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  1. All of that was already paid for by the KickStarter campaign. Game sales were 100% profit, which doesn't help to debunk the "Cash Grab" theory.
  2. I'm not going anywhere until I'm made to do so. I care too much about this game and this franchise to walk away. You and @Big Daddy J can have all the fun you want calling me a "conspiracy theorist" or whatever makes you feel special. I've put in enough time here to brush that shit off. You can click through my post history and read all the times I've white knighted for Gun Media. My activity here speaks for itself. Regardless, I have more than a few people who agree with me on this, not just on here, but other platforms as well. In the meantime, there are still open-ended questions here that haven't been answered and I think it's important to continue asking them until we can determine how much Gun Media is accountable for, especially as they continue to remain silent, which is well within their rights of course, but I think this community deserves a little more than that (even the angrier, nastier members). Any rational person can look at this mess and see that something doesn't quite line up. 1.) When did Gun Media know about the deadline and how much were they allowed to say? 2.) Why didn't they simply tell us in January that they might not be able to deliver on content that they had already advertised? We would've been upset, but at least we would've understood. Knowing and not telling us is virtually indefensible. 3.) What was the extent of Horror INC's relationship with Gun Media and how much say did they have over what content was pushed? 4.) How much did Horror INC's lawyer know when he told us a year ago that the lawsuit wouldn't affect the game? Until Gun Media comes forward and takes responsibility for how messily and shadily this was handled, I think we should hold their feet to the fire. Remember, this all began because Vince told us that they were "concerned" about it as far back as January. Yet they still presented themselves as if nothing was wrong and content was still coming That's shady af, boys and girls.
  3. Thanks for saying exactly what I said. Speculation is not fact. Glad we agree on this. Yes. That is normally how speculation works. I'm not going to preface all of my opinions with a disclaimer, kid. If you're still naive enough to defend this company after every shady thing they've done, more power to you, but you're not going to get anywhere with me. I suggest you stop trying. I gave up defending Gun Media a while ago, and I'm quite beyond hearing their excuses, from you and from anyone. Hell, the fact that you're having to defend them because they can't even bother to defend themselves tells me pretty much everything I need to know. How anyone can continue to stand up for them after the broken promises (including the people that paid over a year ago for shit they still haven't received), the utter lack of transparency (how 'bout those Developer Diaries, eh, kids?!) and the now absolute friggin' silence as questions about their integrity and how much they knew about the lawsuit continue to mount is just completely befuddling to me, and I was one of their staunchest defenders back when promised content like Single Player was being indefinitely put on hold or in the case of "Paranoia", just scrapped entirely (if it was ever intended to be released at all, and I'm now inclined to believe that it wasn't). Not to mention that it's been almost six months since that oh-so-necessary engine upgrade and we still don't have the dedicated console servers that they've been telling us are only a few months away for over a year...what gives? I mean, it's not like they've been busy working on more content... I'm done defending them. It's been exhausting.
  4. I have never presented my opinion as fact. You're assuming that all cash grabs are cheap and lack detail. How do you sell a game that looks cheap and lacks detail? Answer: You don't. You make it look as good as possible so people see it and assume it's a quality product based on aesthetic alone. I'm not pushing "conspiracies", I'm simply speculating on what I believe happened. And my hypothesis certainly has evidence to support it. Other than a swell-looking game that's fun to play on the rare occasions when it's actually functioning properly, what evidence can you show me that this wasn't a cash grab? Better get a magnifying glass for that one... Regardless, nothing we do or say is going to help this game or this community move forward. It's over. Gun has obviously turned their backs on us. Their silence is deafening. We hear their message loud and clear.
  5. Another excellent point. Which just further supports the theory that everything about this game from the moment Sean Cunningham got involved was intended to sell as many units as possible in the shortest amount of time before they were forced to pull the plug, a.k.a. "The Cash Grab Theory". I didn't quite agree with it first, because the easy answer is "most of the DLC was free", but it's looking more plausible with every new thing we learn about this situation.
