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  1. Insufferable glitches aside, the time it takes to even enter and complete a match has ruined any will to keep playing. On PS4 it takes no less than three “search cool downs” to find a lobby, another 3-5 minutes to fill it. Then, the match itself ends due to the host leaving, Jason quitting, the game ending early, or a fake “Connection to Host Lost.” After that, depending on how the match wasn’t completed, you’re either starting over finding a lobby or waiting for 4-6 more people to replaced those that quit. It’s taking approximately 1/3 the length of a match just to start the match. Too many games have their lobby shit together to still put up with this only to have 1/10 matches actually complete. Add me to the list of backers that left a similar message and threw in the towel.
  2. Players still wearing Halloween costumes is the biggest predictor for being a troll, and being Chad or LaChappa. Otherwise Bugzy or Vanessa are always mediocre players that rely on running around as fast characters while everyone else does the heavy lifting. Cue the anecdotal testimonies from the three Vanessa mains that actually repair to play Devil’s advocate for the other 10,000 that don’t.
  3. BeautyNumber2

    Is the Game over now?

    This. The legal documents are proof that someone at Gun has known about the lawsuit for longer than they are feigning. They didn’t get an email yesterday saying there was suddenly a lawsuit. They’ve known about this as long as a year and a half and no less than 8 months. So between 18 and 8 months Gun has known about this lawsuit and the potential for it to impact the game in some way. It has obviously informed how they’ve released content and the timeline thus far. It’s also par for the course regarding misinformation that has been fed over the past year to placate fans. Although it’s not, it feels like a betrayal which occurs when information is withheld from a person for whatever reason.
  4. I am howling over all this.
  5. I figured as much. Both men need to stop being shady. Victor should obviously have some legal share for creating “Jason Voorhees” but it has to be shared with all those who contributed to his legacy.
  6. Omg really? Victor Miller is being incredibly shady saying he created Jason when he was the one against using Jason as a character for sequels. This might actually be tough because the character of Jason Vorheea as we know him was NOT created by Victor. He only created the deceased character of Jason as a boy who drowned in the lake. Even the characterization of Jason as a Mongoloid was created by Tom Savini. Victor’s claim that he created the iconic character of Jason could easily be argued false as the creators of the third film have more of a case. Saying Victor created who we know as Jason is a stretch even legally. Victor may regret all the interviews of him saying Jason is dead and at the bottom of Camp crystal lake and that he had nothing to do with the sequels. Simply saying the characters were “based on characters created by Victor Miller” doesn’t make it true if it can be proven Jason as a child who died in the first film is a distinct character from the one in the sequels. I just cant believe this lawsuit is happening now almost 40 years later.
  7. The way I HOWLED seeing this thread at the top. Paranoia is the easiest example of the actual lies that were told last year to keep fans around and placate us as the game spiraled into a black hole
  8. BeautyNumber2

    To The F13: Game Community

    Hit detection is the worst it’s ever been. Jason is swinging through counselors like it’s no big deal. For counselors, even with Swift Attack, swings are going through Jason and/or his grab and with a huge glitched camera angle and graphic. So basically, it doesn’t matter who swings first or how far away the character is, it’s just random. Ok. I’m just about done. If this was a game based on timed hits that would be one thing but it’s not.
  9. Jason AND his grab are phasing far beyond structural boundaries of doors and windows smh. This is a beta-type problem like really?
  10. BeautyNumber2

    To The F13: Game Community

    I also blame the engine. We should never have introduced such a powerful entity into the game. With its sentience, the engine has single-handedly destroyed everything we hold dear in this game. It’s time to hold it accountable for the disaster of an update we got. As well, I’m sick of the fans not taking this seriously and making jokes out of a very serious issue that affects thousands of people. Honestly, if this is the state of the game, the engine has to be removed immediately or the game will continue to deteriorate. I hope some of you can be serious for two seconds and look at the bigger picture instead of fighting and insulting each other over every little thing.
  11. So much theatrics from Illfonic and Gun over the fan reaction. These developers are the first to accuse players of being hyperbolic only to themselves have the most over-the-top reactions to the slightest bit of warranted criticism. Ok.
  12. BeautyNumber2

    To The F13: Game Community

    The “nothing is perfect” excuse doesn’t fly when nobody has asked for the game to be perfect. That’s not a logical response so can it. Fans/backers “Why is the game we supported still glitchy and broken after a year?” Fanboys/apologists: “Nothing is perfect, stop being negative and focus on what’s good” Fans/backers: “Nobody asked for the game to be perfect, merely functional” Fanboys/apologists: “Soundbite, soundbite, platitude, flattery, illogical statement, illogical statement, insult, insult”
  13. BeautyNumber2

    Why is Illfonic unbanning hackers?

    That’s like saying someone with different aliases is not responsible for the illegal actions of each separate alias. Sure.
  14. BeautyNumber2

    They haven't fixed rubberbanding at all.

    Not the strap color being a priority fix
  15. BeautyNumber2

    The match ended early. Why?

    I’m so glad I took a nap earlier so i could read thru all the new lashings here. Not a cold fix nnnn