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  1. They don't know what to do when Jason starts twirling around in response to their dancing either. Especially when you suddenly hit them with an insta-knife throw.
  2. Salt Mines, Day 17... While toiling away endlessly in these cavernous chasms, after winding up here through a glitch that forces you to host-quit, I encountered a lobby host who was purposely killing himself to come back as Tommy. He then proceeded to start the two-seater and run over everyone within distance. After being crushed underneath his gleeful malevolence, I briefly considered leaving, but decided against it...it was a decision I would not regret. Watch as I relentlessly pursue him, even as traps are snapping and cars are starting... No, little troll, you're not getting away from me...
  3. My worst enemy... The thing that has killed me more times than any Jason ever has... ...lag...
  4. That'd be cool too, but you still get points for No Survivors. I'm just tired of seeing Suicides get Tommy. They seem to get it more than anyone.
  5. I've seen others suggest this before, but I'm seeing it so often now that it deserves its own topic. Just watched a host kill himself within the first two minutes of the match and come back as Tommy. And what does he do when he comes back as Tommy? He kills himself again. You'll notice this problem frequently if you find yourself in the salt mines, which is really easy to do if you keep encountering this fun new glitch that leaves you stuck in the map after the game ends and you're forced to host quit by closing the application, putting you back in the salt mines, or keeping you there indefinitely.
  6. I love seeing all the new Jason/Weapon combinations people come up with. I like to stay as true to the movies as possible, or something befitting of that particular Jason's look. Here's what my set looks like: Part 2 - Garden Shears Part 3 - Machete Part 4 - Pig Splitter (I mean, you have to) Part 5 - Fire Axe Part 6 - Machete Part 7 - Wooden Axe Part 8 - Machete (noticing a pattern here?) Part 9 - Pick Axe
  7. I would absolutely love this, speaking as someone who can effectively escape with every counselor. It would create more tension in the game and keep things a little more interesting than just the same 3 or 4 trolls ruining every fucking match by doing the same old shit over and over.
  8. Either way, the guy deserves at least a portion the rights to characters that he created. Horror Inc. took his ideas, paid him less than $10,000 for them, and have continued to make millions of dollars with his characters over the last 35 years, including this video game. And again, Cunningham could have simply chosen to cut a deal with Miller, but instead he's countersuing and now Horror Inc. conveniently "can't find" their copy of Miller's contract. I'm Team Miller on this one. Read what the people who have worked with Sean Cunningham over the years have to say about what kind of person he is. Particularly the guy who directed Jason Goes to Hell.
  9. If we were getting them at all, I feel like we would have gotten them before July 13th. Like you said, we were told they were "Coming Soon" over a year ago...
  10. 1.) Gun knew since at least January. This was already confirmed by the director of Never Hike Alone, who met with them around that time. My guess is that they thought they could only finish either Single Player Challenges or the Grendel Map and went with Single Player instead, which required an engine upgrade. Why they chose NOT to tell us any of this was going on is anyone's guess, but it's not a good way to do business. 2.) Anyone blaming Victor Miller for this needs to read up on what's actually going on. He had to wait 35 years to even claim the rights to his intellectual property, due to some bullshit statue of limitations, and Sean Cunningham chose to countersue him instead of working out a deal. This is Sean's fault. Period.
  11. On PS4, after attempting to join a friend or community session and getting a "Game Full!" message, initiating search on Quickplay immediately goes into Search Cooldown and never recovers until you close the application and restart the game. You can start a private match, you can play offline, but Quickplay is broken after you get "Game Full!"
  12. Indeed, grabbing is my go-to attack, as you'll see in my other videos. As most will agree, grab kills are more fun for everyone, even if you're getting killed. I'm definitely not a "Slasher Jason". But slashing still works...
  13. This is just one video. I'll make more. And again, slashing is hardly my primary offense. But it works when used correctly. P.S. No one "forces me to whiff". I don't play that game. I've been faked out one too many times to fall for that at this point. You stop to fake me out, you're gonna get a knife in your back.
  14. Even in the hypothetical scenario you propose, I would have simply side stepped her horizontal swing, just as I've done to over a thousand other overconfident players who actually think they're an equal match for Jason.
  15. Pro-Tip: Slashing can cancel a counselor's swing, even when they're in combat stance and you're not. https://youtu.be/gRtQhXfe68E
  16. Yeah, I've only been playing since May 2017, I guess I don't know what I'm talking about.
  17. @Tommy86 Oh, they knew what they were doing alright. They were Level 150. You can say "Level doesn't equal skill", but anyone who's been playing the game that long knows what they're doing. They had their swing game down pat. I was just better at avoiding it. Your mechanical explanation is correct in theory, but it still assumes that counselors are able to land a hit with every swing. And with the broken combat system, that just isn't possible. I've started playing the same fake-out game that exploiters like to play with Jason's grab. Jason's grab might be easily punishable if you miss, but I've found that missed counselor swings are easy to bait and equally punishable. And even with the Swift Perk, Jason's swings are faster, with no recovery frames... As for 1 frame blocking, I don't even use combat stance unless I'm being attacked by a group of more than three counselors. At least I've never felt the need to. I can dodge a swing by rotating Jason around, the same way you can dodge Jason's grab. When I get into a situation where slashing fails me, I'll let you know. It's hardly my primary offense, and it's not ideal to just walk around slashing all willy nilly, but it works when you use it correctly.
  18. The next patch notes should read something like this: - the invisible "window barrier" has been removed - Jason can now grab counselors through house windows the same as car windows - offline intro audio sync has been fixed - All Jason themes can now be heard during offline matches - Jason can now knife throw in combat stance - blocking is now possible outside of combat stance - Jason can now choose which of his abilities will load first - fixed an issue that was causing an interaction lock for both Jason and counselors
  19. They are definitely spawning with knives, which makes me believe there is a pocketknife perk. But I too love that bots are more challenging. Keeps my Jason skills sharp. Or course, they'll still leap through a window right into my arms, but they're way better than before.
  20. You don't "fake a swing". You either don't swing, or you swing and miss and get slashed. And I've slashed many "experienced" counselors to ribbons. The host who quit on me as Tommy was 150. I'll even give you his PS4 name. So was his friend playing as Adam, who went down right before he did. Slashing works. Period.
  21. You still have to land that hit. Good luck. If you think you're quick enough to use a spray while I'm slashing you to pieces, good luck. Even if you do, your sprays will eventually run out. My slashing won't. Just had a host rage quit on me after I killed him twice because he was trying to use your method. He seemed awfully confident about it too when he was doing it. It was adorable. That shit might work with n00b Jasons but try it against an experienced one and see what happens.
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