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  1. Been considering on picking up the Switch version until I viewed these various issues reported on the forum. Controls are a MUST for this game. Don't know if it'll help much, but I am able to pair my Playstation 4 Controller (and various other controllers) using a device called "Mayflash Magic NS". They're in stock on Amazon and works really well whenever i'm playing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.
  2. Kite Jason around for more than 10 minutes... He finally gets the kill on you and unmutes: "Too easy!" "This Goddam counselor dude!" "You're such a waste of time" "Annoying ass piece of shit!" (my favorite) "You DO know you just wasted your chance to kill me, right?" (Sweater equipped)
  3. Players that feel the need to lock all single lock doors in big houses ( 90% of the time they immediately run off to another location anyway!)
  4. The glitchers... Especially when they have their mics on and brag about it like know-it-alls!
  5. On PS4 players are still getting on the Packanack roof literally every other match.
  6. My guess is either during Switch version release or July 4th holiday weekend.
  7. silencedeffect

    Fan Art

    They look awesome! Do you do commissions or sales? I'd love to buy a bead Jenny \o/
  8. The team mentions recent fixes and progess that they're working on for their games. I recommend giving their channel a follow or giving their live stream a watch.
  9. Mama always told me to never run on the street.. I just stay indoor and view the car on the map.
  10. Wide trees are your best friends. Why bother cornering yourself in a cabin when you could hide behind a mighty tree that could 50/50 your chances of getting grabbed or slashed.
  11. Yeah, La Chappa gets an A+ for dramatic 1 liners as well πŸ˜‚. Hope next poll you do will be for death cries
  12. Tommy hands down! β€œHe’s killing me!!!”. Bugsy is runner up β€œYou want some more?! Huh?!”.
  13. Recently experienced a Jason who tunneled me for days on end while the other counselors repaired the 4 seater and called the cops. Turns out this Jason and a few counselors were in party chat together laughing it up.
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