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    F13 Memes

    Couldn't find a meme thread for the game on here, so I decided to start one... Feel free to add your own!
  2. I would like to see more unique Jasons, not unlike the skins in Killer Puzzle... Toxic Waste Jason Ice Jason Scarecrow Jason I would also like the ability to switch Jason's masks...wear a hockey mask with Part 2's overalls and stringy hair...while carrying a Pig Splitter...
  3. Funny that Cunningham would "reach out" for a settlement, seeing as how he was the one that sued Miller in the first place... Sounds like he's just trying to throw shade...
  4. 1.) Brief invulnerability to stun attacks after guns or pocket knives 2.) Increased grab radius (right now it's a rectangle, and it needs to be a cone again) 3.) Total and complete invulnerability to stun while in Rage Mode. Some might not agree with this, but no one should be able to stun Jason while Rage Mode is active, I don't care what perks you have. Otherwise, Rage Mode is just another handicap for Jason. You can't knock on doors to taunt counselors, and you can't block their attacks during a Wall/Door smash animation, so Rage Mode basically just makes you even more of a walking pinata than you were before. Counselors should FEAR putting Jason into Rage Mode, instead they work for it because it makes him easier to hit. This is not the way a Jason game should play. But hey at least your abilities recharge slightly faster...so there's that...I mean, they don't recharge instantly, because, you know, we wouldn't want to make Jason OVERPOWERED or anything, God forbid... 4.) Reduce the transition time between Combat/Regular Stance, and increase blocking speed. The only way to thwart a gang beating is by walking around in Combat Stance while holding block, but this means you can't attack in return because: A.) Counselors can easily sprint away from your slow attacks and B.) It takes way too long for Jason to come out of a block before attacking anyway I also like the idea of Jason being able to retrieve his mask after he's killed the person holding it. Just give it a button-prompt and use the trap-placing animation to show him picking it up. This isn't rocket-science.
  5. These are all great points. I'd have to say that low-repair skilled counselors insisting on repairing items and players raiding your cabin drawers while you're still searching them are the two most commonly occurring annoyances, but I would like to add one more... Players who waste a shotgun/flaregun round just to pick up another weapon. You just wasted a chance to stun Jason, you moron. When he gets here, I'm gonna let him grab you first.
  6. Are you even old enough to remember PS2/PS1 animation? No game ever looks as good as it did at Pre-Alpha because Pre-Alpha builds are made to look super polished so that people will invest in them. The reason it looks so good is because there wasn't nearly as much to code: it's a demo. One map, one Jason, five counselors. When you add more content, more maps, more Jasons, more counselors, more gameplay, etc., graphics and animation will be compromised. Let it go, dude.
  7. I seem to find a Pamela tape every two matches or so these days, now that I've gotten them all. Took me forever to find them, but it shouldn't take that long now. I'll help you out. Tommy tapes are a little harder to come by, but I only have two left to find.
  8. I'm on PS4, this was the only screengrab I could find, but I promise they are not made up.
  9. Quick Play on PS4 is an uphill battle anyway, but now it's virtually impossible. Connection times out in almost every fucking match. You could make a drinking game out of it. Sometimes, the game is surprisingly kind enough to let you actually finish a match before the connection times out on the Pamela head screen...not always, but sometimes. Usually though, it's, "Hey, I found the fuse!" CONNECTION TIMED OUT! "Whoa, two pocket knives, some firecrackers and a baseball bat! Come at me, Jason!" CONNECTION TIMED OUT! "Sweet, I got Tommy Jarvis! Time to kill Jason!" CONNECTION TIMED OUT! "7 counselors down, 1 to go..." CONNECTION TIMED OUT! "Finally! I haven't been Jason all day! I'll just place a few traps and kill this counselor here..." CONNECTION TIMED OUT! The other day, after a long day of not being Jason, I finally get selected and I didn't even get to collect the second throwing knife in the shack before CONNECTION TIMED OUT! Are they just fucking with us at this point? I swear it wasn't nearly this bad up until the latest patch...
  10. Oh they exist alright... Trust me... I've experienced the exact same issue as the OP here... Try joining a friend or community session, I bet you'll see this: Salt Mines exist. I've seen them. If you're experiencing host quits and grab quits that frequently, you're probably in them too.
  11. This. All of this. Salt Mines were a huge misfire. I'm sure it sounded great on paper though...
  12. If you had bothered to rest of my post, you'd realize how foolish you look right now.
  13. Situation is everything. If you're being toxic to accomplish an overall goal (i.e. distracting Jason so others can escape), fine. But if no one else is benefiting from it, then you're being toxic just for the sake of being toxic. Since this is a team-based game, I should think all selfish behavior is considerably trolling. But you play however you want, of course.
  14. Cool story. Just to calm both your titties, I went ahead and removed #7 from the list, so there's nothing to argue over now. Go grab that sweater as soon as the match starts. Like we said, situation is everything. The only thing that's been exposed here is how insecure and easily triggered @Tommy86 is.
  15. Let him stroke his own ego, Wolf. Clearly he needs the emotional reassurance. If it ever came down to it, I'd just slash him to pieces. He seems to get really salty about that.
  16. I'll bet that gets a great reaction on the playground at whatever elementary school you attend. Are there any adults in this conversation? Hopefully, this has been an insightful lesson on how to spot a troll...
  17. See here is the thing, this isn't even a pissing contest, you two just walked in here and pulled your little pee-pees out and the rest of are laughing at you and trying to figure out why.
  18. No, everyone reading this thread knows how insecure you are and how badly you need to prove yourself. The last page of this thread is evidence of it.
  19. I'll assume whatever I want, and I'm pretty safe in my assumptions. Have fun storming the castle, boys. I'm checking out before this gets shut down. Thanks for your oh-so helpful tips, @Tommy86.
  20. I don't feel obligated to give him anything. Especially something he wants. I have absolutely no respect for him at all. He strikes me as the type of player who pretends to be an expert at the game but will blame his death on lag and not his own failures. I honestly could not care less what he or any of his electronic friends think of me.
  21. Are you done now? Can we discuss something besides you? Because it's quite a boring subject.
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