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  1. "Fixed a bug that was causing an incorrect amount of kills to be shown on the scoreboard" "11/8 I'm a killing machine! ya'll can't touch THIS beast!" <- no more of this
  2. They tried

    Does Jason's mask have to be off in order to kill him? I always hear players argue about 2 things: Jason not needing to be demasked when killing him and that apparently Tommy has to have the mask in his inventory.
  3. I have no solution for the way players behave. I think whoever plays as a counselor or chosen Jason never really acknowledges or remembers how much salt their making their opponent spill on the opposite end. Kiting Jason around for 9 minutes may be another "Casual Tuesday" for you, but it could be a "childish keep away hour" for whoever it is playing Jason. Then that Jason will most likely be a counselor next game and retaliate back in that "childish" manner.
  4. You may feel good leading Jason on for so long but then you have to think to yourself "this is what i'm doing to people?". We forget what it is like on Jason's end (let alone dealing with your shenanigans as a counselor). Not saying you got your just desserts, public match players aren't always civil or care much about wasting people's time.
  5. When the match barely starts and Jason decides to chase me 10 minutes into the match while everyone else has no objectives going during that time frame (but they sure do have plenty of pocket knives)
  6. Hopefully before Stranger Things gets a Season 3 release (awesome show btw). I have a hunch we'll get vague update information sometime before Christmas. Don't take my word for it though.
  7. I remember a while ago the team mentioned they would find a way to make distant campfire areas more worth while. I still occasionally use camp fire stations to restore my mini map during fear state.
  8. Jenny for days. Too bad Tommy isn't a counselor cause he would have had my vote..
  9. I'm on PS4 and I could confirm this.. Whenever Quick Play creates a lobby where i'm the Host I usually just quit. Everytime I try waiting no players join.
  10. I've encountered this blue light a couple times before. Maybe a lighting bug? Could have sworn I've seen this "blue light" mentioned in a thread a while ago.
  11. Advantages of Combat Stance

    Another advantage..... You could use combat stance's heavy/vertical attack to break down fences more easily.
  12. Shutting left open doors in Jason's face while he's chasing me through cabins. it's hilarious when hes shifting after me and he stops dead at the door I shut behind.
  13. That's a drag! Last night I had a Tommy player fail to escort me to the police exit. He had a weapon on him, I was burning my stamina trying to keep up with him (I hate it when Tommy sprints as if the entire cast could keep up with him), and by the time we were quarter way to the police exit..Jason shows up! Jason looks at Tommy sprinting to the exit and then looks at me.. out of stamina, short of breath, and standing there. Tommy didn't turn his back to help, he just ran for the exit and left me behind. Even when I die as Jenny, I put much more effort into helping others when I respawn as Tommy.. It is what his character is built for
  14. Haha that is alright. Players play their counselors differently and I happen to utilize Jenny's stats and traits like a Home Alone movie character. I prioritize my own survival first over martyring myself over objective parts (As soon as a team falls apart, Jenny easily gets left behind and targeted). I'm just a high level player that enjoys playing a delicate character, just wait until you bump into the Tommy player that barely lifts a finger to help out.
  15. "Get the hell off my map!"