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  1. We did manage to get Jason up on one of the rockpiles in the southern portion of the map, but not sure it was the same one
  2. My friend and I are gonna play test this tonight in a private match to see if we can get Jason in there
  3. 1.) Start a Quick Play 2.) If it tries to throw you in a Dedicated Server, back out 3.) Let the game search until it gets tired and decides to put you in a P2P session. This may take anywhere from 1 to 5 mins. Problem solved. Often, you'll get your own lobby. Takes some time to fill up, but at least you'll be able to play & you won't have to worry about getting kicked. Hope this helps!
  4. It's gonna happen eventually, whether we want it to or not... And honestly, I'll take P2P over servers that are under constant DDOS attack...
  5. Yep Can't even get in a lobby now, just gets stuck on "Checking Session for Room" UPDATE: Got a P2P server going, add me if you wanna play on PS4. Gamertag is the same as my username. I'll keep the lobby open as long as I can.
  6. One of these days, I'm gonna make a guide that shows all the part spawn patterns on each map...
  7. Playing through a match right now on PS4. All is smooth for now, match is almost over, but I had to fight like hell to even get in a lobby. Watching a Vanessa just explore Higgens Haven for a full 10 mins after everyone else has escaped while Jason is AFK...so glad the game works when I'm not playing...
  8. Since we're all pretty much relegated to Offline Play at this point, until a patch is released, I think it's a good time to address having more control of Offline Play. The first of which being Counselor Outfits. We spent a lot of time leveling up to unlock all those attires (and most of us paid for the DLC attires) so only being able to use them Online is kind of a rip-off...and it'd be nice to break up the monotony of always seeing bots wearing the same clothes over and over and over. A rain toggle switch would be cool too. Any other ideas?
  9. There are definitely grey areas here, but when you see a counselor running side-by-side with Jason as Jason mows down everyone else in his path, that's absolute teaming.
  10. Agreed, the boat is definitely the riskiest escape method, but it's still quite possible to pull off, even with the startup sound mechanic unbugged. Gonna have to go ahead and disagree here...
  11. Well, I didn't say it would be exciting... Most Jasons don't camp the boat exit tho, they just go straight for the boat. The more experienced the Jason, the more difficult it will be to escape in the boat. But the same could be said for any escape method.
  12. Wait the timer out, lol He's either gonna chase you or waste his time waiting
  13. The boat startup noise was actually always supposed to be there, it was just bugged until they patched it. In the last few days before the recent DDOS attack, I was escaping in the boat almost every other match. With enough practice, you can get it almost down to a science. Some helpful tips: - Use a character with high repair stats for fastest results. If you're lucky enough to spawn near the boat, you can usually find the parts and repair it while Jason is still trapping the other objectives. I main Mitch Floyd, but LaChappa and A.J. work too - The smaller the map, the closer the boat parts will be - Jasons 2 through 5 move slower underwater than Jasons 6 through 9. Keep that in mind... - Don't always go straight for the exit if Jason shows up. The boat is actually slightly faster in the water than most Jasons, so if you pull a 180 and force him to chase you (and they almost always will) instead of letting him cut you off, you can actually outrun him. Just did this to a Part 6 Jason a few days before the server attack. Good luck out there, sailor!
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