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  1. Anytime I see a HINT of exploiting I will leave immediately. I don’t suffer fools. There are dozens of things I could be doing and the fact that I take the time to play this game after all its issues is me being generous. I do love the game, but it’s objectively become increasingly more insufferable because of the playerbase, not the lawsuit, bugs, or anything else. The original playerbase was the backers who were by in large in their 40s and 50s, some in their 30s. The average player now is a teenage douche wannabe streamer who didn’t even back the game, purchase the game with their own money, or pay for the internet to use the game. Those are the cunts obsessed with exploits. I’m just trying to unwind between projects, clients, clients, and conference calls smh
  2. I actually agree with @HuDawg on this one. If the counselor is that close to Jason they should be easily grabbed. The scenarios that might lead to this are: -Counselor runs out of stamina. If Jason runs down a counselor, it should be an easy grab, not a 45-second stamina showdown that just drags out the game because Jason’s grab *missed* when he was 3 feet behind a counselor. -Counselor is limping. If the limping counselor is even in the grab vicinity, they should be easily grabbed, not swerve and avoid a grab once or twice while limping, turn and attack, limp away and crawl in a window dragging the match out. People who do this aren’t actually skilled, they just know how to exploit clunky mechanics of an indie game. -Counselor is engaging in an action like opening a drawer, repairing, or even placing a trap. If Jason sneaks up during Stalk or just plain catches a counselor in the act, it should be an easy grab. The counselor didn’t use precaution and took the risk of doing something with Jason close by. Too many times counselors can *juke* when they should have been grabbed. With all things considered, poor counselor choices and actions often don’t result in their appropriate death or even getting grabbed because players—again—know how to exploit the game mechanics. This is why I’m all for this patch. In the future. I’d like to see a refined grab that is shorter but has an increased radius. If the counselors is right next to Jason at any angle and for whatever reason, I’m so so sorry but you should be grabbed. “BUT I WAS SLIGHTLY AN ARMS LENGTH AWAY THAT WAS BULLSHIT1111” You’re right, you were in arms-length of a serial killer and slightly wiggled to the side and he missed you; that was bullshit.
  3. The flare gun and firecrackers didn’t originally stun Jason to begin with. They were changed to give counselors extra firepower. This patch restored that if you didn’t know.
  4. Omg the blatant exaggeration. Something you don’t like is not GAMEBREAKING. Smh. You can tell who isn’t educated because they overuse hyperbole to make a point and it only backfired because they’re virtually lying. The GAMEBREAKING stun immunity. If that’s how you feel, then bye, get outta here!!! How you feel doesn’t change the fact of the matter that the patch fixed a near 2-year issues with trolls going toe to toe with mediocre/ new Jason players and dragging matches out as well as shameful veterans on Jason hunting parties getting easy kills. Those days are over, it’s not GAMEBREAKING it’s just heartbreaking for you bye.
  5. Medic, Thick Skin, and Sneaky. There are so many sprays I’ve never not had one when I need it. 25% Sneaky allows you to basically never have to jump through windows anymore.
  6. You’re telling me that we waited nearly 2 years to get dedicated servers and now you want to just go back to locally hosted lobbies? Ok.
  7. 1 Part 2 2 Friday the 13th 3 Part 3 4 Jason Lives 5 Part 7: The New Blood 6 Part 4: The Final Chapter 7 Jason Takes Manhattan 8 Part 5: A New Beginning 9 Freddy Vs Jason 10 Jason Goes To Hell 11 Jason X 12 Remake
  8. The sock puppetry is really getting out of hand. We are supposed to believe that a hundred players “who’ve been playing since day 1” or “been playing for years” suddenly joined the forum just to complain about this one patch? If you’re all such big, longtime players why are you just now joining the forum almost 2 years after the games been out? I’m sorry but F13th isn’t that go-to game anymore and there hasn’t been any buzz or hype since the PS+ reveal to rush people here. I guarantee there are just a handful of guys making several accounts so they can bitch. Not to mention counselor mains that like to dance and troll Jason in Halloween costumes represent the largest group of players complaining and your complaints have no merit so good luck with that. I see you.
  9. @prodigy5 just shut up already. Can someone please lock this thread? I recall last yeat multiple mods said complaint threads created just to fume and bitch would be locked.
  10. The literal lies. You still gain stamina from hitting Jason AND he pauses but doesn’t enter stun animation. I’ve survived no more or less since the update regardless of the Jason player’s level or the amount of teaming/tunneling/trolling. Me and a rank even killed a baby Jason yesterday. The new rage mechanic speeds matches up even if the Jason player is only somewhat formidable. Players are still realizing that Jason doesn’t stun anymore and are trying to face him but accidentally getting creamed OOP.
  11. I suspect a lot of sock puppetry going on right now. Can someone look into this please?
  12. Can we please get a lock on new forum membership and/or a probationary period after joining where members can’t post for a month? We don’t need people joining the forum just to bitch and be loud trying to push an inaccurate narrative that overrepresents their position. Kthnx
  13. Cool story. I just survived again to a level 110 Jason. I guess not everyone can do that.
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