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  1. I couldn't find any under Suggestions/Feedback, and doesn't it deserve its own topic? Michael certainly deserves his own game... Perhaps Gun/Illfonic can take the lessons they hopefully learned and apply it to another licensed slasher.
  2. I mean, sure, Friday the 13th happens a little more often than Halloween does, but with a new Michael Myers movie looming at the end of a dark hallway, and the success of the Haddonfield DLC on Dead by Daylight, now is the perfect time to capitalize on his inevitable resurgence in popularity and seek the license for a Halloween game. The gameplay mechanics wouldn't even have to change, you could literally make the EXACT same game, just new Haddonfield maps, playable babysitter characters, and Dr. Loomis as the hero character. I'd back it...you know who else would? John fucking Carpenter. He's a huge gamer.
  3. Nah, I love the new grab, it's fine as it is, just widen the range a smidge.
  4. Meat-shielding sounds awesome, was that a thing at some point @The Wolf with that Toast?
  5. Again, I'm not going so far as to say "Jason is a Joke", because it's still possible to clear a lobby of experienced players almost every time, but it seems that, to a lot of players, he IS a joke, or at least he's treated like one. And it's not due to player inexperience but because there are well-known flaws with Jason's mechanics and they delight in exploiting the ever loving hell out of them. Certainly this is not how the game was intended to be played, is it? I don't want his grab range TOO wide like it was with a certain patch last year, because that was insane, but I've ran clear past Jasons in spots where he should have grabbed me and likewise I've grabbed right through people who as far as I could tell were made of air. It needs a small tweak. The 3 bats was a bit of an exaggeration, but I've encountered many a camp of counselors who seemingly had a limitless supply of baseball bats at their disposal. That or Crystal Lake has a baseball bat factory nearby. It's anyone's guess, really. I'll concede cheap shot stuns for Rage Mode Jason, but I don't think they should have a higher chance of stunning him. Anything else that could make Jason fearsome again?
  6. Now that we're starting to somewhat process the grief of no new content at all ever again until the end of time, I think it's time we sit down and discuss the trouble with Jason... I hate to side with the "Jason is a Joke" crowd, but it's getting harder to argue with them. Level 150 Jasons should not be getting trounced like n00bs. Players shouldn't feel safe enough to run up and smack Jason and then gleefully dance over his unconscious body. Jason shouldn't feel like a target. And again, I hate to agree with this sentiment, but this really has become less of a game of survival and more of a game of Whack-A-Voorhees. Players are knowingly exploiting Jason's slow and clunky mechanics, and the overall result makes playing Jason about as fun as watching your aunt get a colonoscopy. Here are 5 easy ways that I think we could make Jason scary again... 1.) The New Grab - I love it, but it could be sped up a tad, and the cone (rectangle?) definitely needs to be widened. It's way too easy to run past Jason in a narrow hall, and in a crowd of three or four, he should be able to grab at least one of them. 2.) The Window Force-Field - This one needs no explanation...I'm courteous by nature, but Jason isn't, and he shouldn't have to politely wait for someone to get through a window before breaking it. Remove this and do away with the button prompts, please. We're begging you. 3.) Combat - I think both of Jason's swings could be slightly faster and blocking needs to be fixed because I'm pretty sure it's broken. 4.) Too Many Melee Weapons Per Map - "Oops, broke my weapon when I hit you for the third time after repeatedly dodging your slow and awkward grab! That's okay, I'll just run to the next cabin, where there are at least 3 baseball bats with 'Jason's Ass' written all over them!" 5.) Jason Shouldn't Get Stunned By Melee Weapons While in Rage Mode - This is perhaps the most important one, I think. When Jason is in Rage Mode, he is more powerful, but what does that really mean for you, the player? Well, it means you get to instantly smash through doors and walls, and get stunned by whoever's waiting to swing at you on the other side, with absolutely no way to block them. Jason should be even more fearful when in Rage Mode, it should make the player feel even more intimidating (not that Jason is very intimidating anymore) and Jason should therefore be harder to stun, but instead, Rage Mode has become just another mechanic for counselors to exploit. Firecrackers, rifles, bear traps and flare guns should still stun him, yes, but I firmly believe that melee weapons should be useless against him unless you've activated Pamela's sweater. That's all I've got, feel free to add any ideas of your own, or tell me how wrong mine are...
