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  1. How about people that pick up your weapon after you drop it to set a Jason trap? I literally just had a Debra purposely waste her shotgun round just so she could pick up my baseball bat while I was placing a trap. This is one of the most frustratingly stupid things I've ever seen someone do, but it's hardly the only time this has happened. I hope I'm never in an actual survival situation with these people.
  2. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/20383-how-bout-michael/ Already a thread for this, but great ideas
  3. Some quick notes in regards to the recent replies: 1.) The importance of traps should never be understated. They are not just tools for controlling objectives. Try placing them in unexpected spots...it's fun. 2.) I still think Rage Mode should be saved for the end of the match (watch Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter and you'll see why), but I strongly reiterate that melee weapons should be useless against him while active. 3.) Stalk should most certainly be available at the beginning of the match. I've thought this from the very beginning.
  4. If you were reading, there were actually 3. I just didn't get to kill the 3rd one.
  5. What really gets me is how they don't even wait around to come back as Tommy. So obviously it's not just that they were grabbed, it's that they think they're so special that they should never be grabbed by anyone ever.
  6. Everyone has a story, here's mine... Got into a lobby with a few noobs and a couple of Level 150s, including the host. Started as Jason Part VIII on Pinehurst, almost immediately the entire lobby quits except for the host and two others, also Level 150s. Two of them were Vanessa (one with a Wonder Woman outfit) and the other was Shelly, so you can probably guess that they were trolls... Anyway, Vanessa #1 tried to play the window game with me until I slowed her down with two knife throws, then she tried to usurp my kill points by repeatedly climbing through a broken window. A third knife ended that little minigame. Vanessa #2 (AKA Wonder Vanessa) set a trap for me to step into when I turned the handle and opened the door, but she was in a one-door cabin with no side windows. She was cornered. She ran behind a couch so I couldn't directly reach her, so I stood and watched her for second, to get inside her head. She began taunting me by running in quick circles, thinking she was too fast for my throwing knives. I love when they do that. It really caught her off guard when I hit her without aiming. I knew she didn't have any medspray because I could sense panic in her as she threw down a handful of firecrackers and ran for the door. If only she hadn't arrogantly tried to shut it on me behind her as I slashed her in the arm... She went limp and cried in terror. She tried to swing on me with her baseball bat but hit the frame of the door instead, *thunk!* I grabbed her by the throat and... ERROR: You were kicked! Host has left the game! I went to message him to tell him what a salty little so-and-so he was, and couldn't locate his profile...he blocked me on PS4. So if you're reading this right now, good game, sweet cheeks. Maybe you'd like some pepper with your salt. And remember, frustrated Jasons of Crystal Lake, nothing makes a troll piss their panties faster than a sudden knife throw...
  7. Some people just can't deal with reality.
  8. Again, not sure how you interpreted "one specific example" to mean "37", but thanks for letting me know what a total weasel you are who can't even back up his claims. You can accuse me of pushing opinions or theories or whatever you like, but you can't erase the fact that Gun had concerns about the lawsuit and they didn't tell us. Excuse it, apologize for it, distract us from it, but it's not going away and I believe it's obvious at this point that you're never going to shut me up about it so I'm not sure why you keep trying...
  9. Nor have I ever presented them as such and you know it because you can't even cite one specific example. No one asked you to quote the entire thread, but your attempt to weasel out of your accusations now that you can't prove them is pretty gosh darn adorable. Once again, I'm quite flattered that you're attempting to take the focus off of Gun by putting it on me, but this isn't about me, kid. This is about Gun Media and their less-than-honest business practices.
  10. That's my entire issue, @sfosterjr A simple statement from them at the time they began having concerns would have prevented all of this. Instead, they kept silent about it and went ahead with an engine upgrade. That's shady af, and I'm not going to apologize for questioning everything they've told us in light of their dishonesty. It just goes hand-in-hand with their inconsistent communication and lack of transparency. But if you point these things out, you're a "conspiracy theorist", even if you've been defending this game and its developer for nearly a year.
  11. You have repeatedly accused me of this, and it's total bullshit. I've never once presented my opinion as fact, and I challenge you to prove otherwise. Put your money where your keyboard is. On the other hand, you've gone out of your way to dance around the fact that they knew about this as far back as January and failed to inform us. That's not a fucking "conspiracy theory", kid, that's what happened. I'm sorry you can't wrap your mind around that, but that's your problem, not mine.
  12. Thanks for the reminder, but show me where it says they informed the community about their concerns regarding the lawsuit... You can't. Because they didn't. They knew something that we didn't and for whatever reason, they did not tell us. And no amount of straw-manning on your part is going to shut me up about it. Even the captain of the Titanic told the passengers that there was an iceberg coming. This is more comparable to seeing the iceberg and letting the ship crash into it without telling anyone.
  13. I'll say it again: They knew the lawsuit would affect the game at some point and they chose not to tell us. No, I don't know their specific reasons for doing so, but it doesn't change the fact that they concealed the truth from us. Concealing the truth is dishonest. That's not my assumption, that's not my opinion, that's what actually happened. By their own admission. It's in their official statement, in plain English. You can deny it and excuse it all you want to, but that's what they did. I'd just like to know why.
  14. All while completely neglecting to share their knowledge of the lawsuit's affect with the community. There are no variations of this: They knew something we didn't and they chose not to tell us. This is the most egregious fact, it cannot be understated or overlooked, and it is why I remain unmoved on this subject.