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  1. I feel you. Me and my buddy are hardcore Vanessa objective runners but as soon... and I mean as SOON as I see speed looters and doors left open with windows closed, I turn troll. Since nobody else is even tagging objectives in cabins they looted, we put the car together and run everyone over and leave, driving off as the two empowered fierce Black women we are. You don’t run objectives, you get run over and that’s how I play in 2020. Sns.
  2. Go into combat stance, it will show the shotgun/flare gun on your back/in your hand and an invisible melee weapon will appear in your hand. Hold down on the d-pad as if you were dropping the invisible melee weapon and and you will drop the glitched gun and unglitch yourself.
  3. Welcome to the forum and thanks for the masterclass illuminating seasoned players how to play. No. Traps are the objective controller. Many 150 players still run Part 2 just for traps when he is otherwise not very good and with garbage Shift. Every objective comes at a cost even if Jason isn’t there to chase or attack counselors. With traps Jason can pressure the gameplay even when he’s not in the area. When there is a trap at an objective, the counselor has to make a decision to tank, get someone else, use a PK, or just forget it. Play against a lobby of seasones counselors without trapping objectives and see how long your theory last. The police will be called in minutes while the car is starting and someone is grabbing the sweater. Any objective left untrapped is a free match for seasoned players. We will find every PK and use them on a phone trap or car objective, especially if one is trapped and the other isn’t. If not a PK it will be tanked while we heal ourselves like it’s nothing. As a backer/150/OG player, the only thing preventing me from escaping is a well-placed trap and a Jason that can immediately follow-up on it being triggered. A Shift+ Jason with Rage? Yawn. A Destruction+ Jason with the machete? Yawn. A bloody Part 2 with the pig splitter that trapped every objective? And can Morph back and forth in 10 seconds? We’re screwed.
  4. Kill squads are.... pathetic. Do something else. This game has become attack of the do-nothings. Whereas counselors used to have to sojourn to find repair items lost in the woods, since everything can be marked people can’t be bothered to do anything, hey just pass the buck especially repair counselors. Debbie and A.J.—once the most formidable counselors—are always caught not tagging or repairing. The item will be by the target, not trapped, yet Debbie refuses to do shit. Debbie Do-Nothing, every match. Every match. Debbie has the best repair yet I always catch her doing zilch. WTF. Anyway, kill squads are just as tryhard as many Jasons so whatever.
  5. Whatever, I’d rather have counselors on the roof dancing every match than the state the game is in now. Jason players have known how to get on the roof as well for well over a year. It took Gun so long (two years) to fix the roof glitch that it has always been an integral part of the game, especially with teamers in every lobby. The moment my friend would detect teaming, he would always go “that’s it, I’m going to the roof!” And double check and sure enough there would be 3+ teamers who were friends. Now, what to do? Jump in and out out windows while Jason shifts every 5 seconds as your PK disappears and the car flies back to the future. Cool. Alexa, play “Nowhere to Run” by Martha and the Vandellas. With how bugged the game is, how redundant the gameplay is, and knowing there is now new content, I began loving the roof glitch. I used to hate roof glitchers but eventually I was sick of the same tired gameplay. One of my favorite things with this game was to teach rando Jason players how to get on the roof so they could kill exploiters. I loved duking it out with Jason on Packanack, Higgins, or Pinehurst until he slashed me to death. Hilarious and cinematic. But I’m glad it was all worth it.
  6. Firecrackers are deleting pocket knives from the game. I was playing a match where I had two sprays and a PK in my inventory. I opened a drawer with firecrackers and replaced it with my med spray. The PK in my inventory was then removed and the extra spray was placed into the drawer. Another match, when I had a PK in my inventory and a spray, I found a firecracker in a drawer. I was after rage so i went ahead and threw it to get rid of it; my PK was deleted from my inventory. Another match I had the exact same thing happen, firecrackers in a drawer, picked them up, threw them and it deleted my PK from my inventory. So, the next time I found a PK and a firecracker I was fishy there was a bug. I threw my inventory on the ground, opened the drawer and retrieved the firecrackers. I threw them and the pocket knife on the ground disappeared before my eyes. WTF. I told my friend to not pick up firecrackers anymore for this reason. They’re completely bugged and will remove any PK from your inventory when you throw them. Others please test this out.
  7. I. Am. Howling. Of all the bugged patches we’ve received, this is by far the worst. This is just more evidence into the fact that Gun objectively lies, bends the truth, plays words games, and pays lip service when confronted. “We did test it!!!1” sure, Jan but how extensively? Playing a couple matches on your hardware is not the same as testing the game in the public in which it will be experienced. And testing a few things a handful of times might be “testing” but it’s neither adequate, thorough, nor sufficient testing. If a mechanical engineers or flight testers pulled the kind of double-speak horseshit excuses Gun did then millions of people who die every year... but they tested it!!!11 cool, I’m sure they did. Testing requires repeated steps and procedures that address every possible component to the item being tested and the outcomes therein. Playing this game multiple times as you are updating it is NOT testing. As a backer. I really don’t know what to say anymore, I’m aghast.
  8. -Items now randomly disappear from a full inventory when grabbing an item from a drawer during the “hold” prompt. Instead of switching, it might delete the item it replaces. Suck. -Locked or barricaded doors may be opened by Jason and unable to close again. -traps deactivate in the middle of setting while going through the animation -Jason’s shift regent is buffed? 7 second regen during rage... egregious. what else?
  9. Incorrect. The car can now teleport off the map without any interaction with Jason. It will not be listed as destroyed, but rather be missing from the objective list as I’d it escaped.
  10. Two more Kristine songs, probably “The Danger” and “Burning Fever” because the lyrics would have a new cheeky meaning in the context of the game.
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