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  1. Chace Hollett

    What is your favorite vine?

    “ do you have a bathroom? “ “ it is Wensday my dudes. “ “ what the fuck Richard!? “ “ Adam! “
  2. I would say no. The only thing I can think of would be what time the update will come out.
  3. Chace Hollett


  4. The handgun should be a deputy’s revolver....with a mail ordered laser scope.
  5. Chace Hollett

    Graduation! Woo!

    5 years ago I graduated from college.
  6. I like to think that I’m a really good Jason player so I guess... Being killed as Jason. Or 3 or more counselors escape.
  7. Chace Hollett

    Battlefield V

    I’m expecting futuristic.
  8. Chace Hollett

    What race are you?

    I’m pretty white.
  9. Chace Hollett

    Question on Savini Jason's Mask

    I’m pretty sure it’s black with one slightly dirty red chevron.
  10. They could be on alternate accounts. Months ago I saw a level 6 Savini.
  11. Chace Hollett

    Weapon Selection Unlock Level

    Shovel, fire poker, sythe, and uhh.....katana why not?
  12. Chace Hollett

    Best Kills for Part 5

    Kills: eye gouge, two handed choke, neck twist, and rugby player. Weapons: matchete, fireaxe, and double sided axe.
  13. Chace Hollett

    The "Farmer's pitchfork"

    Then just let people who own Savini be able to switch it.