  7. Level 150 here... The anxiety of being Jason is very real. There is definitely a sense of pressure in giving a lobby a "Good Jason Experience", (even if you are a good and experienced Jason) and it can be especially frustrating when there are those little vermin dedicated to smacking your big dead ass around for twenty minutes. Some protips for a chill round as Jason, in addition the great ones already given here... 1.) Don't start chasing everyone you encounter right away. Twenty minutes is a long damn time. Lay those traps and wait. They'll come to you. 2.) Always keep in mind, even if they are taunting you, they are STILL afraid of you, or they wouldn't be running from you... 3.) Make sure you clear out the Fixers first, (Debra, AJ, LaChappa, Mitch, Adam) this will slow down car and phone repair. Then go after the Runners and Hiders. Take out the highest level players first, if possible. 4.) Might sound sexist, but only a female counselor can wear Pamela's sweater. Kill them all first if you don't want to suffer a humiliating defeat. Alternatively, just take out the nearest generator every time you lay a trap at an objective to prevent them from radioing for Tommy. 5.) Activate Stalk before Morphing to a location, to really get the jump on your target. 6.) When you chop down a door, whomever's inside will usually be waiting by an open window. Instead of immediately running in a cabin when the door breaks, use Sense to see if they crawl out of it, and then Shift around the outside of the house to that window. Scares the shit out of even the most rascally of trolls. 7.) Try to avoid groups of counselors. Keep your distance until they split up. And if you find you have to go into one to prevent them from escaping, just start hacking and slashing. You might get beat up, but their weapons will break. 8.) Watch out for the fake-stop. Those who have figured out Jason's mechanics have timed his grab and they will fake you out by stopping short while you're chasing them, running a few steps ahead to avoid your grasp, and then turning around to punish you for it. Don't even try to grab them. Just slash the ever loving hell out of them. Or Morph away and watch their movements and figure out how to trap them. 9.) Beds, outhouses, and closets aren't the only hiding spots... 10.) Take your time. This is the most important one. After you lay those traps and smash those generators, just take a backseat and watch everyone else scramble around for a bit. Figure out who the weakest links are and save them for later. And don't sweat it if the cops get called. A lot of people can die in 5 minutes.
  8. Top 5 Successes: 1.) A simple and fun gameplay concept that is very enjoyable when working correctly 2.) A pleasant variety of customization options for Jasons and Counselors 3.) Realistic environments that remain true to the look of the Friday the 13th films in every detail 4.) The ability to bring together so much of the cast and crew who contributed to the original films to create a genuine Friday the 13th experience 5.) A Single Player Mode that was actually worth the wait Top 5 Failures: 1.) An inconsistent basis of communication with fans and backers/Backers waiting over a year for items they already paid for 2.) A gross underestimation of how popular a game called Friday the 13th would be 3.) Bugs and glitches that have existed since launch/Literally everything that happened to Xbox players...my god...glad I'm on PSN 4.) An overall inability to live up to many of the game's biggest promises, i.e. an additional game mode, Uber Jason, more maps, dedicated servers 5.) Too much meddling with Jason's mechanics
  9. I genuinely feel like they realized back in March or April that the Grendel Map, like "Paranoia", just wasn't going to work at all the way they wanted it to, and they were waiting until June to give us this bullshit cop-out. I hate to say it, because I've spent hours arguing against people who have accused them of such tactics, but I can't find any other logic in this.
  10. So it would seem. Again, I was a staunch hawk against haters of this game, and I have the posts to back me up, but the "Aw, gee shucks, we're just a little indy dev" excuse isn't going to fly this time. Not with me.
  11. I'm with SpraykwoN, I was an ardent defender of Gun Media while already-promised content, like Single Player Challenges, was being pushed back indefinitely, or in the case of "Paranoia", scrapped altogether. I stood by their side because I love what they have crafted. I play the game, glitches and all, for hours on a daily basis, and I thoroughly enjoy every moment of it. I have no doubt that Gun Media and Illfonic love Jason just as much as I do, and their passion for the Friday the 13th films is visibly evident in their game. Your fandom was never in question, Wes. What is questionable is your decision to cancel ALL future content, even content that was already promised to us, even if the lawsuit is settled. I find this decision hard to defend, and even a little bewildering. I felt like you'd already gutted us with a machete when you made the announcement, but then Wes decided to come up and decapitate us just for good measure. Unless you are just strictly prohibited from discussing even the possibility of future content until after a settlement is reached, I see absolutely no reason for telling us this. But even if that were the case, wouldn't it be better for you and for us to just say, "We'll discuss the future of DLC when we're legally allowed to"? Instead, it sounds as if you have no interest in adding any future content at all, and are actually hiding behind this lawsuit, which to me seems like...I don't know..."BAD BUSINESS", hmmm? I mean, this legal battle isn't a secret, it's been going on for over 2 years. You had to have known this was coming. I would expect you to have at least some passing knowledge about the subject, considering that you went about obtaining the F13 license from one of the lawsuit's parties to begin with. You've spoken with Sean Cunningham, probably on more than one occasion. Surely you must have had some heads-up about this. A little word of warning would have been nice. So much for transparency...and "Good Business"... Revoking mostly completed content that was promised to us back in December with a massive, much-hyped Easter Egg and then telling us in an admonishing, paternal tone that you're not ever going to release it even if/when you're legally allowed to do so is (say it with me) "Bad Business". Not to mention all the other shit people paid for that they still haven't received. Here's hoping you guys learned a valuable lesson about advertising unfinished content...I don't agree with the "cash grab" conspiracy theory (especially since most of the in-game content was free), but I can most certainly chalk it all up to extreme incompetence. Good luck with your next game. Sincerely, Former Customer
  12. And you're completely delusional if you think "hundreds, if not thousands" of people are whining even half as much as you. So I guess IGN are a bunch of "simpletons" too, right? Where's your survival horror game? I can't wait to play it, I'm sure it'll be a masterpiece.
