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  1. Best Screenshots

    Got a couple selfies with an afk Part 5 the other night (Too bad someone already knocked his mask off!)
  2. Will they never rework Jenny?

    I like her the way she is. I just think she has an acquired taste that only a few players appreciate.
  3. Weapon swings keep missing

    Jason literally walks away from weapon swings
  4. Locking items in rooms

    You know what else sucks? when someone leaves objective parts sitting in locked cabins with bear trapped windows (open doorways too)
  5. Perks you think are dumb?

    Tinker, Anything swim related, and by personal opinion, escape artist (I mash & mash but it's still not garenteed)
  6. This song was the very first... loooooove.
  7. Personally... 1.choosing to swim while being pursued by Jason 2.Using the sweater on Jason while he's knocked down/grounded 3.locking all entry doors in packanack lodge/Higgins haven/landmark houses 4.screwing up skill check games as Tommy 5.Quitting the game as a host after being killed (honorable mention) 6. taking someone else's weapon when they're 2 feet away placing bear traps or objective parts
  8. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    the music is so loud you could barely hear the mic players. I just lowered the default game volume
  9. Best Screenshots

    More for the thread:
  10. Uniforms?

    Love the uniform idea! Sports attire would be pretty awesome too. I still dream of seeing Jenny in a baseball uniform.
  11. Friday the 13th: Hyper Turbo Championship Edition
  12. Jason too easy to kill?

    Haha smart! I've seen a Jason morph out of that situation before and thought it was hilarious since all that team work went down the drain in an instant. Usually all the counselors get salty at Tommy for not pressing the right button or at the person that "screwed it up with an extra hit"
  13. Jason too easy to kill?

    rough estimate, but 3/5 QP lobbies I've played in had players attempting to kill Jason. only 1/3 lobbies were successful in killing him. Gathering Tommy and a sweater volunteer seems to be the easy part. Getting the scenario together and executing the kill is the hard part imo. For some reason Jason glitch slides all over the place once we get him on his knees...... oh, I also wouldn't recommend doing this if the Host is Jason
  14. Higgins Haven for me. That white river bridge by Blair's Cove always gives me a bad vibe.