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  1. The thing that got me, was the uber leak on p.c. and then the news of the lawsuit and content probably about a week later. That just seemed suspect to me, sorry i'm being honest. In any case all i wanted was uber Jason. I could actually live without the grendel map. Regardless, i'm pessimistic we will get what we want. Though least that way if i'm wrong it's a nice surprise.
  2. Yes i guess that's true. Most games don't go that way but when they do. You just resign yourself to your fate.
  3. I know the developerd can't add additional content not so much as a tree, but i'm really hoping they can do something about groups or scratch that, entire lobbies attempting to kill me. It is the most demoralising and un fun thing that i've had to deal with; even moreso, than these dedicated server issues. I've just had a game and honestly inside i'm raging but, yes i've had a game and pretty much from the word go, they we're hunting me and it sucks. Does Jason want to run away of course not, but the instinct to survive is there, for EVERYONE. Anyway it sucks, 7 counselors all in a group dancing outside packanack lodge, waiting for poor old lil jason to show himself. There must be a way to challenge this kind of behaviour in the game. Dev's please do something, i have 2 ideas a mix up of them could help...one jason's damage output and a reduction based on how many counselors are within a certain range of him and two at the very least make it so counselors can't enter his shack until at least i don't know 4 of them have died. It's just too damn easy for a group of 7 to kick his ass!
  4. This is one thing that really grieves me. One that he is technically already in the game. Two, that some select and not so deserving people have him to use.
  5. You're suggesting his new grab will end up nerfing him? That was my first thought.
  6. Oh they were legendary kills. I won't argue Jason is the Man but nor will i concede that roy deserves anything but our respect. He brought life, erm death back to crystal lake.
  7. I like roy, i've no shame in saying part five has grown into one of my favourite movies in the set. It was refreshing and different. That element, if it's not jason who is it? Was brilliant. His kills were awesome very inventive stuff. More than all that he allowed us to miss jason and i did, it's with that in mind that i'll always say i love jason but i won't have any roy bashing.
  8. Absolutely right you are. Roy was brutal, a god send to the series. Reinvented jason as we know him. The prototype zombie jason with the most inovative kills in the series.
  9. Yes love the virtual cabin, was so happy when i heard we were getting it in an updated style. It has tons of depth, has so much information going on and the puzzles are perfect for true fans. Thank you devs, IT MUST OF KILLED YOU...
  10. I'm a fan of the context kills so for me. I'd like to see kills involving the car. Be great if he could knock um down and push the car over them. Or maybe smash their head through a couple of the windows. Also and this would just give a little variety to water kills. The propeller if installed could be used to make mince meat of their faces. Just as it was to him in part 6. Of course won't neglect the already mentioned, electric box kill, smash a councelor into the electric box, thus putting out the lights permenantly.
  11. @Veevleigh an interesting idea. A few cliches of course but a good idea. I love the blame game element and the twist end. Being tried for multiple or mass murder. She would have done no worse than to let him kill her. That said you have a heroine who much like tommy with the trauma and no life left to speak off has every reason to return. Assuming she can get out of lock up.
  12. Did goth girl happen to catch an zombie std... i think this is how zombies are made. Lol
  13. I've just quit a game as host. Had the propellor but jason was on me. So i dropped it by the boat. Lost jason someone gets the boat started i make a run for it they are not escaping but sit idle in it. Soon as you get there she drives out your way and jason kills you and yeah it was totally bait for easy jason kills..these stream of wankers, i just don't want to play with this never ending flow of crap. I'll bloody quit everytime dont deserve my points. Fuck it put dead by daylight on. Im so pissed off.
  14. This happens because it has risk the car doesn't. Getting tipped means a sure death, that no knife, spray, crackers or shotgun will save you from.
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