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  1. I'd rather recommend Monster Hunter World (Running out of patience with F13 and Battlefront 2 atm)
  2. silencedeffect

    trouble playing

    Sounds like the usual everyday issue to me. It is worse when you're in a 2-4 player party trying to find a QP lobby. Try closing F13 and booting it up again..
  3. A simple color palette grid to swap clothing colors would have been nice..
  4. I've seen more Host quits during Jason kill cut scenes. Mainly on double XP weekends when a Jason volunteers to be killed while the host sits in spectator mode.... Waiting for alll that hard work to build up so they could Quit right before you get your XP.
  5. silencedeffect

    PSA: Update will not drop on 5/26

    Not going to let this ruin my upcoming 3 day weekend (5/28 US Federal Holiday).. With E3 around the corner and early summer pre-orders, i'll probably just be playing abit less.
  6. silencedeffect

    Jason Dance Moves

    Jason already has a twirl and combat stance spam. lool Frank
  7. silencedeffect

    Funniest Experience?

    Encountered this crap 2 times.. I was dragged out of the passenger's seat by Jason and we ended up on top of the car while he asphyxiated me... Then I sat around in spectator mode, watching them joy ride Jason all the way to the exit (he slides off the car before hitting the exit boundary).
  8. silencedeffect

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    The faith in this thread is strong
  9. silencedeffect

    Savini Jason

    Encountered 3 of these.... *lobby with mics* "Cool! Someone is using Savini Jason!" *Match starts with Savini Jason Intro* ...... *Savini disconnects/leaves* "Awww dude what the hell..."
  10. silencedeffect

    Best Screenshots

    Sorry for double post.. Wanted to contribute something else other than more threads about the update we're all waiting on
  11. It would have been better if Weapon Swapping were available from the start, but you could only swap weapons from the Jasons you've unlocked.
  12. The counselors have a shoulder button to see behind themselves, I figured it was an unnoticeable button Jason had. I feel sorry for Jason being smacked from behind from time to time, but at times I've literally seen him walk away from swings (especially while gripping on counselors), so I sometimes wonder if he even needs more visual aids along with his powers. I think the "stealth" aspect of the game is also a reason.