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    Hi I'm Jake I love to write Friday the 13th fanfiction books and short stories I have thousands I've been doing this as a hobby since I was ten hit me up I love to have people give me ideas
  1. Hey everyone join my Friday the 13th the game fan club on Facebook we discuss Friday the 13th movies fanfics and debate and I update everyone on the news of the game I also help the game get as many likes on Facebook as much as please join https://www.facebook.com/groups/1212487718771739/

  2. Join my fan club on Facebook to get news and debate and discuss Friday the 13th movies stories and the game and it's also to help the game out to make sure they are getting as many likes as possible here's the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/1212487718771739/
  3. Yes!!! That would be awesome I unfortunately don't have a lap top as of right now I have to start fresh so please feel free to give me a sub plot to write about it can be any slasher story or even a friday the 13th story
  4. So like no one I know likes to discuss slasher stories or fanfic so I wanna take advantage of the forum cause I know a few of you could give me great sub topics of a good slasher story to write or friday the 13th fanfic story so please help me out guys
  5. I was 6 years old it was when AMC was called Monsterfest not fear fest and dad left tv on AMC and I walked in on the part where Tina in part 7 stumbles upon the bodies in the woods and has that vision of her mom being killed and then her using her powers against Jason with the power lines I asked dad who is thay and he said Jason he was scared I'd tell my mom I seen it but she didn't care cause everyone loves Jason and so I thought all horror movies were as good as the Jason movies (not exactly) so then I started watching them and then Freddy vs Jason came out that year coincidentally and I started writing my own Jason stories
  6. Okay so I have wrote many fanfics on this. Both characters are tough as hell! Both have died many times I think this would be a great match and it would fit great in the buffyverse
  7. Hey haha thanks guys! Nice to have some awesome campers here ????????????
  8. My name is Jake I love this forum! I been a F13 fan for 15 years I write my own F13 books and short stories when I'm bored and as a hobby (yes I'm a huge nerd)
  9. They need to put the snake from part 1 in the game haha! All the counsellors pile into one room to kill the snake as a mini game haha
  10. I would pick rennie... It's an odd choice I know but ever since I was little rennie has reminded me of someone that I know and she seems like a character who knows her morals she mostly defeated Jason by emotionally overcoming her fears of him rather than physically defeating him which that's the first time I've seen that because Alice couldn't even emotionally overcome her trauma according to Part 2 which some say got her killed
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