  13. And the crying continues... I notice that it's always the same 4 or 5 crybabies too. If the game were actually "ruined", as you little tots constantly claim, there would be many more people saying so besides the same handful of whiny, entitled brats. And don't try that "Facebook, Reddit and Twitter" BS because it's always the same 4 or 5 crybabies on there too. The rest of us are too busy enjoying the game to throw temper tantrums about Halloween costumes and "muh precious atmosphere!", lmao. You are in the minority. The game is not ruined. I've been playing online all morning. Stfu.
  14. While I would welcome a hardcore mode, as I am always up for a challenge, I don't think the changes make that drastic of a difference. I still very much enjoy playing as Jason in multiplayer and escaping from Jason is still challenging (provided Jason knows what he's doing). Even with the alleged "game-breaking" changes (you kids and your hyperbole) to the window mechanics and grab-range, I can still rack up 6/8 or higher in most outings as Jason. No one jogs to victory when I'm Jason, not without fighting for their life or getting extremely lucky. Of course, when I point this out, it's always because I was "in a lobby full of n00bs who don't know how the play the game". And then when I point out these "n00bs" were Level 75 or higher, suddenly level doesn't equal skill... And so on and so forth. You kids love having it both ways... Either way, I don't feel "cheated" by the devs for making changes that they deemed necessary to their game that they went through the trouble of even making in the first place. To say that "they don't care" and they "aren't even aware of the state of their game" when they spend every day working on it is the absolute definition of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Having said that, I would still like to see a more difficult game mode implemented.
  15. Yeah, this is a thread about Virtual Cabin spoilers, not Virtual Cabin opinions. I know you kids have a massive boner for shitting all over game devs no matter how much they cater to you, but there are plenty of other places to do that...
  16. Bloody Part 3 unlocks at Level 103. New clothing for Mitch, Fox and Shelly starts at 102. Best of luck. Oh, and I purchased that new kill pack for Part 7, it's awesome. Really violent and bloody.
  17. I'm on PS4 and this happens every time I'm on either map. No boat icon whatsoever. I've also experienced the no melee/no interactive button glitch once. Didn't think that could happen offline, but boy was I wrong.
  18. It's still missing after you complete 1.5, even after I put it back... Spooky...
  19. So I just discovered that you CAN replace Roy's mask after you get the badge, but you have to select the mask from your backpack when you're facing the hook on the wall, it won't prompt you to put anything there.
  20. To be fair, it's happened once since the grab range was nerfed, and whoever was hosting had horrible ping. @Alien_Number_Six was there, if he recalls. It was a private match and it was a while ago. I didn't bring up the window prompt, the OP brought up the window prompt, as well as the barrier you mentioned. The barrier has never really bothered me, I guess. It could use some tweaking in regards to how far inward Jason can reach you, but I'm not usually putting Jason in scenarios where I'm getting kited around by window hoppers. And I've been in a fair amount of lobbies with players who know how to play the game since the 10/11 update. I've been juked and knocked around by scores of well-organized, arrogant counselors who thought the update made them Gods. They learned otherwise.
  21. I have yet to get "bullied" in QP. This mythological "pinata Jason" has continued to elude me, even through all of the nerfs and window smash mechanic changes. It takes 1 second to smash a window, and the button prompt guarantees you'll actually hit it, as opposed to just swinging at it with the dodgy melee system. If you're playing Jason the right way, it's really not that hard to get 6/8 or greater. Granted, if you're in a lobby of seasoned vets, it's gonna be a bit more challenging to pull off. And it should be. They're not 101 because they suck... The counselor buffs don't bother me in the slightest, and this is someone who has his spawn preference set to Jason. As others have illustrated, the average casual player is gonna be a counselor for 90% of their multiplayer experience, they have to feel like there's a chance of survival or else the game gets old for them fast. As Jason, I'm not gonna waste time whining about how easy counselors have it. That's not something Jason would do. He would just sharpen his tools and focus his rage.
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