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  1. Always a health spray in that same barn too. As well as 2 in the main lodge upstairs ... 1 in the bathroom and 1 in the bedroom to the right.
  2. I didnt notice it personally. But last night someone tossed firecrackers and two went off (not sure how many they tossed).
  3. Surviving the night on Jason as Deborah is not easy, but it can be done. If you are along with him, 5-7 minutes it do-able ... anything more and it's pretty hard. As Vanessa. It is possible to chase someone the entire game lol.
  4. There likely wouldnt be a second game if they can't even update this one with new content bc of legal issues. Sadly.
  5. Lol, I remember the anal beads lobby. Some girl was talking about them. Too funny.
  6. I've played since day 1 ... so I should be decent. But my name usually evokes an asshole in people to mock it. I just wondered if there was anyone on this site who is on my friends list too. Or who played against me and hated it, or liked it. I have people on both sides of that fence. And of course, always looking for more good, team players to play with.
  7. Hey ladies and gentlemen - I am wondering who on here I may have been in a lobby with, or maybe even friends with on PS4. My name is pretty recognizable - Imthatdamngood33. If we did play together, how was our experience? My screen name makes people harass me of course .. saying I am not good (how original). Yet, I usually prove otherwise (especially as a counselor). Anyways, let me know if we have played together and your screen name as i want to see if I remember you too. Happy slashing and camping.
  8. How does PSP work? Is it an option on PS4? I am going to be sad when there is no more online for this game.
  9. If it's a kill squad, try to kill any players that are randoms first in the hopes they will come back as Tommy. Second, kill all female counselors first. Also, if there is a group, don't engage early on. Find the 1-2 counselors that are not with the group. Slash, slash and slash. But, to your point, some groups are nearly unstoppable if they are coordinated. In reality, they would never be that coordinated bc they wouldnt "expect" to have face a giant killing machine etc. and they would not be able to keep their composure.
  10. I feel you on the lost Jason games. I would say I lost 100 too. Plus, when Jason was getting raped by counselors I set my preference to counselor. So i fucked myself over.
  11. I log them too. I am up to 713. If anyone wants to run private to boost some, let me know. PS4 - Imthatdamngood33
  12. I used it successfully once, like 2 years ago. This was before I had better perks and realized what I wanted to do. For the most part, it is a useless perk. But, I did have the Jason message me after the game asking where the hell i was lol. He came to the campsite, but did not check all the tents. Again, this was a long time ago ... pre-rage buff.
  13. What are you looking to do? I only need to be Jason 1000 times and I have it all completed.
  14. I only morph to vehicles/phone box. So it is not a waste at all to me. If someone starts the car, I will likely stop it anyways. But I see your point.
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