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  1. Devs should DM Alkavian and set up a conference call time
  2. BeautyNumber2

    Just Rolled Legendary Thick Skin

    What I really learned is that my epic thick skin is truly epic
  3. ... and the benefit is 2% worse than my epic with a 2% worse penalty. Ok.
  4. I don’t know what yal are bitching about. I just played 3 offline bots matches on hard and the cops weren’t “called immediately” or at all. And no cars were repaired. Tommy was only called one match as well. This game seems to really facilitate disparate experiences.
  5. The cool down is unnecessary, but the damage inflicted by them is too large. 2 throwing knives should not limp a counselor if being hacked by a machete doesn’t. I’d like to see a more realistic increase in weapon damage where one hit limps you from full health unless you have thick skin. A swing from any of Jason’s weapons would cripple or even kill so I still hate that it can take upwards of 3 attacks to limp a counselor smh. These are the types of things that need to be adjusted. Can some super fans help me recall all the instances in the films where someone was attacked or struck by Jason and lived/didn’t die instantly. I’m thinking Ginny, Paul, Ali... it’s very few.
  6. Yeah it’s too late now but the fucked uo two things: not tiering the probability AND not tiering perk slots. The game should have started out with no perk slots and every 35 levels you earn a perk slot until level 100 you earn your 3rd slot. As well, until you reach the next tier, you are not eligible for upper level perks. Newbs should not be able to roll a legendary perk, sorry bout it. And it’s a slap in the face to devotes players to make them have the same chance as newbs to earn a legendary. Are you kidding me? This would give even more incentive to play and earn experience by contributing to the game. Apparently that was never even on the table. Instead: the clothing is tiered? Really?
  7. After three attempts on one challenge I couldn’t sit through another intro. It wasn’t that it’s a waste of time, it’s just insufferable repetitive and isn’t that what the challenges are trying to avoid?
  8. BeautyNumber2


    Exactly. I don’t need to post screen grabs to prove that every offline bots match 5/8 kills are seek and destroy because they still hide under the bed for their LIFE. How exciting.
  9. F U buddy my only three legendary perks are Aquanaut, Motorboat, and Quiet Swimmer and it took me 175,000 CP to get them. Furthermore, the Legendary perks are hardly legendary and the bonuses are irrelevant. 1% increase or decrease is scientifically insignificant. I’m also pissed they won’t listen to fans and gut all these shitty perks. Having 30+ perks does not mean they’re good. You can’t compare Medic and Aquanaut or Thick Skin and Ranger; one will save your life the other is circumstantial.
  10. Yeah, it’s unfortunate. At this point I’m just not understanding what they’re writing as the LOS for the bots. It can’t be an actual LOS and must be a sense perimeter that will trigger them ala the music cue in multiplayer. If this is the case, it needs to be changed as the music cue is for human players, not bots. Hiding behind a door AND in stalk should not warrent a reaction from a counselor yet SOMETIMES air does, others it doesn’t. Yeah, there’s major inconsistency with the LOS like other things in the game
  11. Constantly. My hardwired connection is ~70 mbps so the connection issues are in no way on my end. My ping is always lower than everyone’s yet this game perpetually has me somehow losing connection to the host, allegedly
  12. I never get play Jarvis. It’s Packasnack Small all day everyday.
  13. It’s a bit dark, but I like it. What I don’t like is how everyone is allowed to turn the gamma way up to where they can see everything when Jason. The gamma should be able to be adjusted, not exploited. I was hiding in one of the sneaky solid spots with no way Jason could make me out and of course he b-lined to me. I was thinking maybe that spot was played out but the player straight up told me when he is Jason he turns the gamma all the way up and that’s how he saw me. Gee.
  14. Happened again while I was alive as a counselor. So apparently I’ve already accumulated infraction points as someone who quits as Jason and someone who quits before they die. Ok.