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  1. I was one of the people who thought Jason needs a buff and he got it. Now at least to me it's in a horrible state again. I've had Jason's grab me through doors and across the other side of the car. The grab range needs tweaking again. Another issue I'm finding is all the people who had a great time when Jason was nerfed lost their nerve. I see a lot more people at the start of the game pick a corner of the map or a cabin and hide the entire game. Sometimes they form groups and hide. Hosts are quitting more than ever, Jason's are also quitting more, counselors unlocking doors if not outright sabotaging games to help Jason and disconnections are a consistent occurrence. I like the game don't get me wrong but this game is increasingly becoming unplayable. I understand the devs are working to correct the dedicated server issues. A good amount of the issues with this game should be resolved when that goes up but even so the player created problems will still be there. The concept of a Jason bot has been brought up enough. If the game gets that then I'll play the game but until then I can't play online. Want to but can't. I needed to vent that out. Hopefully the devs will give us the Jason bot offline some consideration.
  2. I agree with your points. The game on release needed to fix glitches, remove exploits (that was an irritating point for the game), and just slightly tweak Jason's grab. In the current version of the game if I get killed it's rare. The Jason getting bullied by a group of counselors needs to be addressed at some point. He has to be intimidating again.
  3. So we all know the game could use improvements. I've been reading many posts about how the game could improve. Everyone here has put there two cents in on how to change it up. The problem is that most of these ideas would lead to a rework of the entire game mechanics or the balance would go too far in favor of either Jason or the counselors. Yes Jason isn't as imposing as he use to be but we can't make it impossible for counselors either. Right now the devs are in a tough spot. Everyone remembers when Jason had impossible reach, right? People complained it's too hard to survive and so now Jason's been nerfed. The argument now is Jason's too weak. I was thinking of random tweaks or small changes to the game, call it fantasy game development. I would add more damage to counselors for climbing through broken windows. I'd add the idea I saw around one of the threads of a slot for a pocket single knife. You can keep the all the knives in the game as is but limit each counselor to one. Too often I see Jason having to be bullied by a group of counselors, why not give Jason a multi grab. He can only grab two if they are in front of him and the grab can't be broken by melee attacks from other counselors. I would say pocket knives wouldn't stop the grab but you could struggle out of it. Both players would button mashing to get out but Jason could button mashing to in order to win and execute the double kill. OK, that idea could use polishing but you get the idea. Lastly this would be just an extra thing as an incentive for leveling up. How about every 50 to 100 levels the player gets an extra attribute point that they can add to any counselor? Just one point for one counselor. I feel it'll motivate everyone to level up, plus Tommy has all 10s on his stats but he's the character who I see dies the fastest and often. Just some random thoughts I had more but can't remember them all now.
  4. I've heard many people saying that the devs already said there wouldn't be an offline Jason bot but what I'm saying is that they need to add it. Sure there isn't one now but if the demand is there then it'll steer them towards it. They would have to add it, the demand is there. Online at this point has become a joke. You have trolls, players who leave and my personal favorite random disconnections. I know coding a game is hard but this game really does need an AI Jason. The devs are going to keep hearing this.
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