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  1. 1. When Part 6 is using the machete, the machete on his belt should be gone. 2. The fence post model should be replaced with the Part 2 spear model for every Jason except Part 6. 3. Every player that owns Savini should be able to use his trident for every Jason. The trident model would also have to be replaced with the farmer pitchfork when any other Jason uses the weapon.
  2. What I like: all the scenarios are highly replayable. The challenges are challenging. The voice acting is great. the special kills are amazing! What I don’t like: the cutscenes are unskipable and you cannot pause during them. Too many of the same counselors were in the challenges. ( A.J and Adam ) Some counselors are hardly in the challenges. ( Mitch and Jenny ) What I would like to see: more challenges. Maybe one new challenge per large update. Like a Grendel challenge for when Uber Jason and Grendel come out? Final thoughts: The single player challenges are what I expected. They require some patience and you have to be quick. My rating: 8/10
  3. He always looked small to me. Like 6.2. I know that’s not really what other people would call small but I’m 6.9 so it’s small to me.
  4. “ do you have a bathroom? “ “ it is Wensday my dudes. “ “ what the fuck Richard!? “ “ Adam! “
  5. I would say no. The only thing I can think of would be what time the update will come out.
  6. 5 years ago I graduated from college.
  7. I like to think that I’m a really good Jason player so I guess... Being killed as Jason. Or 3 or more counselors escape.
  8. I’m pretty sure it’s black with one slightly dirty red chevron.
  9. They could be on alternate accounts. Months ago I saw a level 6 Savini.
  10. Shovel, fire poker, sythe, and uhh.....katana why not?
  11. Kills: eye gouge, two handed choke, neck twist, and rugby player. Weapons: matchete, fireaxe, and double sided axe.
  12. Then just let people who own Savini be able to switch it.
  13. The electrocution kill was a bunch of different animations. When Jason grabs Mitch, that was from the single player challenges version of the road sign kill, and when Jason kicks Mitch, that’s from the fireaxe throw.
  14. I’m pretty disappointed that the other Jason’s can’t use the pitchfork. I know they said that other Jason’s can’t use Savini’s pitchfork, but I hoped maybe they mean other Jason’s can’t use the devils pitchfork but they can use the farmer pitchfork.
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