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  1. Pamela, the original killer. Never heard of Uber Jason before, is that some kind of a sauce?
  2. I just tried it a few times and nothing happened. Looks like it was patched in the update hence why trolls are caught trying it instead of actually making it to the roof.
  3. I just realized what it is. It is an exploit where trolls are trying to get to the roof
  4. Ok, it’s getting out of hand. WHAT is the obsession with people jumping though the upstairs balcony window at Packanack? Game after game I find some little troll upstairs jumping through the window over and over again? They’re dragging the game out and it’s beyond annoying. WTF
  5. It should only count as a kill if a counselor stepped in Jason’s trap or if they were hit by him before leaving or suicide. This was obviously too nuanced for Illfonic to program even though the coding would be very easy. All they’d have to change is the localization and the modifier which would indicate that being injured by Jason before leaving or dying would count as a kill. There’s already a modifier that grants bonus points for being unscathed so there could easily be one that immediately gives Jason a kill if the person he struck left the game or whose condition was suicide. The same way when a counselor dies by stepping in a counselor trap distinguishes them as being “murdered” but not count as a kill.
  6. I consider a certain amount of shadowing to be trolling, especially if the person is basically sidling all the items. Looting one cabin together is fine, especially if two people spawned in the same place, Anymore is stupid, go somewhere else. If it’s early in the game, that’s when everyone should be speed looting and blasting through stamina anyway with Jason at his weakest. If you can’t fend for yourself for the first few minutes, that’s on you. Once Jason gets shift, that’s when players need to come together for safety. If someone is sidling me early, I have no issue with running ahead and setting a trap at a door. They better hope in that time they found a med spray and good luck.
  7. Not really, and leaving doors open is objectively foolish and a death wish. The entire “leave doors open because once Jason gets rage he will just knock them down” holds no weight. The first 10 minutes of the game, counselors are more likely to die if doors are left both open and unlocked. When someone is jumping through a window, only to have Jason run or shift through an open door and get an easy kill, that is foolish. When Jason can simply open a cabin door because it’s not barricaded it gives the counselor zero time to check the cabin for items OR realize that cabin was already searched because someone barricaded the door. Barricading is the universal sign that a cabin was looted and might just need a double-check. Doors are designed—by the developers—to be barricaded and not used as counselor entrances. The only time a door should be used is if the windows are broken, the door is already broken, and the couselorn has enough health and/or spray to go out a far window to buy time. The “don’t close doors/don’t barricade doors” foolish argument has been refuted as stupid for over a year so you can stop acting as if doing something designed for the game is wrong. Just because 1/20 times you barricade in chase might get a counselor injured while barricading is not reason to not barricade ever... or even close doors. Higher level Jasons will cream themselves seeing an open door and snatch any veteran counselor who thinks leaving doors open is cute. It’s not.
  8. BeautyNumber2


    From spectator, I once saw a Jenny stun Jason 13 consecutive times with 4 different weapons: the pipe, a pot, and a tree branch, and a wrench. She never didn’t stun him. It was.... an embarrassment because that should never happened, Sucker Punch or not. Meanwhile I’ll crack Roy twice with a bat and he won’t stun...
  9. Yeah you absolutely cannot drop the keys anymore and haven’t for months. People grab them and run off with the car or into the woods and never use them. Smh
  10. Sounds like some people are salty that croutching on the edge of the map, waiting for everyone to tag, repair, or die doesn’t work anymore. My condolences.
  11. Yeah, but we all know that the dispersion of PKs is always in one or two quadrants of the map, often in side-by-side cabins or within the same large cabin. One person usually finds multiple PKs and still dies while others find nothing. That’s the real issue
  12. I hate pocket knives and hate that there are so many in the game. There should be one per match and that’s it. It should be so rare that you gasp when you find one. Not this “I havent’t found my pocketknife yet” I’ve heard players say. I’m pleased when I find one for the simple fact that it means someone else doesn’t have one. I’ll likely not need it while players that find them more often than not die anyway. All they do is irritate the Jason player and give mediocre players a second chance to delay dying anyway, dragging the game out.
  13. Yeah I noticed newer Jasons aren’t trapping objectives, they only trap cabin windows (poorly) when they think they have someone trapped. Very bad strategy.
  14. BeautyNumber2


    I hope so. The way IT was approached and revitalized was phenomenal. If Vertigo tries to bring a similar sophistication and depth to F13th it would be a welcome departure from the botched handling of the 2009 remake. I hope they tap into the original tone of the genre, use suspense, long takes, killer POV, the original killer, nail the ending, AND keep the setting in the late 70s/early 80s. It could be incredible... or trash. We’ll see. Here’s hoping they craft a great script and play on the craving for nostalgia and don’t ty to modernize it.
  15. I’ve noticed this too and listened to a small group of people looking for all the repair items and the keys to take to the car at once. For those not familiar with the game, this is a huge mistake. Counselors need to run the items to the car and drop them or repair them then and there and move along. Waiting until you and another person are carrying the gas and battery is a big mistake. Not only are you open to attack with no defense, but it’s making only those in the party chat/with Walker/nearby know what this awful plan is. Even if a third person is chauffeuring, it’s a fool’s errand at best. This is likely what they’re doing... or they’re just trolling.