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  1. No I'm actually not. You are the most narcissistic self-absorbed member of these threads, and several former members will back me up on this. You don't seem to realize that I was lurking for over a year before I finally started posting. You are not omniscient, and I have no qualms in pointing that out to you. Also thanks for proving my point about you by derailing yet another thread.
  2. Evidently not, since you think my ego is as fragile as yours.
  3. That's just confirmation bias. It's a logical fallacy. But you already knew that right? You know everything after all...
  4. But you'll never know, because I'm not going to be kited by your taunting.
  5. You can call me whatever me you want. I do not care. @Tommy86 also likes to derail threads and turn them into his own personal shrines to himself. I don't need his respect or yours.
  6. Nah, I think I'll stay on topic, thanks. Much like I won't be goaded into chasing the sweater girl in the first few minutes of a match, I also won't be goaded into meaningless ego-based challenges. I'm not as fragile as some of the more "senior" members here.
  7. Wow, you sure used an awful lot of words to say absolutely nothing at all. Based on your previous posts, I could think of a few categories to place you in as well, but I'll leave you to guess those for yourself... I'm quite aware of the Cosby Sweater technique (but way to make an ASSumption there), and I've killed several teams attempting to use it because, as I'm sure you know (since you singlehandedly designed and developed the game yourself), it's pretty unreliable against a Part VIII Jason who knows what he's doing. Or are you just basing your opinions on the few weak Jasons you've been able to do it to? Now that we've gotten that irrelevant bullshit out of the way, does anybody have anything of substance to contribute, unlike Tommy Boy here?
  8. There are times when it's necessary. But they walk in there expecting you to show up. They want you to chase them. And I like to keep my Jason unpredictable, so my victims keep guessing...makes them feel less in control of the match.
  9. Fair enough, @Fair Play. Situation is everything. Generally speaking though, it's wise to ignore mother's screams if you hear them in the first few minutes of the match. I'll concede that if you're on a small map with a group of experienced counselors, it might not be a bad idea to snag that sweater stealing skank double-time. But I tend to save her for later.
  10. Yeah, I guess so. Completing objectives backwards doesn't seem that smart. Going after the sweater girl instead of ignoring mother and taking out the generator to the CB cabin so that Tommy never even gets called seems stupid. She will most likely kite you while everyone else completes objectives and by the time you catch her, most of them will be repaired and/or Tommy Jarvis will have shown up.
  11. It only pulls Jason away from objectives if that Jason is also an idiot. There is no reason to go after the sweater girl until Tommy Jarvis shows up. If I hear mother screaming in the first few mins of the match, I ignore it and continue with objectives. Let them feel safe for awhile. I will kill them eventually.
  12. Do you play on PS4? Most Adams I encounter have been trustworthy, some of them are now even my friends. I've definitely seen troll Adams though. I'm a Mitch Floyd man, myself...he's my secret weapon.
  13. Of course, every character can be used by trolls, and I've seen quite a number of Shelly and LaChappa trolls as well. But generally speaking, Chad, Buggzy, Tiffany and Vanessa are the 4 favorites of the troll community.
  14. True. You just gotta watch out for that one troll who gets the keys and hides until the car is ready. Buggzy players are usually kids or trolls. Adam players are either kids or guys who think they're badasses and take the game way too fucking seriously. They're especially fun to kill, particularly when they get salty and rage-quit.
