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  1. Uber Jason and the Grendel map, dedicated servers, Paranoia mode, and hopefully some more single player challenges.
  2. Congrats! I'm still a ways off because I need the 500 and 1000 matches as Jason and shockingly still need the kill 1313 people trophy as well.
  3. I'll leave my choice in the replies since you don't have it as an option choose but my answer is- I don't care if it ever comes or doesn't but would welcome if it did but it wouldn't bother me if it didn't.
  4. Went with the i don't know option because once I hit 150 I'm gonna the game the game a break and I'm almost max rank too I'm a level 142
  5. 5/8 because instead of trapping objectives I trapped windows so the last 3 got out by cops
  6. Back in the early days when you could team kill and the penalty was -500 xp I shot a teammate who was bragging about the 3 pocket knives he had and stole them for myself lol
  7. Lol I'm pretty sure @AldermachXIhere has accumulated more hours in this game than hours you've accumulated in life.
  8. Because I had a glitch today where I was playing as Jenny and was driving the car and ended up crashing and Jason pulled me out of it so I started spamming the break free button and then my character just went limp like Jason did a kill but he didn't and I died and when I checked the scoreboard I was not on it but instead my name appeared in the specatators section and Jason didn't get credit for the kill and at the end of the match I still got all the XP I had accumalated up until that point and was wondering if anybody else has experienced this?
  9. No, my favorite in-game Jason (other than Savini) is Part 8 and I don't like that movie that much but my favorite movie is Part 6 but I don't use that Jason often unless I just get in a mood to want to use him or the random Jason option does it for me.
  10. A few connection errors but other than that its been pretty good no dashboards either.
  11. Just went over and gave the channel a follow. This is a pretty cool idea. Also like the profile image lol
  12. People teaming with Jason over the mic not trying to hide it at all, a guy was like "He's in there in a closet Derek" so yeah obviously knew each other so I just closed the lobby.
  13. I believe there will be some content added in April because a 13th falls on a Friday that month.
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