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  1. Yep.. Looks like your usual everyday match on PS4 to me.
  2. Nintendo Switch Online app itself is free in iOS app stores, but the console's online service sure isn't
  3. Don't know how this will work out since any Switch game with voice chat requires a mobile app. I saw Dead by Daylight announced in Nintendo's last direct, but this F13 is totally left field.
  4. This game will always be #1 on my list of most hilarious games of all time.
  5. Been using Thick Skin perk lately since most Jasons I encounter have been making it rain knives. Jason’s rage is still deadly, but not on the top of my list of worries.
  6. It would be pretty cool to watch Jason in spectator mode like in Private Matches, but of course players would find a way to ruin that as well.
  7. Had this Part 3 Jason grab me from across the other side of a couch/sofa, but then he got stuck and i was like “HAHAHA! YEAH! THATS WHAT YOU GET” and the as the Jason player releases me, he turns on his mic and was like “Hahaha ok! i’ll give you this one!”
  8. I've dealt with this issue a lot on PS4. One time a Jason on mic admitted he had friends help him team so he could learn the ropes and gain more XP to level up. There is no excuse for cheating, but I could understand how new players need assistance when playing with veteran friends.
  9. Lately I've had issues with the shotgun/rifle bug where you become interaction locked after using it or stepping out of a vehicle
  10. Child Tommy Players be like: "Hey you guys! Let's kill Jason" "Could you protect me?" "You're running too fast! Don't leave me!" As for Child Jason Players... "I'm not gonna kill you cause I'm a nice Jason"
  11. Can't tell you how many matches I've been in where there's only 1 Jason and 2 counselors left in the entire lobby by ending period. "That damn Jason player made the entire lobby rage quit!"
  12. Don't certain Jasons have a higher/lower stun resistance than the rest? I feel the more undead Jason looks, the harder he is to stun.
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