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  1. Yes, it’s a huge backer and fan conspiracy to hold Gun accountable for its product. I appreciate the sentiment and quick apologist back pedaling that you’re good at, but nothing you say really matters. It’s great that you get on here, but time and again there has been a noticeable issue with accountability and transparency at Gun. Once you lose backer/fan/customer trust people just don’t believe you. It’s one of the reasons so many backers left this forum and are no longer around engaging with the game, its content, or community. Also, “facts” are created and mitigated by those who have power to control them. There are no universal truths as all knowledge is created by and shared through human interaction. I don’t hold two Ph.Ds, one in sociology, for nothing so don’t try to school me on “dialogue” that is “based only off facts.” You are unqualified to give an opinion on that. So you can feel that you are in the right based on your experience and the facts as you believe them to be, and others can also feel that you are just spinning any criticism as a conspiracy to spread misinformation. And that’s that on that.
  2. Spare us the feigned upset. As always, you didn’t address the major points in a valid post. And yes, the developers of a game SHOULD and need to be the best and the foremost experts on the gameplay... of their game. This is a top down issue Gun has always had, passing the buck to be someone else’s responsibility. Not everything falls on a handful of testers or the small group of guys coding. How are you going to be on a developing team yet not find or MAKE TIME to be the absolute expert on the game? That’s lazy and pathetic. That’s what happens when the hunger is no longer there because you have all been eating too good on our dime for 2 years now. As many have said before, the lack of testing and simply playing this game from the developer side is why so many bugs have gone unnoticed and just completed proliferated through the game. It’s not up to US ago find and report bugs as if your team even looks at the videos we post with zero views on a YouTube. Gun is out of touch with a game it represents and published which speaks to the consistent lack of professionalism. This from a company that used $800k to finance a game they proudly bragged about being one of the most downloaded games of 2017 yet claimed they didn’t have the money for a proper team. Oh ok. Furthermore, do you actually care to comment on the loss of immersion and Gun’s inconsistency with the way it presents the IP? Is Friday the 13th: The Game an M-rated faithful recreation of the cinematic experience of the franchise or is it a party game for children to run around in bunny costumes hitting Jason with wrenches and dancing? The 11th hour knee-jerk rage buff is not helping. Is Friday the 13th: The Game a faithful adaptation of a slasher franchise into nonlinear survival horror game or not? That’s the question. Just because the maps went through an arduous process to have every detail of the films present doesn’t discount the fact that the atmosphere quickly became abysmal shortly after launch. So what was all that work for just to have non-canon counselors running around mixed with look-allies and some actual characters? Fans love the game counselors but let’s not act like there was some inconceivable care out into them. There are multiple inconsistencies with this game supposedly being the 2nd act of a calm: Jason attacks the counselors at a camp in the start of the match yet he shows back up at his shack? The counselors see him kill someone at the beginning of the match yet are shocked at each new dead body they find? Tommy from Part 6 is running around with a new counselor created for the game who is using the sweater from Part 2 on Jason from Part 4? This is just lazy and indicative of developers that never refined their game. The public perception of Gun is a company that took the money and RAN. Whether that’s true or not, that’s your legacy. If you’re in a business selling goods and services that perception matters. The lawsuit happened, ok. The promise then was to focus exclusively on performance and bug fixes yet the game is filled to the brim with NEW bugs every update. It’s embarrassing. If there is no new content and all work is spent on performance and bug fixes, how is the game in the state it’s in? If you want to give up and pull the plug then do it but don’t rebuke the lack of developer engagement as the OP addressed. The backers, fans, and players alike have come and gone due to a complete distrust and you get on here bickering with us over tone, definitions, and semantics? Ok.
  3. The Drowned kill is glitching now for the first time, at least in the 2 years I’ve played. I’ve never seen drowning glitch unless someone left mid-kill. A few days ago, a teaming Jason *GASP* drowned me and let his friend escape but I bugged and was listed as “drowned.” The weird thing was I got stuck alive walking around on the bed of the lake until I “fell” infinitely and timed out. That same day, me and a random were running boat parts and she was “drowned” but popped up on the shore out of bounds, alive and walking around. She was able to swim in the water that was out of bounds and I could see her walking around, flashing her light. and dancing lol. Another match yesterday my brother drowned me as Jason and I was listed as “drowned” but was alive stuck in the swimming animation so it looked as if I was swimming while on land smh. Today, I witnessed Jason drowning someone and they popped out of the water in the typical “force choke” bug as if he grabbed her and was floating above the water u til she teleported onto land and was back in it. WTF is wrong with with this game that glitches are popping up this far after an update? Are the devs making adjustments without sending a patch and bugging the game? Is the game really deteriorating like this?
