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  1. This relates to flashlight clicking, which someone asked about earlier. As someone who prefers Jason, when someone starts clicking their flashlight at you in a taunting manner, it feels like they don't perceive you as a threat and it can be infuriating. Especially if you thrive on their fear, like me. You'd think seeing that I'm Level 101 would cause them to be a bit more cautious, but there are quite a few players out there who are so confident in their cheap tactics that they don't even feel the need to step up their game when going up against a top tier Jason. For Jasons who are easily frustrated by this, there are two ways to respond to this; 1.) Relentlessly pursuing the offending flashlight clicker until you catch them, potentially allowing the others to complete objectives and escape, losing you a few kills in the process, but gaining the satisfaction of killing someone who didn't take you seriously. 2.) Taking your time and allowing them to drop their guard before popping back up to smite them with your wrath. Morph a few yards away, turn your Stalk on, let them think they're safe to move, and catch em in between cabins. One of my favorite ways to punish flashlight clickers is actually by leaving them alone and then killing everyone else on the map so that they're left to deal with me one-on-one. They don't feel so cocky after that, and they're damned sure not going to escape unless the others have managed to complete a few objectives first.
  2. I think it's hilarious when a Jason spends half the match chasing me, especially if I haven't spawned near any objectives and they're on me within the first few seconds of the match. Come chase this dragon, boi. If you're out there chasing people without laying traps before your Shift ability even loads, you deserve to waste your time and lose half your kills. Conversely, as Jason, I find it adorable when counselors think they can they can outrun me or outsmart me by making me chase them. I'm particularly fond of playing the Window Game, especially when I turn on Stalk and watch them climb through a window and right into my grasp. Jason doesn't do windows.
  3. Is something happening today? You sure are doing a lot of smiling and winking...
  4. I just had this happen on PS4. I picked up Adam right as he threw down some firecrackers, and next thing I know R2 and X are useless. Couldn't hit windows, couldn't open doors, nothing. I morphed to a different spot on the map and it still wouldn't work. I had to wait until I picked up LaChappa and someone else hit me. Still got 6/8
  5. (I couldn't find a post for this elsewhere, so please merge this with a more appropriate post if it belongs there) I know Pamela isn't likely to be added at this point, but I had an idea for a Pamela mode that would be easy to implement and I wanted to see what everyone else thought... Crystal Lake Small, no shack, same objectives, minimal pocketknifes and firecrackers, and no melee weapons except for one machete in a random location. Since Pamela has no supernatural powers, removing all but one melee weapon effectively evens the terrain. And she would be able to sprint, which makes things even more interesting. Of course there would be a way to kill her, just like with Jason, but you'd have to locate the machete first. Thoughts?
  6. If Jason is near the party people, they can tell him where the other players are just by looking at the map and figuring out who is furthest away from them. I really despise groups that do that.
  7. I love the emotes, and I use them frequently, but I also used the scoreboard quite frequently. Is there any possible way that emotes could be mapped to L1 on PS4 and LB on Xbox since they literally don't do anything outside of combat stance? "Them old ways was bettah..."
  8. PSN: Brevator 4 Pamela tapes - #4, #6 #11, #14 Reached Level 101 as Jason after eight solid weeks of grinding.
  9. Pro-Tip: Don't hide in corners you can't get out of. If you get blocked in by a stunned Jason, you've made a fatal error.
  10. If I'm Jason and you're near the phone when the match starts, you'd better get the hell out of that cabin, because I'll be there before you even open your first drawer. And if you find yourself near the car, you'd better hope you can start it within the time it takes me to lay down two traps in front of the fuse box and kill whomever might be around, because you're next. If you're getting killed at the start of the match, you're doing something wrong. The most difficult experiences I've had as Jason we're in lobbies full of coordinated teams who stuck together and planned their moves.
  11. Thanks! Happy to be here!
  12. Longtime reader, first time poster. Lifelong fan of the films and I'm completely enamored with this game. You guys have crafted an experience that I've dreamt of since childhood and I can't thank you enough. I wasn't able to back the game during its development stage due to my financial situation at the time, but I'll gladly buy whatever content you release in the future. System: PlayStation 4 Gamer Tag: Brevator Level: 101 Preferred Jason: Part VIII Preferred Counselor: Random Favorite Map: Higgins Haven Small Favorite Film: Part IV
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