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  1. Um no. Blaring music, kids screaming, smoke detectors chirping, buzzing, and chewing into the mic are not ways to ‘play’ the game. Your logic is completely backward. If you want to scream into a mic, eat chips, and play music, I have two words for you: Private Match. Smh
  2. Yes! I've had more than a few newb wannabe bros trying to organize and boss the lobby around when they knew less than nothing about the game. Bitch! You started playing 2 minutes ago and are already a know-it-all cunt. I had to get multiple guys together trying to flex yet they were level 4, 5, and 6 and making rookie mistakes. On another note, I'm honestly done with the streamers with 3 viewers narrating the match on the mic... yet not actually communicating with players. It's all a big show and performance and it's so ridiculous. This game was not designed to have 2 and 3 people muted because they are playing loud music, chewing, or talking to someone in the background. If you can't communicate and need to use a mic, then use it. The time and place for music, conversations with your homies, dogs barking, kids screaming is not ever.
  3. Yeah, leading by example will help the new players learn the ropes
  4. I’m surprised anyone’s left to give feedback to. Nearly everyone leaves when I’m playing. I’m lucky to have 4 people remain and plenty of times had everyone quit, including Jason. Smh
  5. Yeah I’ve noticed new players are confused about the limp state or healing. One guy was limping around and I ran up and healing him and he said to his friend that he “made it out of bleeding!” .....I guess he thought he limped long enough that he got better? Another counselor would not stop attacking a slasher Jason, so I kept healing him from the sidelines 3 different times when he went limp yet he never stopped attacking to run. He eventually was murdered and I wasted all those sprays
  6. Yeah. Fortunately, with all the new players, Jason rarely notices an effed up propellor or that the boat is even starting... an experienced Jason tho. Lol there’s no chance of survival.
  7. It’s counselor.
  8. Will you honestly just leave already? You ruin every thread you’re in with your immature mindset and inability to have a decent discussion. You make every slight difference of opinion some impossible showdown and get thread after thread locked. I created this topic to discuss trends and the new meta, not reinstate an argument so you can get on your soapbox about your personal opinions on cabin doors. At this point you are technically off topic and trying to instigate arguments @ShiftySamurai will you please reign him in?
  9. You cannot leap through windows with low stamina. It requires stamina to jump through windows.
  10. BeautyNumber2


    The OP referenced Wes saying it isn’t “financially viable” to continue working in the game. When a company doesn’t want to expend funds it’s because they don’t believe there will be a worthwhile profit, that’s how this work. If Activision came to Gun with an investment option and a development and marketing deal, Wes would be on Twitter all day talking about how much potential is in the game, how this was a passion project, how much love they have for the IP. Take away the revenue and potential profit and we get what’s goin on right now, ambivalence. For a “once in a lifetime opportunity” they sure gave up on this game as soon as there wasn’t another dump truck of free money from Kickstarter... yet Gun boasted about being one of the most DLed games in 2017 so where did that profit go if —again— if it’s SUCH a small team. The indie team/one of the most downloaded games/no money narrative has been disparate for a long time now and it’s BS.
  11. Secret passage on what map?
  12. BeautyNumber2


    That’s objectively incorrect. My PhDs may be in academia, but I started in business. The product has already been delivered so it is up to the company to continually invigorate and reinvent the product. The only reason companies use tacky and predictable marketing, advertising, and gimmicks is to bring attention and breathe life into a familiar product. Companies cannot allow their brands and products to become stagnant so it is important to continuously have events, contests, licensing, endorsements, and limited editions. Look at DBD, look at Fortnite, players will pay money for unnecessary but fun things because they like the product. Whoever says there is no more money to be made from Friday the 13th the Game is a fucking idiot. There are a dozen people on this very forum that have presented multiple ideas that people would pay for. Wes and Gun media are the ones that are no longer hungry or passionate about the project, not the fans. If they let this Playstation Plus deal—coinciding with the lawsuit being settled (momentarily)— pass them by, they will regret it in terms of millions of dollars. DBD is getting thousands of dollars with basic clothing packs their fans are paying for. Fortnite is free and getting millions from cheap micro transactions from a huge audience. Gun Media: HOP TO IT.
  13. They really blew it. I have 22 texts and tweets from different guys saying they had plans with their groups to sit and play/stream the game. I have a very very small group of associates but they all knew I love this game so they went to try the game with their buddies tonite and can’t even play. An absolute embarrassment. This was the chance to pull in new players and—from a business perspective—maybe even have them buy some DLC. This game just can’t win. There are hundreds of games people can play so having this many server issues is ridiculous and nobody is holding their breath. With Gun, there is just always an excuse. All the guys that reached out to me about their disappointment with trying to have group plans with trying the game moved on to another game and will not be back. There goes that smh.
  14. Nnnnnn ha. I felt bad for every newb Jason that took my bait each time to distract. I run hypochondriac and medic and had 3 med sprays so i let one believe I was limping for good and he went in for the kill and I healed and took him on a tour, he took me to limp 3 or 4 times yet never grabbed me so I hope he learned something.
  15. So after a week or so, what have you noticed are the new trends in gameplay with the newer players? The game meta has shifted drastically as entire lobbies are new players trying the game for different reasons. With so many new players, completing objectives is taking much longer if at all. I’m seeing considerable amateur mistakes casual gamers are making, causing the match to be harder than it needs to be. Fortunatley, the newer Jasons are having a really tough time too which has made the lobbies very much a sandbox experience. Overall, the matches are highly unpredictable with few of the objectives or once predictable patterns occurring. Here’s what I noticed: Huge increase in mics being used! Players not closing doors/keeping windows shut Cabins not properly searched/ repair items overlooked The cops are rarely called if ever; Players confused as to what to do with the fuse or not knowing the process TJ rarely being called (which I love! Sick of TJ sns) Rarely is the sweater taken Campsites completely overlooked... more loot for me! Lots of “bot behavior” i.e., hiding in clear sight of Jason, wandering around with no weapon, or swimming into the water Jason players not using their powers efficiently or at all What have you noticed?