  4. My brother was Jason and 3 kills glitched out in a row: two environmental and one slotted. He had to finally just slash murder the Vanessa and ended up with 9/6.
  5. So slotted kills are now glitching like environmental kills. Smh. I did The Curb Stomp kill and it glitched into the “force choke” broken animation until the counselor broke free. WTF. This game really is deteriorating.
  6. It’s very common now. The car is flipping, teleporting, and disappearing every few matches. It’s the new rubberband glitch. Before this latest patch, the car occasionally was glitching when Jason threw knives at it and hit the sweet spot, now it’s crashing, flipping, teleporting into a cabin, or flying off the map completely for zero predictable reason. Driving on a clear road? Teleport into cabin. Jason throws knife and nothing happens? Ok. Barely grace a small rock? Flip. Jason throws knife again and the car flies off the map. There are no clear predictors of what will cause the car to glitch and that’s typical of these clueless amateur know-nothing fly by night ‘developers’ at Gun and Black Tower. This from a company that used millions of free dollars to fund a game they bragged about on social media for being one of the top downloaded games of 2017 yet cried that they didn’t have any money to pay a team.
  7. Thanks for another eloquent reply, I appreciate it. Everything makes more sense now that you reiterated it.
  8. It’s clear you don’t want to address all of the points I made so you opted to only responded to a select handful which makes you pretty disreputable. So how does a game that requires multiple updates not constitutive new content? New = new, fact. According to Sony, a game that has an update published contains new content by definition, fact. If “assets” in the game can be used to create non-new content, then why did Matt say they can’t use items in the Virtual Cabin 2.0? That is the dishonesty I mentioned. They can piece together assets to create a new notification for rage, add items to the maps to prevent exploits, but can’t use items in the Virtual Cabin 2.0? It’s the same game. Taking one asset and adding it, moving it, or changing it to create something new.... is new content. This faux-lawyer double speak about what the meaning of “new” is doesn’t fly. Lastly, mathematical addition is still an addition, regardless of the source or availability of an asset. Adding 1 item is the same as adding 1 million, it’s an addition. The addition of 1 thing or the addition of 1 million is still an addition. What do you not understand about that? What I’m reading is apologist talk trying to explain away facts and then say you’re the only one presenting fact when you’re not.
  9. The “already exists in the game” or “is an existing asset argument” doesn’t hold, period. Lies. If that is the case then games could therefore be perpetually updated just from existing content with nothing technically constituting “new content”—hey, it was all already there in the game engine as assets. Matt has been caught lying before SWERVING trying to explain-away how assets can be used, combined, expanded, or retooled to whatever end the developers want or don’t want. If that is the case, according to the devs, then what is stopping from creating more maps from existing content? What is stopping them from using existing patterns to create new colors or outfit, the patterns and colors already exist in the game. So placing new items—whether they are game assets or not—is acceptable, but copying the Crystal Lake map and changing a few things and calling it “Forest Green” is new content? There is no difference. You changed something on a map, it doesn’t matter if you added one thing or 1 million things, something new was added, regardless of its existence as a game asset. New content that required an application update to get. These devs have been changing things in the game for over a year since they were told they couldn’t. The blatant lies. If you changed so many things that your game requires an update you have objectively created new content according to Sony. Now considering there are actual items, —assets or not— that have been added to the game, this is the definition of new content. If it wasn’t in a previous version of the game, it’s new content—again—asset or not. So what is the truth?
