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  1. Yes love the virtual cabin, was so happy when i heard we were getting it in an updated style. It has tons of depth, has so much information going on and the puzzles are perfect for true fans. Thank you devs, IT MUST OF KILLED YOU...
  2. Naturally a power chord, probably A
  3. I'm a fan of the context kills so for me. I'd like to see kills involving the car. Be great if he could knock um down and push the car over them. Or maybe smash their head through a couple of the windows. Also and this would just give a little variety to water kills. The propeller if installed could be used to make mince meat of their faces. Just as it was to him in part 6. Of course won't neglect the already mentioned, electric box kill, smash a councelor into the electric box, thus putting out the lights permenantly.
  4. @Veevleigh an interesting idea. A few cliches of course but a good idea. I love the blame game element and the twist end. Being tried for multiple or mass murder. She would have done no worse than to let him kill her. That said you have a heroine who much like tommy with the trauma and no life left to speak off has every reason to return. Assuming she can get out of lock up.
  5. Did goth girl happen to catch an zombie std... i think this is how zombies are made. Lol
  6. I've just quit a game as host. Had the propellor but jason was on me. So i dropped it by the boat. Lost jason someone gets the boat started i make a run for it they are not escaping but sit idle in it. Soon as you get there she drives out your way and jason kills you and yeah it was totally bait for easy jason kills..these stream of wankers, i just don't want to play with this never ending flow of crap. I'll bloody quit everytime dont deserve my points. Fuck it put dead by daylight on. Im so pissed off.
  7. This happens because it has risk the car doesn't. Getting tipped means a sure death, that no knife, spray, crackers or shotgun will save you from.
  8. I wont lie since the recent patch in ff13th and freddy being included in dbd i havn't had friday on in a awhile which is a shame because i'm lvl 95. It's not freddy thats pulled me exactly i mean ive had it about as long as friday but i always prefered friday however...since freddy and picking it back up (i dont main freddy i prefer the shape) i've really grown to enjoy the perk system. The satisfaction isn't in the kills alone. It's in running a certain set of perks designed to do a certain job and seeing how it turns out. I've had some amazing runs. I agree with you with regards friday the 13ths future, Dbd can be incredibly immersive really. You look forward to earning the perk you want to run on whoever and finish your build. While on friday as fun as it is. Assuming i get all those badges what do i do with them after. This is why gun and illfonic really do and im sorry because i do enjoy friday the 13th; but yes really need to fix some real issues; servers and such. As i said i havnt played friday much and then when i did i got to play as jason and had disconnected from host message as i was about to kill the 8th, hardly encouraging.
  9. Part 6, i want the one he does in the movie. The fence post in the gut and ally oop over the shoulder. Maybe one like part 8's axe throw only he throws his fence post like a (sorry lazerus) like a spear...
  10. @NoOneK9503 no it wasn't greasemonkey. I had medic, preparedness and the one that you don't stumble as much.
  11. I notice that chad starts the vehicles insanely fast.
  12. DbD vs F13

    This is so, so very true. For all the shennanigans on friday the 13th it has nothing on the dbd communities toxicity.
  13. DbD vs F13

    This is an interesting topic and one i considered posting myself. I think a lot of it is how close you are prepared to look. On the surface dbd looks simple and with little depth and gameplay to f13. This isn't true, dbd really gives you the chance as survivors/killers to customise them as You want too. To put it in context, The different jasons are stronger/weaker in some areas but essentially all operate the same. They all have traps, shifts, stalk etc etc some are just better than others with one or another of these abilities. Dead by daylight however. Its killers are really far more different. Only one has traps, only one can throw, only one can stalk. You can see where i am going. What friday does better than dbd i think is give the purer slasher experience. It is so often more satisfying having fridays many kills over dbd's 1 or 2 on offer. There was a time that i would choose friday over dbd everytime only leaning to dbd when servers on friday were being particularly bad. Of course as already stated the community on dbd is far worse..i have had the "i hope you and your family die" message post match. My sin was to watch him die on his hook after the gate was open and they had all but won anyway. This is a massive put off from dbd. The learning curve is bloody hard on dbd or im just really bad. I played for seemingly ages before i got my first 4 k match. Finding survivors is hard enough, catching them harder and then putting them down not once either but a couple of times. Really dbd can be so frustrating from a gameplay "what am i doing wrong" pov, while friday will most often iritate because of its poor servers or host/jasons quittings all the time. Personally i rate friday better as the better game. It is for all its faults generally a more fun experience but dbd shouldn't be disregarded even more so recently as its using licensed killers to give itself more of an edge against its most obvious rival f13th... I am already enticed and watching dbd for freddys official psn release date.
  14. This is exactly the mentality you should have. Every hit every knife is indirectly helping you until you have rage. Pocket knives don't bother me in the slightest. The way i see it id rather it went in jasons throat than the trap i placed by the 4 seater. In fact i had a recent game where i shifted/ grabbed a tiffany as i saw her crouch near a trap too disarm it...yes thats a better place for that knife, now run along and i'll be with you momentarily...
  15. Jasons that act like they're superior

    Oh like that is it? Lol Sweet dreams are made of these...