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  1. I really hope they are working and planning on something. I think it’s time for Gun and Black Tower to just abandon this game altogether and reroute all manpower to building a new game. It’s clear that even a small amount of debugging and fixing for F13 is just too much for them at this point. Tbh it really shouldn’t be this hard to say “hey, let’s remove the chair next to the house in Jarvis since people have been exploiting that spot for 2 years.....done!” Like come on. But I forgot they don’t “have any money”
  2. This is actually a viable distraction to let others get things done while Jason tries to get the car. If Jason isn’t going after the car then that’s another issue altogether. I always drive the car around trying to let the others get the phone repaired, especially if it’s the 2 seater and Jason is adamant about stopping it.
  3. I’m into it. If they need a little more money, I’d even be willing to pitch in $20 for a smaller, less grandiose Kickstarter but that’s it, no more money out of principle. I’d love to see Gun transition to Slasher Summer Camp. They need to approach a larger studio and pitch the idea and use the success of F13 as proof there is interest and potential in the idea. “We made F13 on our own with a small team and Kickstarter money yet look at the interest and profitability of the game. With a major studio backing a similar project, imagine the revenue generated with AAA resources.” Pitch it, make it happen. The gaming community is an expansive, enmeshed, and very invested group. We know what’s going on everywhere with games, it’s what we love. It’s time to let F13 rest and focus on a similar bigger and better game. I’d be willing to say that 70-90% of F13 playerbase would jump on Slasher Camp immediately. You already have a playerbase, envision Slasher Camp as Part 2 and run with it Take what works from other games and implement it. Players loved what Activision did for COD WWII “base” where players could run around and engage with other players and content outside the parameters of lobbies. That would work perfectly for a Slasher game. Have players be able to sandbox around a small camp with a lodge and interact with other players, change their gear and clothes, do mini games, and have fun. Then they can can join lobbies at their leisure. F13 is very small and old skool in scope. You have to immediately go into a lobby like it’s the 90s and from there is your entire experience. Give the game depth. Combine elements of the virtual cabin with the online game. Have people running around trying to find Easter eggs and secrets in the sandbox pre-lobby camp. Have chests with rare gear counselors can earn. Approach the game for the long haul, people want to be able to create and customize their own character which has to be done. This is a no-brainer at this point. Take what was learned, what worked and didn’t and make something new.
  4. After reading this I looked up the most obvious glitch of all, Packanack roof, on YouTube and tried to replicate what they were doing. I must really suck at glitching because I couldn’t do what these trolls were doing which makes it that much more ridiculous. I honestly don’t know if there are just extra conditions when the match loads that makes it more vulnerable for glitching because I’ve tried to debug these glitches and have never been able to reproduce anything. To me, they’ve been irradiated from the game but apparently some people are still able to get on the roof i’m honestly puzzled as to how that actually do it. I’d love to be able to submit a video to Gun but nothing came of my attempt so why bother
  5. How are all these glitches still here? Is the game deteriorating or what?
  6. That’s good. I just had a lobby where me and my friend kept being the last survivors and these guys said we were playing together.... then all five of them left.... at the same time. YER PLAYING TOGETHER!!111 SO I’M TAKING MY GROUP OF FIVE GUYS AND LEAVING!!1
  7. Why someone hasn’t licensed a Freddy or Michael Myers survival horror game is beyond me. If Troll by Trashlight can get the license for their shitty generator repair simulator game there is no reason a compact, non-linear survival horror game similar to F13 can’t be made. Imagine a proper Haddonfield map, not a 4x4 flunky imitation rendering with pallets and hooks for no reason. Imagine the hospital. Springwood would be incredible. Freddy skulking about looking for vulnerable teenagers who he can pull into his nightmare. They have to find ways to stay awake but the longer the match goes on, the easier it is for Freddy to pull them into the dream world. There could be some phenomenal mechanics here. Come on guys!
  8. It’s still a no. View this thread where I challenged Matt on expanding existing content in the game: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/26068-friday-the-13th-releasing-on-nintendo-switch-this-spring/page/6/?tab=comments#comment-350184
  9. Yet you responded because you were clearly upset and hurt over my topic. How do I need a support group when you clearly need complete inpatient hospitalization to get over how triggered you are that I made a topic that hit home for you, troll. You wouldn’t have a point if you stabbed yourself in the eye. You’re a troll and nothing you say matters. You should have been banned 2 years ago, troll. You simply lack credentials to even give an input, troll. You have no qualifications to even communicate with me as I hold two PhDs and you can’t even hold your pants up. But it’s not that serious, right? Just serious enough for you to comment what you really thought you was doing something bye
  10. Exactly, exactly. I for one find it in poor taste and bad sportsmanship to: A. Play the match exclusively to kill Jason, repairing nothing and making it the only all-or-nothing option. B. Kill obviously new/low level/bad Jason players. It’s tacky. Kill squads or not. The last time I organically killed Jason it was such a THRILL because I was the final girl against a raging Jason with several minutes left. It was not planned and I happened to have the sweater and the axe because I’m that sweater-hogging bitch. Tommy ran up to me out of nowhere and I was like ummm he’s raged and Tommy swung and missed and I saved his ass with a crack that knocked the mask off. I dropped the axe, waited just long enough to assure the stun and triggered him as TJ did his thing. Earning the kill organically was intensely satisfying, especially against a skilled 150 juggernaut.