  6. Vince, I love your film, it's the best Jason movie since 2009, and you made a fantastic Jason, dude. I can certainly appreciate what you're trying to do here, because after all, we're all F13 fans (even Gun Media) and we'd all just like to get along. But Gun clearly knew about this lawsuit, they knew about the deadline, they knew it would affect their game, and they still continued to sell the game with the much-hyped promise of additional content in the future, content that they knew (as far back as January, and probably earlier) that they would never be able to put out. That's deceptive fucking marketing, kids. You can defend it all you want, but false advertisement is false advertisement, and it usually doesn't withstand legal recourse when properly challenged. You could make the argument that they got as far as they could on content before they realized they weren't going to be able to finish Uber Jason and the Grendel Map or any additional game modes or clothing packs before the deadline. Fine. Why wouldn't they just tell us that in the first place? Their hands were tied, I get that. But instead of being upfront and honest with the community that supported their game, they put out some B.S. about needing to upgrade the engine before they could finish dedicated servers for consoles and that all content would have to be put on hold, even though PC already has them and we're almost midway into July with no sign of dedicated servers for consoles. You could make the argument that the developers were put in a bad position by Horror INC., the current rights holders of the F13 franchise, whose lawyer Marc Toberoff told GameRevolution in an exclusive interview almost a year ago today that the lawsuit would not affect the game. Now why would he say this? Well because Horror INC. are the current rights holders of the F13 franchise and they have a financial stake in the sale of the game. Do the math. If they were to tell people that the lawsuit would affect the game, it would also have affected potential sales. We all know now that he was completely full of shit. Whether it was deliberate or not is arguable. What isn't arguable is the fact that Gun Media was definitely aware of this way before last month. You know it, I know it, and everyone here knows it. Even if Horror INC. told them not to say anything about it, they still had a choice; "Do we remain loyal to the fans who backed us from the beginning, who purchased our game and supported us financially, or do we remain loyal to some Hollywood producer scumbag who doesn't even really like Jason?" Obviously, they chose the latter. Is Gun entirely to blame? No. Personally, I think Sean Cunningham saw the beta for Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp and thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to squeeze a few final bags of money from the franchise before it went completely into legal limbo. But Gun still knew this was coming. And they were less than forthcoming about it, to say the very least. As far as I'm concerned, Paranoia, Uber Jason, and the Grendel Map are fucking vaporware. And that's not something a game developer wants to be associated with.
  7. And this is why there is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism...
  8. I keep seeing this, and I don't know why. Even if they wanted to (and Wes has made it perfectly clear that they don't), the lawsuit prevents them and anyone else from ever obtaining the rights to another F13 game. No one can give the rights for another F13 game because, technically, nobody has them. They're in limbo. Along with everything else having to do with F13, including games, movies, etc. And again, Wes has made it abundantly apparent that they have absolutely no desire to come back and continue working on content, even if the lawsuit does eventually get settled. It's painful to admit, but it's time to face the facts; it's over. There will never be another Friday the 13th game from Gun Media. It's arguable that there's even a Friday the 13th game now...
  9. I often just keep walking towards them, forcing them to either be grabbed or run into the nearest cabin, where I can easily corner them and funnel them into a trap. I save knives for firecracker dance parties.
  10. Here's a video I made that pretty much exemplifies what has become of Quickplay, and highlights many of the most annoying occurrences discussed here: https://youtu.be/HjyqObVpdnQ
  11. Is it still possible to get an 8/8? Yes, and I demonstrate that in this video. But this also shows how easily Jason's broken mechanics are exploited and what Quickplay has devolved into. This was the first match I played today. https://youtu.be/HjyqObVpdnQ
  12. Whatever you say, troll. I couldn't possibly care less what your friends think of you. I merely showed up to point out that your attitude on the forums reflects how you play the game, and you reek of the type of player who relies entirely on cheap exploits and gets a laugh from repeatedly dancing over Jason.
  13. I've been Jason twice in a row, and I've seen it happen to others
  14. I can fairly judge how someone plays the game based on how they talk in the forums. I think we know exactly what kind of player @Whammigobambam is...the only reason he gets trolled 20% of the time is because he's trolling everyone else 80% of the time. Look, there's really no debating this; Jason is in dire need of an overhaul. And let's cut the B.S., it's not about "adapting to changes", it's not about "balancing gameplay", and it's not about "outsmarting the other player". I've played against some of you. You're not fooling anyone. Stop it. You are knowingly taking advantage of exploits in Jason's mechanics. His missed-grab animation speed, his inability to block at critical moments, the ability to chain-stun him, etc. That's not "outsmarting the other player". That's just being cheap. How do I know the difference? Because we've all watched countless matches where players spend half their time knocking Jason out and dancing around instead of running from him and trying to escape. @Vc assassin just tried it on me and rage quit as soon as I grabbed him. Pretty easy to see what's happening here... And that's supposed to be fun? For trolls, I'm sure it's a blast... For everyone else, not so much.
