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  1. And what exactly are you gaining by being condescending and rude towards me? Other than...an ego boost? By the way, it's not a matter of "if", Gun Media definitely knew ahead of time and deliberately chose not to tell us. It's in their official statement.
  2. I can't believe I even have to say this, but this isn't about Jason X. This is about why Gun Media chose deception instead of honesty. What part of "They knew the lawsuit would affect the game and they didn't tell us" are you not getting? That's not my "opinion", son, that's a fact that Gun themselves confirmed with their official statement. Read it again until it sinks in. They knew before June. Going by the timeline of Killer Puzzle announcing an end to their content in January, coupled with Gun's announcement around the same time that content would have to be "put on hold" for an engine upgrade, it doesn't take a genius to figure out how long they knew. Yet they still proceeded as if everything was fine, as if the lawsuit didn't exist at all, and not once did they even cryptically tell us that there's a possibility that the rest of the content might not be coming. Nope, they waited until the absolute last minute and acted as though the whole thing just came out of left field. That's the definition of misleading. Sorry, but in my OPINION (there, happy, kid?) we were misled with that engine upgrade, and no amount of salt towards me is going to make that go away.
  3. I fail to see how being upfront about their knowledge of the lawsuit's affect on the game would have created a bigger hellstorm than telling us that content had to be placed on hold for an engine-upgrade while misleadingly acting like content was still coming...honesty is always the best policy, but Gun obviously chose to go in a different direction. And maybe their answers wouldn't change anything, but that doesn't make us any less deserving of them, nor am I less inclined to continue seeking them.
  4. Perhaps, but I feel like there would have been much less backlash if they'd simply said something along the lines of, "Due to the ongoing legal battle over the rights to the F13 franchise, we are primarily dedicating ourselves to putting out as much content as possible while we still can. We will squash the big bugs where we are able, but for now, our focus has to be on delivering the content we promised, before it is no longer legal for us to do so. Afterwards, we can turn our attention to patches and bug fixes." That would've assuaged most of us, and sounds a helluva lot better than what they actually did...
  5. Can we please make it so that Retro Jason's theme, "Return to Camp Blood" by Mitch Murder, is audible for Jason as well? I'll bet the offline players would really appreciate it...
  6. Even if they're not allowed to say anything, they could at least say, "We're not allowed to say anything". It'll have been a month tomorrow since Wes' initial post on the subject, and they still haven't said...well, anything. Honestly, I would be much more understanding of their position if they had just been upfront with us in the first place. But as @Tommy86 pointed out, their official statement shows that they weren't. "When we originally learned that the game fell within the crosshairs of this legal dispute, we tried to balance the creation of new content requested by our fans against the maintenance and bug fixing that our community expects and deserves. We attempted to do both within the limits of the legal case." - Gun Media That's all well and good and perfectly understandable, but at any point did they attempt to let the community in on any of this? I think we all know the answer to that question. The fact that they deliberately neglected to inform us of the potential legal ramifications as soon as they knew, combined with every mind-boggling decision they've made since January (not the least of which was prioritizing a game-breaking engine upgrade over already-advertised content) implies total and utter incompetence at best and blatant deception at worst. Personally, I've moved beyond giving them the benefit of the doubt. Funny how much can change in 30 days.
  7. The short answer is "Absolutely". The long answer is "...whenever it's functioning properly and you get a lobby with a halfway decent host". I still play almost once a day.
  8. Since I can't add any more reactions today, I'll simply say "Thanks, @Tommy86"
  9. Since the game is still available to buy on all platforms, I assume they still have the license.
  10. Probably right before we get those "dedicated servers" we were promised last year... Wes might have "confirmed" that it would be the last map, but given Gun's track record of transparency and honesty, I hope you'll forgive me for not falling head over heels to take him at his word.
  11. Funny how no one seemed concerned about that a few months ago when they were still acting like the lawsuit would have no affect on the game and that content would continue to be put out for the foreseeable future...even though by Vince's own admission they were concerned... But what do I know? I'm just a crazy conspiracy theorist... Oh but they don't owe us anything, remember?
