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  1. Repair Part Icons were introduced in order to combat how awful it was when a single objective item was lost in a random location and an entire win condition would become permanently inaccessible as a result. These occurrences encouraged players to adapt to a playstyle where they felt it was necessary to search aimlessly through the empty woods, scavenged cabins, and borders of the map for a small chance at finding an item that may or may not even be obtainable. This scenario would occur frequently and due to a number of different circumstances: A new player is lost with no idea where to go and is killed in some random part of the woods A griefer decides to hide an item in an out of the way location or drop it in the water and have the item respawn system do their work for them A player disconnects and drops their items in a remote location A player does not realize that the room they are in can become inaccessible and swaps out a repair part for another item Jason finds a part on the ground and covers it with a trap, effectively making smaller parts like car keys invisible There are many other similar situations that are not listed here, but the result remains the same regardless of the player's intent. Spending half the game searching through the woods with the slim hopes of finding your only chance of escaping is admittedly a scenario that was able to bring tension and a sense of urgency for some players, but that quickly loses its appeal and ultimately becomes a chore. We recognize that immersion is a very important element and our goals to create a proper atmosphere for the game have not changed. At the end of the day, the fact remains that this is a multiplayer game and should be balanced and designed as such. We introduced the Repair Part Icons as a Quality of Life change, and we were very aware that it would affect balance. However, we believed the change was important for the state of the game and the impact it would have on balance (on its own) would be minor and manageable. We still stand by this belief and currently have no plans to remove the Repair Part Icons from the game. Whether it’s something that could be toggleable in the future for private matches or not is still unknown at this time, but we are looking into it. -------------------------------------------------------------- But griefers never bothered to hide items before the change because they got zero satisfaction when no one would even know they were doing it! Nothing is ever as black and white as the statement above. The line of thought that believes every griefer has the same intent and requires the same result for gratification is flawed. Griefers may refer to a number of different types of players. Some players may engage in the activity as retaliation against another player for whatever reason. Other griefers may be playing the game with the intent to ruin the gaming experience of others for their own satisfaction. There are some that simply like watching other players become frustrated, feeling content with the knowledge that they caused it from behind the scenes. Anyone who has engaged in any activity that we define as griefing, regardless of frequency, is a griefer for that match. TL;DR - It did happen and often enough that it needed to be addressed. Griefers are still able to hide items in rooms that could become inaccessible We’re looking into a few possible solutions (such as terrain changes, remapping problematic buildings, etc.) that would resolve this issue. It’s a simple problem, but a proper fix that does not negatively affect balance is much more complicated. Did the introduction of the Repair Part Icons cause teamplay to be less important? Do we believe that Repair Part Icons are causing players to disregard teamwork in favor of solo play? The short answer is no. We do not currently believe that Repair Part Icons reduced the overall amount of teamplay. We agree that teamwork is important and is a staple for a game where one player is significantly stronger than the seven other players on their own. That said, we believe that Repair Part Icons actually encourage teamplay for the same reason that the map and objectives display interface were originally designed for. With these systems, players are able to clearly figure out their goals for the match and how to achieve them with other players. Repair Part Icons improves the state of the game for those who do not own microphones and for those who have to communicate with them. We do not agree with the belief that players should be punished for not owning an optional peripheral to communicate. However, communication is something we would like to encourage and we are looking into ways to incentivise it The topic for the next dev “balance” post will be about the recent removal of “trap stacking”
  2. Hey everyone, We wanted to give you all an update on the status of this upcoming patch. There are currently no planned patches to be released during November. We’re still working on some of the new content that will be included in this next update. We recently announced that we will be raising the current level cap up to 150, but that’s likely the least exciting part of this patch and we’re definitely looking forward to that. The only hint we can provide right now is this: check the planned content road map. There have also been many questions about balance changes for this upcoming patch and we want to make it clear that this will not be a balance focused patch. This does not mean that we won’t be making any adjustments to balance, but there certainly won’t be as many high impact changes like the previous patch. A majority of this upcoming patch will be focused on introducing new content and fixing bugs. We acknowledge that Jason currently requires some additional tuning and we will be releasing a few posts in these following weeks with information regarding some of the recent balance changes. There is currently no ETA for the new patch at this time, but the plan is to release the patch immediately after everything has been completed and approved on all the platforms.
  3. Hotfix - 11.16.17

    This hotfix was on our end (it did not require a patch) and should not have any affect on general game performance
  4. Why this cabin has one door?

    We're aware of this issue and have been looking into it. This is definitely something we don't want happening and has become a much more visible issue with the implementation of the Repair Icons showing up on the maps.
  5. This is correct. Different perks with similar effects do stack.
  6. Hey, everyone! Apologies for posting this so late. Moving forward, we'll also be posting the Hotfixes and Minor Updates that are patched into the game on the Official Forums (which we should have been doing before) so that players will not have to rely on social media platforms for information. Last night, we rolled out a hotfix in preparation for the updated level cap that will be implemented in the upcoming patch. Players that reach the level cap are now able to obtain Customization Points every time they gain enough EXP for a "level rollover" Basically, anyone currently at level 101 will be able to level up indefinitely for Customization Point rewards while staying at their current level. Every 10,000 EXP you gain at 101 will cause your EXP bar to rollover and grant you 2,000 Customization Points. This system will also apply to players who reach the updated level cap of 150 in the next patch, but with update values for rewards.
  7. did they raise cap

    This is a very legitimate complaint that we'll work on for the future. We rarely roll out any updates like these, but it's definitely true that we should at the very least be posting this news officially on the forums. As for why it has not been posted on the Official F13 Twitter, that's my fault. I did not communicate to Gun Media ahead of time (Who runs the Official Twitter) that we were rolling out this update.
  8. You won't be able to level past the current max level (101) until the next patch. What we did was introduced the new "repeatable rollover level rewards" system (I'm calling it that until someone at the office comes up with a better name) Every time you "level up" while at the level cap, you will gain 2,000 Customization Points (Will be more at level 150)
  9. If I am understanding this correctly, you killed 7 players and one left mid-kill. If that is correct, then you appear to be getting the appropriate amount of EXP for 7 players killed (6 x 100XP kills + 100 Versatile kill)
  10. This should be the file location that saves your character preferences. I hope this is what you were looking for!
  11. Do you have a screenshot of your scoreboard? The kills may have been "Versatile" kills and show up as such on your end score. We're looking into and working on the window system
  12. database login error

    Could you send me a PM of your account info, platform, and an image of the error you are experiencing?
  13. 100% standstill

    We are unable to reproduce any issues that relates to having 100% of the achievements. It is likely that your problems are being caused by something completely different. If you have any other information about this issue, you can send it to me via PM and we can assist you with this
  14. Why part 7 Jason needs a BUFF

    We're looking at Jason Part 7 and considering possible changes and/or tweaks that can be made on him. There is nothing set in stone and we're still in discussions about it, but I'll be sure to take in all of your suggestions.
  15. f**k spawn preference

    We're working on making some changes to improve the preference system for both the player groups that prefer to play as Jason or the Counselors. One specific change we will be adding would be to remove the ability for 'Counselor Preference' players to be chosen as Jason.