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  1. I hit Jason 500 about one year ago (I stopped being Jason for awhile when Jason was a joke). Since then I have kept track of how many times I have been Jason. I have been Jason 449 times since March 31 of last year. That is spending days and day playing it. Not using private matches. On average, if I play 4-8 hours a day, I get Jason about 4-5 times a day.
  2. All I have left is to play as Jason 1000 times. Once I hit 500 I started keeping track. I am up to 880. I skipped an entire year of being Jason, and just played as counselor. Add that to the fact you'd lose your progress during the first year when the host quit ... and I'd be done by now. But, I still love the game and play almost daily. I hope to get 1000 before March ends.
  3. Depending on how large the rock, try slashing in combat stance. I know there is a rock counselors and Jason CAN get on, this is just south of the main house. This rock sounds like a different location from the one I am aware of.
  4. It should be mixed in with grabs. But, it's your game ... play how you want to. If I KNOW for a fact someone has a PK, I am slashing them. I slash Tommy almost every time unless I can shift/grab him to get rid of the PK. But slash, knives, making them go through broken windows and grabs all combined make for an entertaining round. Plus, counselors won't know if you plan to slash, or grab, if you're doing both. I also slash more/or less depending on which Jason I am using. Part 9 for example, I rarely slash. Part 4, I am slashing away.
  5. Around 20 times. But, killing Jason, more often than not, is easier than escaping. I have also ran with 3-5 person kill squads and killed Jason 20 times in a day.
  6. I never seem to come across LaChappa until the end of a match. But yes, if I find him early on in a match when I am Jason, I tunnel him until he is dead. Same with Deb or AJ too.
  7. Like many have said, it depends on play style. I don't play the same as Vanessa or Chad, as I do Deborah or even Adam. But for me, the most useless if Shelly and Jenny. I rarely use them. I either want super fast, or super smart. I main Vanessa or Deb. Once in awhile Chad.
  8. Always a health spray in that same barn too. As well as 2 in the main lodge upstairs ... 1 in the bathroom and 1 in the bedroom to the right.
  9. I didnt notice it personally. But last night someone tossed firecrackers and two went off (not sure how many they tossed).
  10. Surviving the night on Jason as Deborah is not easy, but it can be done. If you are along with him, 5-7 minutes it do-able ... anything more and it's pretty hard. As Vanessa. It is possible to chase someone the entire game lol.
  11. There likely wouldnt be a second game if they can't even update this one with new content bc of legal issues. Sadly.
  12. Lol, I remember the anal beads lobby. Some girl was talking about them. Too funny.
  13. I've played since day 1 ... so I should be decent. But my name usually evokes an asshole in people to mock it. I just wondered if there was anyone on this site who is on my friends list too. Or who played against me and hated it, or liked it. I have people on both sides of that fence. And of course, always looking for more good, team players to play with.
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