  10. Thanks guys. I believe that all counselor speeds should be reduced by one point across the board. I also believe stamina should deplete ~10 seconds faster. This is an decrease of about 5%, not much but compiles with fear penalties. Not much but count to 10 when Jason is chasing you and you should have saved your stamina. The game really needs a complete overhaul like I mentioned in 2017 ahem. The devs have gotten away with changing the game that was envisioned, pitched, and funded by us backers. I won’t use the word promise, but Friday the 13th: The Game was sold to us as a cinematic non-linear survival horror game, not a brawl. The intention of the gameplay was to keep quiet, hide when needed, and try to escape. The changes we need: 1. change the availability and sequence of Jason’s abilities: Morph: Jason appears to be everywhere like in his first trilogy of appearances in films 2-4. Make Morph available from the start of the match Stalk: Jason is a silent killer, sneaking up on his victims with precision. Make Stalk available at the 1 minute mark. When activated, Stalk cannot be turned off until it has expired. Jason must use strategically. Counselors cannot rely exclusively on Jason’s music radius. Sense: Jason the supernatural killer has a keen ability to know where counselors are, indicative of his resurrection in Parts 6 on. Make Sense available at 3 minutes. Once used, Sense cannot be toggled off and requires a full cool down. Use sparingly. Shift: Jason can suddenly go in for a kill, somehow. Make Shift available at 5 minutes. Shift regeneration is fine as is. 2. Tweak all counselor skills and reduce speed and stamina each by one point. For too long have high speed:stamina character dragged out matches even when Jason was chasing. 3. Harsher stamina penalties to counselor’s when running. When running/sprinting, counselor’s should drain from full in 5 seconds. Non-running movement should now have lower stamina penalties (you know, how the human body works). This way counselors will easily be run down by Jason, only being able to sprint to a window to survive. 4. Hiding spaces no longer completely block sense pre-rage but still block it significantly. Counselors in hiding spots should have a base 0.35 chance of appearing on Sense, not 0. Smh. Basically, if Jason used Sense three times in a general area, a person hiding should show up, not be completely absolved from the ability’s purpose. Counselors should be using hiding spots more but not longer in them. This was the original attention of hiding spots. 5. Counselors in hiding spots do not scream when Jason is nearby nor do they scream when Stalk is active. 6. Readjust rage, again. Jason is still able to be stunned, but stun resistance is at 0.90 or slightly higher than Part 9. Fireworks still do not stun, but flare guns do. 7. Restore the original purpose of fireworks: a sound distraction. Fireworks should not stun Jason ever, sorry. Flare guns should stun as they were adjusted to do so now. 8. Reduce the amount of weapons on every map. A weapon in a cabin should not be a guarantee. No more than 2 weapons in a large cabin and no more than 1 weapon in a small cabin, sorry. This will increase the value of weapons, reduce the supply, and detour brawling with Jason at the risk of breaking your weapon. 9. Reduce the amount of health sprays and double the time it takes to use. Quick spritzes while Jason is right there is ridiculous. There should only be 2 sprays per match, sorry. We will see the meta include Hypochondriac in addition to Medic. Bring your own spray or suffer, sns. 10. Reduce the amount of pocket knives by 2. There should be ONE pocket knife per match and one with Tommy. It should be the holy grail, not “I haven’t found a knife yet.” 11. Add a prompt kill when counselors are near windows. Use the in-game icon, and the “Tossed” kill, Jason will grab through the window and throw them back through. Like other things recently adjusted, this is not “new content.” 12. Make repairs take longer. All base mini-game speed should be reduced by 50% Note that slower skill checks make repairs easier but take longer. No one is installing a new battery in 3 seconds. Sorry. 13. Restore the boat to being silent upon startup 14. Remove BOTH automatic Counselor GPS and Item icons. Counselors should only “appear” on the map if they have a walkie AND a map. This would make it more important to have both. Repair items should only be tagged for the counselor who actually tagged them. “Where did I find that gas again? Oh, over there.” This is the realistic use of item tagging as a function of a person actually remembering where they saw something. Counselors are not soothsayers and should not be able to perceive where items and people are at. 15. Make maps only available at the map kiosk. Jason might want to trap this location now as it’s the only way for counselors to get a map. Why there would be maps randomly in cabin drawers doesn’t make sense. 15. Counselors cannot suicide anymore, period. Self-inflicted damage should reduce counselors to 1 HP but never kill them. No, repeated damage from falling out of windows or traps not killing someone’s is not realistic but neither is someone actually trying to kill the sleeves in this way. As well, a counselor that steps in another counselor’s trap should still be killed. If counselors are that coordinated to kill each other nothing can help detour that kind of toxic behavior. What do you think?
  11. Nope, this has always been a problem. There is no correlation.
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