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  1. Why would you split off from the gang if Jason is getting his ass kicked by 5-6 teenagers altogether? Nope. It will not make any difference from now if they don't work on something to buff Jason against being ganged upon. I am part of a group of 101's and we play daily since launch. Nowadays we have a rule set that players cannot all gang up in the beginning of the match, or it becomes unplayable for any Jason player. The scenario we try to avoid is for example, right after the intro all counselors meet up at Packanack lodge, meanwhile probably Jason is doing his stuff (placing traps, breaking generators/doors etc..), when everybody is there they move always as a group through every objective. In less than 5 minutes Jason has his mask off. Group moves to phone, cars, and his shack. Jason is desperate and beaten up and I don't believe the game was supposed to allow this. Don't get me wrong, this is not a single separate case. It is easy to pull off even against the best of Jason players when there is a group of experienced players that communicate and play together everyday. There should be a way for Jason to counter this. At least they should fix his hit-detection...
  2. What? So the whole idea about giving some meaning to campsites is maybe find a pocketknife or medspray there trying to tease a counselor to go outside in the opening thus giving Jason an easier target? Fine, just bring a friend together or even the whole gang and keep the alternating grab-stun turns on poor Jason with his failed hit detection swings. You gotta be kidding they will add more defensive items for counselors. Now we really need a instant-kill-piercing harpoon for Jason more than never.
  3. Does anybody know where are the intro movies for each map now located after the latest patch? Before, the .mp4 files for each opening were locate at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\F13Game\SummerCamp\Content\Movies, but now there are only 2 files there, respectively the one that plays when you open the game, and the one that rolls for the credits. I would like to know where the ones for each map intro are stored now. Cheers.
  4. I've only had the chance to try the new update for Steam now, and I must say you guys did a pretty beautiful and efficient job there @GunMedia_Ben and all the other people involved! The game is running smooth as never before, please don't change that ever! Now my GPU is being fully requested at all times, what stopped happening since the last 2 updates. And that means stable FPS! I'm able to shift behind people without any hiccups, stutters, or freezes again! Please continue to mind people like me who don't have last generation PC's and love YOUR game! Congratulations and cheers to you all! Now back to the hunt!
  5. Level 101 here, 366 hours of gameplay so far. Totally agree with you. Since last patch I have been unable to play due to fps drops (to 10-15, sometimes even less) and before spring break patch it was never like that. Sometimes the game just freezes for like 3-4 seconds and I totally lose the momentum. Playing as Jason is impossible right now as well, when I shift it goes like 7 fps, totally frame-by-frame, it has been embarrassing because since I got the game being Jason has always been my spawn choice. Again, it ran perfectly before the spring break patch, and now even if I mess a little with resolution or other video settings it doesn't make any difference. Already tried uninstalling/reinstalling the game and steam, searched for any other help I could find but didn't get any improvement. I play Doom 2016 on this same machine with all high settings and get 60 fps easily so obviously it is a problem with the last patch. And now, to conclude it all, I am just getting a Fatal Error every time I try to access the counselor clothes or emotes screen, and it crashes the game. Jeez, I didn't have any of this nightmare happening before the last patch. Please, somebody, do something! I wish to get back playing the game!