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  1. I can’t believe some of the ridiculous crap in this thread. Back and forth. Not enough pocket knives, too many pocket knives, not enough pocket knives. GTFO. If you need pocket knives to play this game, you objectively suck. Point blank period. 6 pocket knives in a single match is too many. And cut the crap about people needing them to disarm traps. In 10 months of playing this game I have never once seen someone disarm a trap with a knife on QP. Ever. So let’s not act like players don’t hoard them and it ends up being three counselors with 2 pocket knives that still end up dying. The pocket knife debate is over. Three is fine. If you require a pocket knife to survive, you’re not very good. Just shut up honestly with the flip flop BS. Nobody owes you a win. I swear some of you children DEMAND to win every match no matter if you are definitely mediocre or not. You’re driving the devs crazy with your flippant preferences over every little match. People can’t find a pocket knife in one match and make a thread about it “WHERE ARE ALL THE POCKET KNIVES!?!” Players are outwitted and outmatched by a 150 level Jason and they make a post about it “JASON CLEARING LOBBIES TO EASILY!1 NEED BALANCE!” Some of you people need to find balance in your lives, not look for it in a game.
  2. That sounds great. It’s good to try new things. Button mashing the same 2 kills is never any fun.
  3. But tell me why I love the car being a shotty jalopy now tho? It being broken is stupid, but I actually prefer it this way now. I always hated trolls flying around in the car juking Jason/running people over. Who knows how old and busted up these cars are, they didn’t even have batteries. I prefer them shaking and driving at inconsistent speeds now smh.
  4. The current balance reflects the original goals and intentions for the game so it’s definitely a restoration of the original balance. There should be no more than 2 counselors survive EVER or Jason did not do his job, cut and dry. Ideally the game is balanced for one person to survive or one random person and someone returning as Tommy Jarvis, that’s it. When I am the final girl (because I usually am) AKA survival legend Debbie Deb, I give the lobby a SHOW, a cinematic experience of surviving at all costs with the narrowest escapes and the gutsiest moves. It should be a spectacle to survive that has people SCREAMING at the screen. I’ve been in lobbies where I was being chased cabin to cabin for upwards of 10 minutes after everybody died against a phenomenal Jason, outwitting, outlasting, and limping away with a pan with seconds as I turn and clock Jason to barely survive. As soon as I can hear the lobby they are HOWLING at all the shenanigans and in disbelief of surviving against such an incredible Jason. That’s how this game is played, where players congratulate you, stunned, at the level of gameplay you brought, or the Jason messages you saying you were the best counselor to ever slip through his fingers, that’s the level of counselor you should be IMO. Who wants to survive against a non-canon mediocre Jason? Give me the best! The standard is that you should be both incredibly lucky and resourceful to survive like the final characters in the films. Surviving as a counselor is NOT A GIVEN, DYING as a counselor is. You are expected to die!!! So surviving should be a great feat, not a walk in the park. This is Crystal Lake people what don’t some of yal get about that?
  5. Those Jason(s)....

    I agree to an extent. When a Jason walks past counselors and b-lines for someone while others are hitting him or running circles is a tell for Jason cooperation, especially if they’re not using mics. People need to be more attentive to the levels and arrivals of players in their lobby. If you see three people load in at the same time and they’re not using mics, take note of those players. If one of those players is Jason and you see them walking past, with, or behind those other players without killing them, that’s arguably grounds for proof of cooperation, especially with no mics as there is obvious party chat communication occurring. Also, if those same people are conveniently getting saved for last in combination, that’s proof of Jason collusion. If you suspect this, you can report or just find another lobby. You don’t have to suffer fools and then makes posts about it everytime it happens. Be prepared, observe the behaviour, and don’t be Jenny.
  6. Completely disagree. There over 50 environmental kills that are never used because people mash kills. It makes the game boring. I say take the unlucky counselor to an environmental kill and actually give them a chance to break free or see a kill besides asphyxiation or decapitation.
  7. That’s cool. I can see horror games having a huge pull because of that. Alien Isolation is phenomenal. My BF has played it multiple times yet I’ve never touched it, always watching and thoroughly enjoying myself. What a badass game tho.
  8. Ugh. I always forget about Twitch and YouTube. I honestly don’t get the appeal of watching strangers play video games and I hate game trolling. However, I’m guilty of being a forum troll so I guess I’m “toxic,” “problematic,” and “trash” as the children say.
  9. Great job guys. Keep the fan requests coming
  10. That’s the major problem with QP. The lobbies seem to be getting younger and younger too and lower in level. I was hosting the other day and I have 5 people below level 5, yes FIVE under five. It was odd and frustrating. The guys I used to play with abandoned ship back in November/ December and are never on. I also find more and more douchebags/music players/mic screamers in the communities these days. It’s an odd mixture obviously from the a combination of physical/Black Friday/Christmas. Too many people just don’t want to... play with people in an... online... multiplayer I guess? DISAPPOINTED.
  11. Keep back pedaling. I presented several reasons why counselors who hide the entire match ruin the game and you thought you were slick to chime in and call me a “shit Jason anyway.” You not only failed to realize I was obviously speaking from a counselor’s perspective critiquing my fellow counselors, you tried to insult my viewpoint. You then proceeded to play the victim like you didn’t act like an ass to begin with in this and every thread you poke your head in so spare me the fake victim BS. You’re not slick acting like a fool then crying that I’m hostile for calling you out. The revisionist victimhood is strong with this one. Moving along, counselors that hide the entire match are annoying and detract from the team experience this game was built around. Where’s the contribution and where’s the risk? What thrill is there in hiding? It doesn’t seem like this is the game for people that want to hide under a bed for 20 minutes.
  12. You are. It’s one thing to rush through a post and not use “you’re” properly, but then there’s the idiot who didn’t understand that I was mocking him for doing so. Log off, you’re done.
  13. I was obviously talking about the counselor perspective toward other counselors and how it impacts matches. I guess you couldn’t pick up on that because YOUR an idiot.