  12. Neither is the Caps Lock button. It's been done. Companies profited. And it was obviously practical enough for them to do. Your argument is invalid.
  13. The problem is actually whether or not Gun Media was totally honest about the affect the lawsuit would have on the content of the game. And given what we know, it's looking like they weren't. That's actually why this topic exists. I'm not sure why you have such a problem with me. I'm simply holding a company accountable for its less-than-honest actions, which is well within my right to do as a consumer. I can't do any more damage to Gun Media than they've already done themselves. And you're certainly not going to change anyone's minds about them now, but I think it's adorable how hard you're trying. Good luck, son.
  14. Whatever, kid. I'm done splitting hairs with you. My opinions are based on facts like the one Tommy 86 presented, not my blind trust in Gun Media. Tell that to the companies who have actually done it, genius. And I'm the negative one? Hahaha
  15. Are you gonna call Tommy86 a conspiracy theorist too, @OCT 31 1978? I'm just trying to keep everything fair and consistent...
  16. It might not be an "industry standard", but it's certainly not the mythical unicorn that some people pretend it is. There is a precedent for it, albeit a minor one. It just makes zero sense why they can't work on other projects in the meantime and come back to F13 after this clears up and they finish their other projects. Absolutely nothing about that is reasonable to me. Especially when other developers have offered to help.
  17. Alright, I lied. This is my last response to you. 1.) Vince's testimony (if you actually read it and comprehend it) confirms that they not only knew about the lawsuit as early as January but that they were also concerned that it would affect the game. Yet they acted as if nothing was wrong and all the content advertised in the Virtual Cabin was still coming. It wasn't until the absolute last minute that they informed us it would never be coming, and they acted as if they were totally blindsided by it, even though Vince said they knew as early as January. 2.) Of course Sean and his lawyer would say that. They wanted to sell a game with their license on it. They have every motivation to be dishonest. In all likelihood, Sean Cunningham likely took advantage of an indy developer to make a quick buck, the same way he took advantage of a young writer named Victor Miller back in 1979. But Gun Media is still responsible in some capacity for not being completely honest about the potential legal restriction that the lawsuit would have on their game. If you want to continue to give your money to a company that is less than honest with its backers, that's your problem, not mine.
  18. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/10-years-after-release-postal-2-gets-new-expansion/1100-6426707/
  19. When exactly did they say this? Can you give me a specific quote? Yeah, "it's just common sense", despite the fact that, as many others have repeatedly pointed out, there are several games that have released content as long as ten year after development had stopped. But please, tell me more about game how development works, I can't wait to learn more...I'm sure you've developed dozens.
  20. I'm demanding information as a consumer to know whether or not I should invest in their next project. I even suggested they seek the license for Michael Myers a couple weeks ago, but given the recent developments, I'm not sure I want them to have it. Clearly you know nothing about consumerism or the ethics of business and are only here to white knight for Gun Media at the cost of logic and reason and civil discussion. This is my last reply to your comments. I have no further use for you. Good evening.
  21. A game that they've already told us will not be getting any new content at all ever until the end of time, even if this gets resolved. But what do I know? I'm just a crazy conspiracy theorist...
  22. Yeah, again, I'd feel much better about it if this were coming from them, and not some rando who for whatever reason gets his jollies by sticking up for shady game devs, but I guess I'm just quirky in that way... Also, I don't know what planet you're from, but here on Planet Earth, any company that sells a product owes their consumers communication. Especially a company that promised transparency and then over-delivered on that promise by basically performing a disappearing act after the game was released. Developer Diaries, anyone?
  23. Okay, fine let's say 75%. I think @DasMurich's estimate of $70 - $80 million is probably accurate. Fair enough, but it obviously hasn't disappeared yet, unlike the communication from Gun Media... I'm well aware that license-holders take their cut, which is why I believe Sean Cunningham was so eager to hand them the license to begin with.
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