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  1. Go to Add-Ons on PS Store and then New Add-Ons and then hit See All and keep scrolling until you see it.
  2. I still get rain in multiplayer, but I've yet to see it in offline mode.
  3. This. Stalk fakes out counselors by causing static and silencing the scary music, making them think you're gone. Use it before you morph over to that car someone's repairing or the phone box that someone just fixed if you want to make them think you came outta nowhere. Or wait by a window and use Stalk to make them think you've left. Then watch them crawl out the window and right into your grasp. Works almost every time.
  4. Either that, or he just really, really likes opening the same drawer forever... This happens nearly every offline match. I was hoping that the bots could knock my mask off and kill me, but alas, that drawer must be opened again... And again... And again...
  5. AI Tommy is broken af. If he opens a drawer with an item he already has, he glitches out and starts autistically opening it over and over.
  6. I think the Lazarus might be a possibility too, judging from that pamphlet upstairs... I would love to see a town or hospital map. Or just more varied maps in general. I'm ready to leave camp.
  7. That seems to be the case, with Roy's mask even existing in the first place, and the Lazarus pamphlet having a lot of details on the back...
  8. Latest update: Just went through the whole thing again this morning, from start to finish. A few things I noticed: 1.) You get different phonecalls if you change the date to other Friday the 13ths than June 1979 after you open the basement door. The years go from 1960 to 1999. That's a lot of Friday the 13ths...but try September 13th 1985... 2.) You cannot replace Roy's mask after you get the badge for it. Not no way, not no how. You cannot interact with that space on the wall in any way until after Jason escapes from his glass case. 3.) You can still pick up Pamela's head and put it back down and go get the Pamela badge again while in debug mode, but not if you've turned map collision off. In fact, you can still pick up all of the following items in debug mode after you complete New Game Plus and place them in your backpack; *Pamela's head *the Pamela's Head badge (but only if you replace her head after picking it up) *the shovel in the shed *the fence post by Jason's grave *the wooden figurines in the diorama *the 3D glasses *the Starlacon 3rd Edition book next to the couch *the moonshine jug underneath the sink *the 2 VHS tapes left (2 are now missing) *the matchbook in the kitchen drawer *all the masks on the wall (except for Roy's, which is also missing). 4.) If you turn Map Collision off, you can no longer get outside and you have to complete the rest of it again, but you can still pick up the objects in the house and put them in your backpack and you can enter the red door without turning Show Collision on.
  9. This is honestly the only reason I invested in the game. If this were solely a multiplayer title, I'd be far less interested. Killing as Jason Voorhees in a videogame whenever you want has been a dream of mine, and it's pretty surreal to see it pulled off like this. I've been wishing for a game like this ever since I played the first game on Nintendo thirty years ago.
  10. I've found they'll almost always fight if they have a weapon, whether they're alone or not. Even LaChappa turned around to swing at me a few times. Chad and Adam are most likely to fight you. Sadly, they're not too good about running to the nearest building. They'll run off into the woods and jump in the water and all other sorts of dumb things that horror movie characters do. They're a lot of fun, they'll get shit repaired fast if the items are spawned near enough and there's a Mitch, Deborah, or LaChappa nearby, they'll even pop your traps if they have a pocketknife, and I have been juked a few times by a Chad or a Vanessa here and there, but they could use some spit and polish. Overall though, very satisfying if you're just looking for a pure Jason experience.
  11. Wish you could customize how counselors look in offline mode and which ones you're killing...
  12. 3 VHS tapes? Where's the 3rd? I have the Starlacon book, but not the 3rd VHS tape...
  13. There's definitely a reason Jason won't let us in there again. I'm betting that's where we'll find Roy's mask...
  14. Yeah, my full backpack consists of the Pamela badge which is now shaped just like the Roy badge instead of the original diamond shape, the 3D glasses, the blue matchbook, two VHS tapes, a jug of moonshine, a shovel, a fencepost, and the six figurines. What do now?
  15. You can also pick up the shovel and the fence post next to Jason's grave again in 2.0
  16. He's my main on PS4, but I've never experienced this issue.
  17. Part 4 has the best kills in the game, for my money (especially the ones I paid extra for) We're getting new kill packs for all Jasons before the end of the DLC roadmap, 9 and 6 included. They probably just released this first because everyone knows kids play as Part 7 more than anyone and they'll be more likely to buy this, lol.
  18. He sucks against human players, but I'll definitely play as him in offline mode, especially with new kills.
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