Made adjustments to several locations that were causing the objectives/repair parts spawns to be inaccessible Vehicles Fixed several bugs related to the boat flipping mechanic Offline Play Made many improvements and bug fixes to the bot AI in Offline Bots Restart function added to the pause menu in Offline Bots Fixed a bug causing the end score screen to incorrectly show badge progression in Offline Bots Note: Badges can not be obtained through Offline Bots Matchmaking Added servers for South America and Australia [PC] Added region auto-detection [PC] Sound Players should once again be able to hear the sound of weapons and items being dropped The grab kill “Free Kick” will now properly take into account the user’s audio settings
  12. Hey everyone! I just wanted to confirm that we have taken in your feedback about door combat and there will be changes implemented into this upcoming patch. Counselors will no longer be able to attack Jason through damaged doors, but Jason will be able to sometimes hit the counselors if they are too close to the door while he is breaking it down.
  13. Rain has been temporarily disabled for all maps on the XB1. This includes both Quickplay and Private matches While optimizing performance on the XB1, we ran into an issue with rain that would have required us to delay the patch release in order to implement a permanent fix. We decided that the optimizations and planned release date were a higher priority and have disabled rain on the XB1 until the upcoming patch. Savini Jason's Bloody skin variant has been temporarily disabled on all platforms Savini Jason's Bloody skin variant will be re-enabled in the upcoming patch once the issues have been resolved
  14. General Made adjustments to the window collision blocker that is created while a counselor in the process of climbing or jumping through a window Addressed several exploits and exploit locations Counselors Fixed a bug that caused Bear Traps to work inconsistently when being placed near doorways Fixed a bug that caused Bear Traps to become stuck in a counselor’s hands Fixed a bug that caused counselors to sometimes become stuck while climbing through a window Maps Pinehurst Fixed a bug that caused the northwestern exit to not work properly as a vehicle escape Vehicles Fixed a bug that caused vehicles to not function properly while Jason is standing directly behind the vehicle Sound Reduced the volume of Part 5 Jason’s music
  15. [IllFonic]Courier

    Welcome to the Salt Mines

    There has been some confusion on what "Leaving a match early" means. To clarify, players (who are not currently hosting) will not gain any infractions for leaving a match AFTER they have been killed.
  16. [IllFonic]Courier

    Heartbeat Failure - Xbox

    Looks like the issue has been resolved and players should be able to begin accessing the game on the XB1 again. If you are still having issues, please wait a bit and try again later. Thank you for your patience!
  17. [IllFonic]Courier

    Heartbeat Failure - Xbox

    We're looking into this issue right now and hope to have it resolved as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience!
  18. We'll take a look into it and see what's going on, thanks!
  19. [IllFonic]Courier

    Why part 7 Jason needs a BUFF

    We have some adjustments for Part 7 Jason, but I'm not 100% sure at this time whether this change will be included in the upcoming patch or the patch after
  20. [IllFonic]Courier

    Jason Selection Update

    Ticket replenishment is time based (around 30 mins to an hour) and is tied to your account This system affects private matches too These changes were planned improvements for the new preference system we added in the December patch
  21. [IllFonic]Courier


    If I am understanding this correctly, you are having an issue with the AI in general and not the actual difficulty settings. The bots are still a work in progress and we are constantly working to improve the AI. The difficulty settings in Offline Bots (Easy, Normal, Hard) affect things like the bots decision making on when to use items, their ability to detect Jason, etc. This is not true. We built our own AI and this post has more information on that http://forum.f13game.com/topic/14116-devs-used-marketplace-package/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-194861
  22. Yes. The DLC kill packs are tied to the weapons.
  23. Savini Jason will be able to swap out the pitchfork for other weapons, but other Jasons will not be able to equip the pitchfork
  24. We've identified the cause of the issue that players are experiencing after earning “The Final Chapter” achievement Our team is working quickly to resolve this issue for the upcoming patch We apologize to all users affected and appreciate your patience and understanding