  11. I’m not trying to be a cunt, but did you guys not watch Beyond? THERE WILL NEVER BE NEW CONTENT ADDED TO THIS GAME. That’s from the Wes, the horse’s mouth. Lawsuit or not, THERE WILL NEVER, EVER BE NEW CONTENT ADDED TO THIS GAME. Between Gun and Black Tower there are maybe a dozen guys working on this game right now, that’s it. Again, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE WILL THERE EVER BE NEW CONTENT OF ANY KIND ADDED TO THE GAME REGARDLESS OF ANY OUTCOME OF THE HORROR INC V. MILLER LAWSUIT
  12. Your point is invalid as I already addressed this fallacy in my post which you clearly didn’t read yet felt compelled to respond with some half-assed solution. You really thought you were doing something with that response. This from the person who admitted he likes to hold onto repair items, the keys, and the fuse...
  13. Yeah, people are doing it on purpose. Nobody is throwing a knife at a car that doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing. Show me the player that organically tries to throw a knife at a moving car thinking it will stop it and *gasp* it did how convenient... you knew what you were trying to do. It also goes without saying that this game’s playerbase is basically set and is the same several thousand of players with virtually no new players. People know what they’re doing held up on YouTube and Twitch watching glitches and rush to try it on their own.
  14. The entire scenario is ridiculous and could be argued as exploitive. Taking the mask and sneaking to get the sweater is a game mechanic, that’s fine. You can see, however, the exploitive behavior with how you mentioned that the Vanessa was running in and out to pull you to the shack, that’s when it becomes exploitive and just stupid. The devs cry about immersion and cinematic parallels to the films and then let stupid shit like this remain in the game. How is what you went through echo the films? Which film did weapon wielding counselors hunt for Jason and kill him by luring him to his shack? Must have missed that one. There’s nothing organic about that kill and not how the devs designed the kill to take place AKA obnoxious kill squads likely communicating in party chat. The devs made yet another huge mistake early by only having two dynamic locations for Jason’s shack and never expanding upon that. Not to mention that there is usually a camp-marker on the map that gives away exactly which location it is. Basic.
  15. Honestly what happened to the playerbase? It’s literally the same couple hundred people in lobby after lobby every week. Every lobby when I’m checking levels and for teamers there’s someone or even multiple people I have blocked because they are a troll, teaming, etc. Playing now is basically me getting in lobbies with people I already had to block knowing they’re teaming, trolling, exploiting garbage. Some of you are on this very forum and know who you are. I’ve caught multiple ‘streamers’ and forum members doing shitty things like placing traps at windows and unlocked doors where there is one way in AKA Packanack kitchen, Packanack utility shack/office. Not to mention obvious teaming and tunneling of non-friend players and intentionally saving friends for last. I’ve seen such obvious teaming from forum members you should be ashamed and banned. Then there are the exploits. I’m not ‘allowed’ to name people but shame on you forum members and trash Redditors that intentionally exploit. Jasons who exploit window glitches with attacks knowing it might bug or create an interaction lock, throwing knives at counselors mid window knowing it might glitch them to climb outside and appear back on the inside, throwing knives at the car knowing it will glitch, sandbagging windows causing interaction lock or just blocking, exploiting/cheating to avoid getting killed by shifting mid stun or morphing away, turning to an object/wall. You trash exploiters know what you’re doing and I see you. This is an independent game and you taking advantage of that is worse than despicable. And then there are the counselors who troll with traps, hoard items, refuse to contribute to gameplay, glitch into the roofs, get into glitched spots and hold the game hostage. There are several forum members who engage in a combination of these behaviors and luxuriate in it. Multiple times I had to turn and counter-troll teamers just to survive. I’m getting in lobbies where it’s me and a party of five or six. That’s pathetic. Go play a private match. I’ve had dozens of lobbies where it was me and my friend versus a party of six doing everything they could to get us killed. This is nothing new. You used to be able to just quit and find a new lobby, now that’s all but impossible as I’ll get piped into the same lobby indefinitely it just get out in a similar lobby TEAMING with teamers and trolls on a mission. Is the playerbase that small and insufferable really? Apparently. The game has never been this disproportionately filled with trolls and exploiting garbage. Such a shame.
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