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  1. Hello I also play on PS4 trickhead_ if you want to add me . I'll be on later today .
  2. I hate it so much because I worked for those tapes I logged 30 hours this week so far and haven't found 1 so when I do find them I should get to keep them you would think ? They aren't numbered . If there are copies the developers should number them so if I already have it I can leave it for another player . Interesting theory I have found all odd number tapes with Vanessa there could be something to that .
  3. Two weeks ago they told me it was a bug but then after sending my 8th complaint they sent me a message on Facebook saying there ARE duplicates ! I wish they would adress this officially . They are not numbered so how would we know which ones are duplicates ? Still more questions than answers . I found 19 so far but only have 11. It's driving me mad like I quit playing for an entire week maybe next time I won't be back it's maddening to me and I keep getting different answers depending on which week it is .
  4. They should make it worthwhile leveling up like when you get to level 51 you get a 4th perk and 101 a 5th . At least you'd be working toward something for a reason other than a stupid outfit .
  5. So nobody knows anything ? I guess that's to be expected by now with this company .
  6. This is the same Jason who was killed by a little boy version of tommy Jarvis .
  7. I found 6 Pamela tapes since the patch and didn't get any of them after the match . Deleted the game twice still doesn't work . There are no duplicates either per Gun .
  8. I found 6 this week and they didn't let me keep ANY of them . I've since deleted the game . Not playing this pos until they fix the glitch . There are no duplicates that's a glitch . Need to report it . Doesn't matter if they leave you're supposed to get it . That's a glitch you should report it .
  9. So I try to report glitches to the website jasonkillsbugs and I keep getting this error message anytime I try to attach a picture or video . I spent two hours last night editing and converting videos and pics from my PlayStation to my phone and then to my computer and none of them worked all I get is this error . I have many glitches to report . I have found 6 Pamela tapes since the last update and didn't get ANY of them . I have this all recorded and I can't send the videos to the site . Will someone please who works here reach out to me so that I can send you all of the video evidence I have of gameplay glitches ? I had Vanessa in blackface yesterday as you can see in the pic . There are still many issues with this game and I also can not find the link to the list of known issues is . If someone could help I'd appreciate that thanks .
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