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  1. Look closely at Jason's weapon. It is thinner and smaller in length.
  2. Update Content & Holiday Events: 12/18/2017

    In offline bots. Will the counselors know your there or not? Or is that only for single player challenges?
  3. Can you add to the ESRB?

    Thanks. @GunMedia_Ben
  4. Can you add to the ESRB?

    I've tried looking it up but I must be blind or something because I can't find anything about this. Wasn't very clear. Can you add to the ESRB when the game is already out?
  5. I can agree with you. I have had the pleasure of a being called a squeaker before because I sound much younger than I actually am. ( I'm 26 ) you may be 13 and technically you should not be playing the game but I'm not the parents. I've seen a few kids or tweens be actually nice and helping the team out best they can. Yes most are annoying and cringy, but I can admit there are a few that are not that bad.
  6. Running Over Counselors

    I sometimes run people over but it's for a reason. Ether they are being complete asses or the car is full and the counselor is in the middle of the road. Also maybe if Jason is on my ass and the counselor is in the middle of the road.
  7. I just want to know if this is happening to anyone else. They said that if you kill a counselor and they leave during the animation, you still get kill credit. Now maybe I still get the XP, but, at least for me, all I see on the lower left is versitial or environmental.
  8. They were thinking about giving penalties for people leave but until they fix the connection to host lost or connection timed out, then I think they won't do it.
  9. I don't usually go on random so I would not know. I'm still frustrated that I STILL can not take off the bloody variant of Savini! It doesn't look like their addressing it in the next update.
  10. Part IV Shift

    Any Jason that has shift as a weakness, the shift will be slower.
  11. That fucking radio perk! Easy listening right? It is probably the stupidest perk in the game. It must have been one of the last things the devs were thinking of when talking about what perks to be in the game.
  12. Are you level 101!? Then you must be hacker!
  13. It looks really good, but I'm nervous that when they release it, the servers will be down or something. I'm also expecting single player to come with it which makes me more nervous!