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  1. she's younger than me and hasn't seen any of the movies.. it's been several years since i've seen one. i'm very excited for tonight! (friday the 8th... close enough) i'm thinking i might skip the first one and start with part 2 as much of my love for the series surrounds jason himself. is that acceptable for someone who likes to consider himself a fan of the series?
  2. I'm super excited for this game! Sadly, my computer is on the old side.. I don't have an xbox or ps4 or even a tv for that matter.. But mark my words, I will play this game! Where there's a will, there's a way. Thanks for doing this and I look forward to seeing new developments as they happen!
  3. Great post! I was probably 4 or 5 years old in a video store with my mom and brother. I was always attracted to horror movies, and the terrifying covers for the Friday the 13th films really caught my attention. Later, I was allowed to play the game on NES, which at the time I thought was amazing. On that note, I'd discourage anyone from revisiting the old game as it puts a bit of a damper on what I thought were great gaming memories Later, I was allowed to watch the movies on Halloween night and the rest is history. When I learned that this game was in development, it really rekindled my interest and I plan to binge watch the movies in the very near future. I used to have similar night terrors as OP except moreso about scenes from sesame street and ghost busters.. Anyone recall charlie chaplin (or a look-alike) start moving around and walking out of photographs? I'd have similar dreams about Jason and Freddy, but I was able to realize that they are fictional characters and that this must be a dream. It would then occur to me that I could recognize and even control certain things in my dreams, but sadly I would just wake up upon that realization. Thankfully, the chainsaw digging through my guts never really hurt.
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