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  1. I wouldn't buy it.. I'm the kind of person that peeves over glittered up re-releases and game releases with unfinished content/modes (Not only for this game, this seems to be a thing many developers are guilty of this day and age).
  2. I assumed it was a glitch. I've seen a couple Jasons morph out of range as soon as the sweater dialogue begins.
  3. This game is fun until the horrible match making searches and constant Host/Jason quits take effect. I've had my friends decline my F13 party invites because they'd rather continue playing their Dark Souls Remastered, Monster Hunter World, or Fortnite over this disappointment.
  4. silencedeffect

    The match ended early. Why?

    I'm encountering the same issue.. A frustrating issue too since only very few players in QP sessions actually catch wind of it.
  5. silencedeffect

    What makes you tunnel?

    Having your mic on or running around with large objective parts usually gets you tunneled imo. 1 quip or lousy comment is a guaranteed tunneling.
  6. silencedeffect

    Best Screenshots

    Usual QP fun and selfies~
  7. silencedeffect

    Jenny + Escape Artist viable?

    Equipped an epic one on Jenny before and I didn't notice a difference. I would expect it to work better while I'm lazily mashing out of a grab, but no.. You're better off mashing out for God spare life like everyone else.
  8. silencedeffect

    Double XP

    I like how this arrived..... After my friends hit level 113 and stopped playing.
  9. silencedeffect

    Potential Jason Teamers

    Be the adult and morph away
  10. I leave the keys by the car since I really dislike the driving controls and mic users. "You're an idiot!" "How the hell did you crash?!" "Dude c'mon..." "You should have let me drive" is all you hear. I'm level 150 and I've only successfully escaped while driving very few times.
  11. silencedeffect

    Tommy LIves!

    Haha some people just aren't satisfied with dying once
  12. silencedeffect

    Best Screenshots

    More camp fun with the new update
  13. I'd rather recommend Monster Hunter World (Running out of patience with F13 and Battlefront 2 atm)
  14. silencedeffect

    trouble playing

    Sounds like the usual everyday issue to me. It is worse when you're in a 2-4 player party trying to find a QP lobby. Try closing F13 and booting it up again..
  15. A simple color palette grid to swap clothing colors would have been nice..