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  1. And again... Wasn't me this time, though... https://youtu.be/V5Dtnt4nnUQ
  2. These are all gold. Especially the one about window grabbing. Why can Jason grab through a car window but not a house window? Why are counselors invincible as soon as one leg goes through? It's nonsense, I tell ya, and anyone who's played Jason more than twice will tell you that it's over exploited. I would also like to have the option to choose my ability loadouts. I would definitely be one of the Jasons who chooses Stalk first. The only thing I don't fully agree with is having 2 of each item on a map. Maybe Pinehurst and Jarvis, but the other 3 "large" maps are fine. And so is Sense. Buff Stealth, but leave Sense alone. Definitely yes to everything else you said.
  3. PS4 (miss ya, Alien) Lock occurred two times in two different matches, both times when the car crashed and I exited to use a projectile weapon. Once with a flare fun, once with a rifle. Pushed X to get out of the car, couldn't aim at all. Both times got me killed.
  4. Interesting... I'll try to keep that in mind. Now here's one where Jason grabs right through the sweater stun, but we still got the kill. https://youtu.be/W95wA4Vybb8
  5. Got it again today. Can anyone explain what's going on here? https://youtu.be/zggvGweYTbg
  6. Thanks for reading only one sentence of that entire post. You realize the game means just as much to us, right?
  7. I'll be very surprised to see Dedicated Servers at all, much less with the release of this pointless physical copy that nobody will buy, because I can virtually guarantee that anyone who already bought a physical copy on Oct 13th also purchased most if not all the DLC. If the Slasher Edition is supposed to fund Dedicated Servers, we're never going to see them.
  8. https://youtu.be/D90pYICgt_k In this round, not only were there no survivors, there was no one left in the lobby at the end of the round. I could've put Morton's out of business on this night. And then there's this asshole, whom I encountered just this afternoon... https://youtu.be/l_6IdDTK904
  9. Well, yes, grab kills are more satisfying, but there's just something about slicing those little bastards who think they can taunt you into a grab...
  10. Boring, but quite effective. And often satisfying. Almost as satisfying as killing someone with a throwing knife.
  11. If you're stupid enough to go toe-to-toe with a death cursed monster, you don't get to cry about how he kills you. Just had a team of Jason Hunters go for the prize again. They went for the sweater before they even knocked my mask off. Both were Level 150s, you'd think they would know better... I entered the shack and they started swinging at me, but inside a small area, at such close range, with fear pulsating through them, their aim wasn't quite on point. I immediately slashed at Tommy until he went limp, then got smacked by the Vanessa wearing the sweater. Tommy used a med spray to heal himself. I started slashing at him again, but Vanessa threw down some firecrackers, still inside the shack. I stumbled backwards. Tommy used another med spray to heal himself. When I came to, I grabbed Vanessa, but she had a pocketknife, so I just started swinging at her with piercing strikes. I killed her with one final slash in the corner, making Tommy watch. Then I turned towards him. He cried about me cutting his sweater girl down, calling me a pussy, as he broke his axe over my forearm. I slowed him down with a few more quick slices. I grabbed him but of course he had a pocket knife. However, with no med sprays left to save him, he wasn't going anywhere. I grabbed him by the throat and put a machete through his abdomen. During the end of the round screen, I said, "You two thought you had another rookie in there, didn't ya?" Tommy said, "Man, I can't handle that slashin' shit...." Obviously. Even my 4 year old employs slashing when playing against Offline Bots. "It's bettuh to swice dem". Yes it is, son. Yes it is.
  12. Nothing grinds salt faster than slashing. Like last night when I had a team of trolls swinging at me. They surrounded me with confidence until they realized I wasn't playing the grab game when I started swinging back. I managed to separate and grab-kill one of them, but he came back as Tommy. I blocked all their hits but they continued taking turns swinging at me until their weapons broke. I locked onto Tommy while he was reaching for another bat and he went down in a whirlwind of sharp metal. He frantically ran around in circles, but I was dead set on him, there was no escape. He barely knew what hit him. With no weapons left, the others went down handily.
  13. We're not being negative. We're being honest. And as long as we're being honest, your attempt to be cute here just plain sucks. "Oh but Gun has said things before that have turned out not to be true, so what makes you think this is any different, hmmm?" Ugh. Spare us, please. Gun Media's track record of broken promises is not at all a valid reason to believe that more content will be added to the game, Mr. Positivity. Firstly, all of their previous inconsistencies were things that they more or less had control over. This however is entirely out of their hands. They do not own the rights to the franchise and have no say over what's happening. Secondly, all of their broken promises were originally intended to generate interest in the game so that people will actually want to, you know, BUY IT. Who wants to buy a game that, as far as we know, is never getting any new content again for all eternity? Look, we've stood by Gun Media through every questionable decision and sketchy explanation, but we can only excuse so much. When we learned that they knew as far back as January that the lawsuit over the franchise would affect the game but gave us no warning at all, that's when many of us had finally had enough, myself included. But despite our grievances, most of us still play the game on a daily basis. Myself included. We're passionate about this game. That's why we're so pissed off about everything that's happened to it. So please, let's keep it honest and stop trying to be cute.
  14. The only way to know for sure if you are in the Salt Mines is by attempting to join a match already in session. If you get this message... ERROR: You are in low priority matchmaking and cannot join this session! ...welcome to the Salt Mines. And evidently, you CAN wind up there through no fault of your own, from disconnects or timeouts. Happened to me.
  15. Even the camp in the southeast where Jason's shack sometimes is?
  16. If I can get you in an environmental kill, I will. Sometimes, if I'm feeling sorry for you, I'll even walk you towards the really good ones, just to give you a sporting chance to break free. I'm generous like that. Of course, if you don't break free by the time I get there, oh well... Now for skip-stunners or groups of Jason gangbangers, I'll just slash and dash like a madman until they're all dead or limping, and if I can grab them, they either get their arms chopped off with a machete or they get a pig splitter between the legs. They really hate that. But I maintain a pretty even ratio of environmental and grab kills.
  17. I'm on PS4 as well, and I've killed several Jasons just fine since the engine upgrade, but these players seem to somehow be blocking it with combat stance? Or something...I'll see if I can capture video of it next time it happens.
  18. If there are parts on the map, and I can get to them, they are going in the 4 seater first. I don't care what they're closer to, 4 seater is priority, next to the fuse box. Honestly, the boat or the 2 seater should always be a last resort escape. I've seen many a pair of players repair them and exit the match within two minutes, not even bothering to help anyone else.
  19. Yeah, it's obviously him, he was totally being a dick. Definitely not you...
  20. How about parties of high level players with Thick Skin, Hypochondriac and Medic Perks that host lobbies just to troll Jason in groups of 3 or more? There is literally no skill required here. They just hoard all the baseball bats, med sprays and pocket knives amongst each other, then tank traps and swarm-stun Jason while dancing the whole time. But they're high level players so I guess this is just how the game is meant to be played...
  21. For the fourth time in two days, Jason has been impervious to the melee hit during the Sweater Stun. Whether it's a baseball bat or an axe, people are somehow blocking through it and preventing an earned kill. Anyone else encounter this?
  22. Even if you have ten minute video evidence of it
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