  15. This ^^ ? I like the little bridge to the northwest of the lodge, which isn't in the normal Packanack map. So that's pretty cool. That's about the only positive thing I can say about this map. It's not balanced at all and the game's mechanics favor counselors enough as it is.
  16. Yeah, the look and feel should remain the same as F13, but with more hiding spots and environmental kills. And yes, @jameson87 weapon swapping should be available from the start of the game, but you should be able to unlock more weapons with their own unique kills as you level up. Level 1 weapons - Butcher knife, Axe, Meat cleaver, Level 5 weapons - Ice pick, Corn thresher, Hedge trimmers Level 10 weapons - Machete, Nail bat, Pitchfork Also, I think Stalk should have a Strangle function if you sneak up behind a babysitter. Here are the maps I would include - Subdivision (Myers House, Strode residence, Doyle residence, etc.) Haddonfield Town Square (Hardware store, General store, Beauty salon, Cemetary) Smith's Grove Sanitarium Haddonfield Cineplex General Hospital High School Elementary School
  17. I don't want this to turn into a Gun/Illfonic bashing thread, there are plenty of those around here, lol I'm not sure if I would want every movie version of Michael Myers the same way we got with Jason. Every film iteration of Jason looked scary and intimidating. The same cannot be said for every iteration of Michael... Maybe some bloody variations or some that look more weathered and aged than others. And of course there'd be babysitter characters, including hopefully Laurie Strode. I believe Jamie Lee Curtis would think this was a very cool idea, she could add her voice and her name recognition. John Carpenter could do the score. And again, he's basically a full-time gamer now that he's all but retired from making movies, so I'm sure he would be fully behind this idea. Whether Gun does it or not, @jameson87, what would you like to see in a "John Carpenter's Halloween" video game? I'm sure you have some positive ideas...
  18. PS4 isn't much better. Takes me hours to find a decent lobby sometimes.
  19. Fair enough. I love a challenge too, but playing the same map makes the game feel stagnant for me. I'm also one of the few people who hates binge watching a TV show. I need the world to feel more open.
  20. It's not really that intense if you know how to exploit Jason's broken mechanics... I think everyone here knows that Mini Packanack is way easier for counselors than it is for Jason. Otherwise, counselor-preference players wouldn't keep choosing it every single time.
  21. I'm with @tyrant666 on this, the Small maps are just filler posing as additional content. And yes, Packanack Small is definitely the worst, because the layout of the cabins makes it easier to find objectives AND kite Jason, and they are even more densely packed together than Crystal Lake Small. And like Crystal Lake Small, they're almost all along one road, but unlike Crystal Lake Small, there are a LOT of cabins, giving counselors nearly a half-mile stretch of nothing but cabins on either side. Also as others have stated, Jason's shack is easiest to find and spawns closer to the cabins, so even the most novice of players will have an advantage at killing Jason. So to answer your question (as others already have), Packanack Small is the most counselor-friendly map in the game. I've seen players straight up quit the match if Jarvis or Pinehurst loads in. Pathetic...you should be able to escape from every map on the game. If you have to play on the same map every time to make the game easier for you, you don't deserve to play it.
  22. Not sure if it's been said already, but counselors are getting stuck in mid-air during environmental kill animations and then breaking out of an invisible grasp, free to run around and complete objectives while they're technically dead, according to the scoreboard. Not sure what happens if they escape while they're dead. No one's gotten away twice yet.
  23. I think Stalk is perfect the way it is, I love waiting silently in the water for someone to fix the boat. Maybe Michael can have hiding spots of his own, like closets for example? Perhaps he can even use the same hiding spots as the babysitters, and then when they open a closet door or duck under a bed, BOOM! it's The Boogeyman.
  24. Fair enough. I'm not that bothered by them, but I get the loss of atmosphere others have felt. But hey, wouldn't Halloween costumes be perfectly suited for a Halloween game?
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