  15. We've all encountered them in their many shapes and forms in this game, but I think it's time we build a definitive guide to identifying and recognizing troll behavior. Some people seem to correlate trolling with having fun in-game and need help differentiating between the two, while others may be new to the game (surprising as that sounds) and may have trouble recognizing some of the more subtle and stealthy trolls. As always, your contributions are welcomed and very much appreciated. And be sure to share these with randoms you play with. Hopefully, if enough people learn how to spot a troll, the less effective they will be. 1.) Are they Level 80 or higher and use Vanessa as their main counselor? - This is quite possibly the easiest identifier in F13 troll-spotting. Vanessa is good for two things; speed-looting and hitting. So she's going to be hoarding all the sprays and/or pocketknives while skipping around the map from cabin to cabin, raiding drawers. Her repair is trash and she is the loudest character in the game next to Buggzy (another troll favorite), so she's not going to be sneaking around and calling the cops for you while you're getting chased down. If you see a Level 150 Vanessa and they aren't doing anything helpful, like running parts to objectives or rescuing people from Jason, you can safely assume that they are a troll. Particularly if they are wearing the Wonder Woman costume. If you can help it at all, DO NOT let them get the keys or find their way into the driver's seat, because there is a damn good chance they will either A.) run you over/drive off without you, B.) crash multiple times to get you killed by Jason, C.) get the car stuck in an unmovable position, or D.) just straight up drive into the fucking lake. *this goes for Level 80+ Tiffanies too (especially the Devil costumed ones) 2.) Are they Level 80 or higher and use Chad as their main counselor? - Pretty much the same as Vanessa. Yes, Chad has better stealth, but he's "The Douchebag" character and thus makes the perfect troll avatar. If you see a Level 150 Chad, they will mostly likely be dancing, flexing, hiding, bullying Jason...anything but helping their fellow counselors escape. Be sure to show them the same courtesy. *(Speedo Chads are almost always trolls) 3.) Are they intentionally committing suicide to come back as Tommy? - This is a newer tactic I've seen. They'll find a bear trap in two minutes and step in it twice. Then they'll either sit out the rest of the match or get Tommy and take one of the cars for themselves, after all the repairs have been done. Unless they feel like running everyone over, in which case, get ready to play The Purge Goes to Camp! 4.) Are they crashing on purpose when driving the car? - With the game's car physics, nobody is perfect behind the wheel, and we all accidentally crash into a tree, or a bridge, or a Jason from time to time. But then there are those counselors that start the car and drive into every possible tree and post and rock they can find along the road. If you're in the passenger seat and they crash more than twice and you're somehow not dead yet, get the hell out of there because you're not escaping in that car. 5.) Are you ten minutes into a match on a Small Map and the fuse/keys/gas/battery hasn't been found yet? - It's a good bet there's a troll holding onto it...watch to see who dies and what falls out of their pockets. Or if someone escapes by their self and it winds up on the shore. Sure, it could be a n00b who just simply can't find their way around, but always be vigilant. 6.) How often do they click their flashlight? - Using the flashlight for communication is great. But if you see someone just running around clicking it like some spastic spidermonkey on Colombian snowflake, stay away from them. That's all I've got for now! Again, I want this to be an organic and eclectic list, so feel free to submit your own entries. Happy spotting!
  16. If some squeaker requests Packanack Small, they get Jarvis House. And nobody escapes from Jarvis House when I'm Jason. NOBODY.
  17. Like I'll play it if it gets randomly selected, even if I'm Jason, because I'm lucky enough to usually get the one RNG loadout on that map that actually works to Jason's advantage, where the phone is at the boat garage and the 4-seater is right below it...you virtually never have to leave the top of the map, the kills just line themselves up for you. But if I get into a lobby and the host already has Packanack Small selected, I'm leaving immediately. After I tell them what a pansy-ass coward they are.
  18. The lamest Final Girl moment I've ever witnessed was when a Jenny stepped in both of my 2-seater traps on Crystal Lake while I was searching for her by the phone house.
  19. I love Jarvis and Pinehurst. Yes they're huge, but the objectives always spawn in one of the same 3 areas and if you have a team of counselors who know what they're doing and a Jason who knows his shit, they can be the most fun for everyone.
  20. Have you ever had the issue where you're hosting a lobby and the match ends, but instead of going back to the lobby, it just sits there, with everyone either dead or escaped, and you're forced to close the application, but the game still thinks the match is going, so you get salt points for host quitting? Have you had that repeated issue? Just saying...
  21. Mmm...yesss...the ol' Shifty Fake Out...you think I'm chasing you, but I never actually left this spot and I'm just waiting for you get near me so I can cancel it and HI THERE, PAL!
  22. All grab kills are bugged. It happens at least once a match. The Top Popper kill takes forever to ready.
  23. Here's a very organized team of counselors who knew exactly what they were doing! This video demonstrates two things: 1.) Large Maps Are No Match for Coordinated Teams. Too many people quit the match as soon as the map loads because they're scared of anything that isn't Packanack Small. I know it's hard to find players who actually want to work as a team, but it's not impossible. 2.) Calling the Cops is Not a Meta Escape. I've seen almost as many Jasons leave as soon as the red timer appears, as if it's an automatic game over. You have five whole minutes before they show up. And if you use them wisely, you too can avoid being embarrassed at the exit. Yes, even by a Chad. Enjoy! P.S. How awesome does Part 9 look with the pickaxe?
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