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  1. On a topic-related note, I've noticed that every time someone complains about how Jason is supposedly an easily trolled pinata who gets danced all over, and I mention how I play dozens of matches a day and regularly get 6/8 or more as Jason, even with the nerfed grab range and alleged counselor buffs, it's only because I was in a lobby full of n00bs... Which is it? You can't have it both ways, kids. If people aren't playing the way you want them to, then find a group to join. If you find Jason too easy to escape from now, it's probably because of the influx of new players getting adjusted to Jason's controls and abilities. And since there are so many new players in addition to those who've had the game since launch, they have less opportunities to play as Jason than we did, so it's taking them longer to become acclimated. This recent false narrative being pushed by some that "no one wants to be Jason anymore" is just complete horsecrap. I want to be Jason. I enjoy being Jason. I have a lot of fun being Jason. If you don't, I'm not really sure what to tell you, other than try to hone your skills when offline mode drops.
  2. Lmao This is a shining example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  3. That's not true at all. Everything up to the pumpkin was released before Halloween, in the order it said it would be, with the exception of the Part 4 additions.
  4. Part IV Shift

    Part 7 can't run...
  5. Part IV Shift

    I'm not saying it's never happened, @Alien_Number_Six has seen me get my ass handed to me. But he's also witnessed me destroy entire lobbies of skilled players. And I've stopped him in the car several times. I don't need "bro rank". If you can't handle Part 4, then you're simply not ready for him yet.
  6. Part IV Shift

    I've played as Part 2 maybe two times. His 7 traps really don't make that much difference. Sure, he can run, but he also has -Shift and his water speed practically guarantees escape for anyone who repairs the boat. Part 2 is highly overrated, imo
  7. Part IV Shift

    There was a Level 101 besides myself and the others ranged from 34 to 86. Regardless, that's not the only time I've done it. This happens virtually every time I'm Part 4 Jason. That's why he's my main. I usually only need 2 traps to control objectives on most maps anyway. Unless it's a small map, then it's a bit harder. That's why I consider Part 4 to be Expert Mode Jason. Part 3 and 6 are okay, if you like getting chain stunned and taking a full 30 seconds to break a door down, that is...I prefer +Destruction and Stun Resistance. If you're looking for objective control, go with Part 8. He's my other main.
  8. Part IV Shift

    I just wiped an entire lobby with Part 4 Jason. He's my main. Part 4 Jason is Expert Mode Jason. He requires a bit of strategy adjustment if you're not used to his low shift, trap count or water speed, but he's definitely not "low tier" and he has the best kills in the game.
  9. Are you being sarcastic? With all the ridiculous hyperbole and hilarious conspiracy theories posted around here, I can't even tell anymore. Yeah, the developers went through the legal and financial hassle of acquiring the license to develop a Jason game just so they could make a Counselor Simulator, instead of the generic, non-licensed slasher game they had originally planned. Makes total sense. EDIT: Wow, you were being completely serious... "Follow the money, IMO". The total cost of all paid DLC that has been released so far is less than $10. I followed the money, and I didn't even make it out my front door.
  10. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Fixing bugs and addressing major glitches isn't like waving a magic wand, kids. Especially with a small team that's constantly divided between 1.) Giving us the content we asked for in a timely manner, 2.) Fixing the issues they're currently working on, 3.) Fixing new issues, 4.) Bringing dedicated servers online, 4.) Keeping us updated on everything. You're expecting unicorns if you think that all your issues can be solved in a matter of days or weeks. I understand that instant gratification is taken for granted by most gamers, but the whining has long since reached levels beyond brattiness. At this point, it really doesn't matter how much you think your little donation entitles you to; you do not own the developers. You did not buy them. They are not your property. Stop talking as if they are. If we're being honest, I think most of you are dramatically overexaggerating the issues you're having, or more specifically, how often you're experiencing them. Sure, I get connection drops, the boat sometimes gets stuck at the dock on the Jarvis map, and Jason will occasionally lock up, but these are not nearly as frequent of an occurrence as some of you would like everyone else to think. I play dozens of matches a day, and the biggest issue is the host leaving when he gets killed. Either way, these issues take time to fix, and unfortunately, you do not get to set the timetable on how long it's going to take. Sure, you might not like waiting, but if you can't show some adult-like patience and wait for them to fix what they need to, then you never really believed in this game in the first place.
  11. Please go read this

    1.) No it doesn't "break the game completely". Go find another lobby. 2.) I play dozens of matches a day on PS4 and the frequency of bugged objectives or broken Jasons is less than 0.01%. I think you're wildly overexaggerating for the sake of dramatic effect. 3.) Getting trolled by counselors dancing in Halloween costumes? Pfft...get gudder, n00b. Yeah, I guess I'm just speaking for myself... And the hundreds of thousands of adults who can play an indie title without throwing a temper tantrum every time they encounter a glitch...including IGN... I'm on social media quite frequently. The amount bitching on there is virtually the same as it is here. The rest of us are too busy enjoying the game.
  12. Please go read this

    Yeah, just what I expected. The same 5 or 6 entitled children who have to trample all over every single post with their ceaseless whining and never-ending tantrum-throwing about how Gun Media is just a "greedy company that takes money" and how they "ruined your dreams". Lmao. Srsly? Grow the fuck up. They've had 50% sales on Steam and PSN and the total cost of all paid DLC is less than $10. The larger content is free. Furthermore, aside from host drops and connection issues, which you all have repeatedly been told are being worked on, the game is absolutely terrific. It's been nominated for several awards, it's a thrill to play, it's being enjoyed by over a million people across multiple platforms as I type this, and it's a near-perfect F13 experience, and no one will ever be able to take any of that away, no matter how much they cry about a few bugs and design mechanics that are still being tinkered with. While the rest of us are patiently waiting for Gun Media to give us the next update that they've been hard at work on, you small minority have intoxicated the community with your relentless antagonistic comments and eye-roll inducing bitch-fests. I think I speak for most people here when I say that we enjoy the game in spite of the handful of fixes it still needs, and we'd like to discuss the game without some spoiled brat ruining every single conversation with their incessant screaming and crying. Go change your diaper already. The rest of us are sick of smelling it.
  13. I'm almost certain that we will be getting offline bots with the next patch.
  14. Actually, I think the biggest reason for the radio silence over the last month is because they're giving us Virtual Cabin 2.0, Offline Bots and the Single Player Challenges Demo all in the next update.