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  1. They could just remake the same game and id be happy. That game was on a level of its own which i dont think has ever been matched.
  2. So i dont know about you guys but now when i quick play and wait for a session to join i scroll down and hit the credits just to blast alice cooper over and over until i get in a game haha i have a new found love for this song its so awesome.
  3. Someone screwed up cuz theres a bunch of us playing on ps4 haha
  4. I want to go ahead and issue an apology to Ben, Randy and all of gunmedia and illfonic on behalf of the majority of everyone on this forum. The comments on facebook and twitter of people complaining and saying things like they are cancelling their pre-orders or claiming the developers lied to everyone. I mean really? The developers have been nothing but honest with us from the start and if you backed the project from the beginning you have been able to see the progress and attention to detail and all of the hard work this team has put into making this game a reality. I think a delay will only help this game get better and with the added features it absolutely makes it better. So apologies to all the developers because you guys shouldnt have to deal with the fools claiming you lied to them and all the other nonsense. Keep making the game great. I think i generally speak for everyone when i say i will gladly wait alittle bit longer.
  5. Gameplay looked really impressive for alpha, you can tell there is still work to be done graphically. I thought jason was alittle too beefy though maybe it was just that model. Also the teleportation works well and im sure its going to be like a meter thing where it has to fill back up before it can be used again. At least that would make sense. Love how you can turn on the radio and open windows to try and trick whoever is playing as jason. As a backer from day one on the kickstarter i never doubted that my money was in good hands. Great job so far everyone at gunmedia and illfonic.
  6. Would love to see a single player option, but its not necessary. My only fear is how long will we have enough people playing the game to enjoy the multiplayer experience?....1-2 years? Maybe less maybe more thats my only real worry. Id rather see the option of bots added so that like many others have said if i wanna go back and play the game at some point down the line then i can at least have the option to do that.
  7. Its crazy a how a demo seriously creeped the shit out of me. The first time turned around and the ghost chick flew into me i legit screamed. My mom came downstairs and asked if i was ok. I told her yeah its just the game. She called me an asshole and left laughing lol im 25 btw haha
  8. Triple H....love him....but i mean is it 2002?
  9. Its made me a little bit of money, but when they signed the new tv deal and the stock plummeted i lost a could amount lol wish i sold and bought back in. Haha that would be fun, i do get invited to stock holder meetings in CT but i dont plan on taking that trip lol
  10. I used to be a big fan when i was younger but i mostly stopped watching in 2003 when i was 13. Fast forward to now and im a stock holder in the company and keep an eye on things especially this time of year. Im going with brock lesnar winning and retaining until after wrestlemania. Also to your point about it going down hill...man do i miss the attitude era, i live on the network just watching the old days again haha.
  11. Searched and didnt find a thread like this so I figured why not start it? Rank your top 3 actor portrayals of Jason! My list: 1- CJ Graham Part 6 - I think CJ just nailed the part. The aggressiveness and the overall look was great he fit the role perfectly. The tone of part 6 probably added to why i like this version of Jason so much. 2- Kane Hodder Parts 7,8,9,10 (specifically 7) - Kane is just awesome as most of us would agree. He IS Jason, he lives the part and his intensity with the heavy breathing really makes Jason scary as hell. The look of this Jason in part 7 was always my favorite i think the makeup and costume design is amazing yet terrifying. 3- Derek Mears Part 12 (2009) - I know people are mixed on his version of Jason but i personally loved the territorial hunter type Jason that Derek brought to the screen. He showed just the right amount of intensity and body language to show a bad ass killer and at the same time there was a softness there. The makeup and look was also fantastic in the new film especially the sack head version. I would shit my pants if i saw that looking at me in the woods haha. Honorable Mention: Ted White Part 4 - Ted White could easily be number 3 on my list i loved his version of Jason in part 4. He was so physically intimidating in that movie.
  12. Does anyone remember this game? I had it for the original Xbox and i cant remember a game being more brutal and messed up. I dont even think i beat it but man the jason mask on the cover guy had me hooked.
  13. Great game i really enjoyed it, have to play it again
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